Create Stunning Instagram Stories Using Cool Apps In 2021

Apps You Must Use For Creating Stunning Instagram Stories

There are many ways to make your Instagram Stories stand out from the rest. One of which is the use of some cool apps that are popping, of late. It means you can make your IG Stories more appealing, interactive, engaging, and creative in 2021. It makes perfect sense because the photo-sharing platform with more than 500 million active and daily users inspire brands to take their Instagram Stories to the next level to connect with their audience, generate traffic to their IG account, and reach out to more people in the days to come.

According to an article published on, Instagram is popular for a reason. Instagrammers like the format due to its time-sensitive feature. Stories do last for a long time like usual Instagram posts. It means users can see your IG Stories immediately when they appear for 24 hours or so.

These days, you can use some smart apps to make your IG Stories more cohesive and of the best quality. Here are the three cool apps to help you create stunning Instagram Stories in 2021:

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  1. Use Over app for stunning graphics

No matter if you would like to share some motivational quotes, tips related to your products, or add a surprising twist to your Instagram campaign, use Over for the best IG Stories, an app that helps you to superimpose graphics and text onto your images and videos.

You will find loads of images, fonts, templates, tools, and graphics in the Over app. Use these elements to create high-definition and quality Instagram Stories for your targeted audience. It will help you create on-brand content like never before.

The use of IG Stories templates is one of the simplest ways to improve your stories, and the Over app helps you do just that. All it does is integrating some movement to your flawlessly on-brand content.

Did you know that the Over app has loads of animations in its video library that you can pick to make your IG Stories more lively? No matter whether you choose a template or create anything from scratch, you have too many options when it comes to creating awesome IG Stories.

The Over app’s trustworthy community has the #bestofover, a hashtag that lets you draw inspiration from other people, in case you are running out of ideas.

  1. Use Unfold app for minimalistic Templates

If you want to improve your Instagram Stories content, use IG Stories templates to create the best impression on your audience. Use the best templates for your IG Stories so that you can churn out cohesive content that is in line with your overall brand.

Not everyone is so comfortable in using Adobe Photoshop templates and therefore, you can switch to templates on your iPhone making the best use of the Unfold app for creating stunning IG Stories to highlight your brand and products.

The Unfold is app extremely popular, as it has a library full of neat, contemporary templates. To be candid, it is the most preferred app for templates to help you create awesome Instagram Stories. Additionally, if you would like to increase the likes and comments for your Instagram Stories, you can study platforms like Blastup or similar ones.

The Unfold has all things to make your Instagram Stories stand out from the rest. These include clean tidy frames, pretty and layered Polaroid – a template to suit all brands and unleash their creative side. The best part of the Unfold app is that it is extremely user-friendly and therefore, you do need the skills of a professional designer to make your IG Stories look outstanding.

Again, you have the option to preview your IG Story using the Story Mode option. It will help you see how your story will look on Instagram before clicking the post button. Therefore, if you want to make your Instagram Stories look cohesive, the Unfold app is your best bet.

  1. Use the Later app for scheduling IG content

The key to the success of audience building and boosting views is posting your Instagram content regularly. With the Later app, you can plan your IG Stories just as you would plan any other Instagram post in the content calendar you have.

Instead of sharing new Instagram stories every day, simply include your images and text to your IG Stories scheduler. It is as simple as that. When you schedule your Instagram content beforehand, it helps you post consistently so that your brand stays in your targeted audience’s minds. No matter how busy you are, use the Later app to schedule Stories content so that you never miss a day when it comes to sharing IG Stories with your followers.

Additionally, the app allows you to take the bird’s eye view of your IG Stories content and design. It helps you to post on-brand content and never off-brand ones.

Using the app is easy. All you need to do is drag and then just drop your IG Stories to the storyboard tool, and next, re-organize them to match the sequence and see what you like. Next, you will need to include captions or links to the scheduled Stories that would be copied to the smartphone when it is time to post or share content.

When the time comes for posting, you will get an alert on your smartphone and once you open that notification, the Instagram Stories get downloaded to your device and the links or captions copied to the clipboard. It makes it super easy to upload your IG Stories in no time.

The Later app is one of the best tools that you can use to schedule your IG Stories and improve your visibility on Instagram this year.


These days, you will find many images and video editing applications to create stunning Instagram Stories. The choices are endless. Use the apps mentioned in this article to let your creative juices flow and your imagination run wild. These apps help you post Instagram Stories and add some creative and fun ways to connect with your followers on this photo-sharing platform.

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