Crypto Games: A Developer’s Guide To Blockchain Games- Best In 2022

Crypto Games

The phrase Blockchain has recently been in the headlines. This is partly because of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Many gaming developers have recently utilized this technology to create new games and tweak current ones. 

The emergence of blockchain technology

Blockchain has also achieved significant traction as a trustworthy new technology across industries. It has been extensively used in a variety of fields, including NFTs/Non-Fungible Tokens, DAOs, decentralized financial software, and decentralized apps. This technology underpins cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

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What exactly is blockchain?

Decentralized currencies, initiatives, and programs are possible with blockchain. The player will have total control over the whole operation. The secure procedure will be apparent to the user and anybody else who has access to it. As a result of blockchain technology, everybody may own a piece of the game. The data structure of blockchain is made up of numerous “blocks,” each of which is connected to the preceding one and its predecessors. A list of transactions refers to the full thread of linked lists.

A protocol is used to transform these blocks into a chain of lists. This method allows the network to decide how the blocks will be added. Because of this decision-making process, blockchain technology is decentralized. 

Some well-known NFTs

NFT games, often known as crypto games, have recently gained popularity in the gaming sector. Indeed, online gaming is one of the fastest-growing sectors, progressing rapidly with the support of cryptocurrencies. 

More about Crypto Games:

How to create a comprehensive guide to crypto games using blockchain development?

  1. It is critical for players to thoroughly research blockchain technology.

As a blockchain developer, you must grasp hash functions, blockchain consensus, and distributed ledger technology to create a better game. To begin, you need to understand what blockchain and advanced blockchain security are.

  1. Take the time to learn about various data structures.

To integrate into gaming, you must first comprehend various sorts of databases as well as related data structures.

  1. Understand intelligent contract creation.

One must first grasp the various types of smart contracts to successfully integrate blockchain with gaming infrastructure. This should be accompanied by knowledge on how to develop them.

  1. What you should know about decentralization

Understanding the decentralization processes is critical for both a game developer and a blockchain developer. The dApps may be deployed on many blockchain platforms using various protocols and techniques.

  1. Have extensive knowledge of cryptography

The usage of a digital ledger and cryptography is required for blockchain development. These are necessary for the game’s digital assets and resources, which users may purchase and sell in the marketplace.

  1. Programming and coding

To properly merge blockchain with gaming, coding is necessary. To create a blockchain-enabled gaming game or a decentralized software, you must first comprehend all features of blockchain. 

  1. Useful software

To create a crypto game, you must first obtain the necessary technology stack, which includes MongoDB, Angular, NodeJS, Metamask, React, Laravel, Solidity, and so on.

Best cryptocurrency games

Take a look at some of the greatest crypto games from across the globe. NFT games have recently grabbed the industry by storm. You’ve probably heard of two kinds of NFT games: paid crypto games and free crypto games.

  1. The OX Universe

This game is about a spaceship that travels through space to discover new planets. Multiple responsibilities include exploring new planets, harvesting resources, and other activities. OX Universe has excellent visuals. You may purchase pieces to create your spacecraft in this blockchain game.

  1. Combine Cats

By playing this game, you may earn soul,’ a cryptocurrency. You may combine and sort the cats to make the next level. You get points as you go through the level.

  1. Bytes for Cropping

Because this game is frequently incorporated with Tron, a digital wallet, you may earn cryptocurrency by playing it. You may get bitcoin by exchanging coins.

  1. My neighbor Alice

This is a multiplier game in which you construct your island. A player in this game may purchase a virtual island.

  1. CyptoKitties

This is a game that operates on the Ethereum blockchain and allows players to collect and buy NFTs known as Cryptokitties.


Because scalable Crypto games like Lost Relics and Cryptokitties are in great demand, you may wish to design them. If this is your concept, you should employ a reputable game production business. If this is your concept, you should use blockchain game development services.

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