Why It Is A Must To Take The Decision To Install An Inverter? Best In 2021

Why It Is A Must To Take The Decision To Install An Inverter

In the setup of a solar panel system, the inverter plays a crucial role. Choosing the accurate inverter is therefore critical for converting the power generated (DC) into useable current (AC).

The effectiveness of any solar panel system is determined by its weakest link. As a result, the solar inverter must be matched to the solar panels’ total power as well as the current distribution.

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How to choose the right inverter for solar panels?

It’s a good idea to seek advice from an experienced installation when selecting the proper inverter. You may easily make the wrong choice and lower the effectiveness of your solar system unintentionally. The voltage and current ranges vary from inverter to inverter. In addition, the solar project’s configuration is critical for selecting the appropriate inverter. Do you, for example, choose a chain configuration? Or one that uses a battery system to store solar energy? Do you like to use micro-inverters instead? These are all elements that impact inverter selection.

What does a solar panel inverter do?

The core of your electricity source is a solar power inverter. This is a smart gadget to which the solar panels are connected. In general, the gadget has two functions:

  • Maximizing the amount of electricity accessible from solar panels.
  • Conversion of DC current to AC current, allowing energy to be consumed by daily devices and traded with the electrical grid.
  • Most inverter for home now, allows you to monitor your system at all times, even when on vacation, using an app on your phone or a web browser. Furthermore, using this cutting-edge technology raises awareness of your energy use and encourages both cost savings and more sustainable energy management. When we are talking about Micro-Inverters, the most rapidly emerging company Loom Solar provides the best inverters according to solar needs. As being India’s best solar company, Loom Solar provides 24/7 support to its customers.

Where to install the solar panel inverter?

A solar inverter should be installed in a well-ventilated region away from direct sunlight. The location should be easy to maintain, preferably moistureproof, and facing north (cold). Whether the inverter is put indoors or outside, there must be at least 20 cm of open space on all sides and above the enclosure, for air to flow and heat to dissipate.

Inverters are frequently placed in the attic. This makes the installers’ task easier, but owing to the typically hot climate, this position might have a significant impact on the system’s effectiveness. We recommend keeping the inverter cold so that ambient heat does not have an adverse effect on the operating temperature.


A string inverter design is consequently linked with quite a few disadvantages. In the case of a failure, or if only one panel in the chain is in the shade, this impacts the performance of all panels in that chain.

Each panel is therefore separated, limiting any potential failures or shadows at the level of this single panel while not affecting the chain’s overall performance. Because microinverters are often linked to the Internet, any defects may be promptly discovered and can be resolved easily.

Because off-grid inverters are meant to function independently of the power grid, they cannot synchronize with it. This sort of inverter differs from other inverters in that it is meant to connect to storage batteries.

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