Delete Duplicate Photos to Free Up Disk Space 2022

Delete Duplicate Photos

Duplicate photos take lots of disk space on your device. Photos are saved on every device and duplicated for different reasons. If there are many duplicate photos on your device then its disk space will be full and the device will not work properly.

Duplicate files will get created on your device due to different reasons like restoring backup multiple times, copying different photos multiple times, and receiving the same pictures multiple times.

You can delete duplicates manually without the duplicate photo finder program. You can also use an app that deletes duplicate photos to automatically delete the duplicates.

Manually deleting the duplicates will take lots of time and will take extra effort but duplicate finder programs will scan your device for the duplicates and then remove them easily.

To free up the disk space you can use the Duplicate Photos Fixer program. It is one of the best duplicate photo finder programs and it will easily remove duplicates from your device.

What is Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro?

Duplicate Photos Fixer is a duplicate photos finder program that will scan your device for duplicates and show them to you. Once the program shows the duplicates you can easily remove them. 

Features of this program:

1. Easy to use User-Interface

Duplicate Photos Fixer has an easy-to-use user interface. You can easily use the program for finding duplicate photos and removing them.

2.  Different comparison modes:

Two comparison modes in this program are Exact Match and Similar Match. Similar match criteria will help you to detect similar-looking pictures. Whereas, Exact match criteria will help you to detect identical-looking pictures.

3. Similar matching criteria:

In similar matching criteria, the program has 4 different sub-criteria, these will help the users to change the similarity between pictures.

Matching Level = Matching Level will decide the similarity between the pictures.

Matching Level

Bitmap Size = Comparison mode will match the pixel.

Bitmap Size

Time Interval = It will compare the time taken between the images.

Time Interval

GPS = It will compare geolocation embedded in the images.


Load Defaults = Change all the settings to default.

Load Defaults

Settings available in the program:

There are other settings in this program which will make this duplicate finder program more usable.

To open the settings, you have to click on the top right corner of the program.

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Let’s look at the settings available in the program:

  • General = If you want to change the general settings like to show auto mark dialog or not, show product messages, to launch at system start-up, moving back confirmation window or not and other settings then you can do it from General.
  • File Format= You will see all the file formats that can be scanned using this program. You can also change the file size to be included in this scan.
  • Exclude Folders = Folders that you do not want to be scanned can be added to this list.
  • Scan Criteria = You can change other settings in this section.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Settings

Other features of this program:

  1. You can move the duplicates at your desired location.
  2. You can scan external drives also for the duplicates.
  3. Major file formats are supported.
  4. After scanning you can auto-mark the duplicates for removal.

Use Duplicate Photos Fixer to remove duplicate photos and free up disk space.

Let’s look at the steps below to free up disk space by deleting duplicate photos:

STEP 1 – You have to download and install Duplicate Photos Fixer from the link below:

STEP 2 – Launch the program.

STEP 3 – Add the drive, folders, or pictures for scanning. You can also drag and drop the theme for finding the duplicates.

STEP 4 – Click on the Scan for Duplicates button to start the scan.

Scan for Duplicates

STEP 5 – After the scanning is finished you will see the thumbnails of the duplicates found. You can mark the duplicates for deletion.

STEP 6 – To remove the duplicates you have to click on Delete Marked button.

That’s it, duplicates will be removed from your device.

Duplicate Photos Fixer is available for Android, iOS, and Mac devices also.

On Mac steps to use the program are the same as on Windows. On Mac, you can use the program to remove duplicates from Photos Library and folders. You can add the Photos Library into the scan list and then start the scan and once the scan is finished you can simply auto-mark the duplicates and then remove them.


To remove duplicate photos, you can use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. Duplicate Photos take up lots of space on your device once you remove the duplicate it will free up the disk space on your device.

You can remove the duplicates manually but it will take lots of time, therefore, it is recommended to use a duplicate photo finder program for removing the duplicates.

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