Everything About Coin Master Free Cards- Best In 2021

Coin Master Free Cards

Gold cards are a gem for coin master players. But finding them is very rare. The card collection can make you the next coin master. Best coin master free cards.

Do you play mobile games? If the answer is yes then you must surely have played Coin master and collected daily coin master free spins. It is one of the most successful games in the play store with more than 50 million downloads. It is a fun game where you can build your village and collect various cards with different rarity according to star values higher the star higher the rarity of the card. Coin master is the best game for those who like to collection of things and this article is complete about coin master free cards.

In the game, you build your village at the same time collect the different cards. Village building gameplay is just like the famous game “clash of the clan” with better such as no building time or cool-down time.

Coin master is one of the best base defense strategy games where you can raid the village of other players and collect those coins that can be used to build your village and collect various types of cards. As you upgrade your village, you unlock more cards with higher rarity. As this game requires a Facebook account to generate your coin master account thus you can play with your Facebook friends. You can raid your friend’s village and if they do so you can take revenge by raiding in their village. And during the event period, you can exchange your card with each other.

Coin Master cards collections:

Completing Card Collections is part of the game for every completed collection, you get rewards such as free spins and other great gifts which are always helpful in progressing in the game, and sometimes rewards will be greater like a new Pet. Higher the rarity of the Collection of Cards, the higher the reward.

To get high-level or rare gold cards in the Haktuts coin master game you need to upgrade your village. The village you are in determines the cards you will receive from chests and their rarity as well. The Gold Cards can be found in higher villages. The game allows you to trade normal Cards with your friends any time but the gold cards are tradable during special Gold Card Trading events which come after some time.

So, when it comes to finding a new and rare gold card, you have to be in the higher possible villages in the game and play with the strategy were to raid and how to spend in-game currency on the chest.

Can you trade gold cards in the coin master game?

Cards are one of the exciting features of coin master, and the gold cards are even more exciting. All gold cards are just normal cards but cannot be found easily. As they are rare their set or collection of the card gives high-value rewards.

Coin master’s Gold Cards are rare cards that can only be traded in special events. To trade gold cards you must have some gold cards in your account. You cannot trade gold cards with the standard card.

With the gold cards in your inventory now wait for special events which allow card tradable which you required to complete your set. as usually during the event only one or two gold cards become tradable. If luck is in your favor, you will get the required card otherwise you have to wait for the next event when a card becomes tradable. You can either request or offer these Gold Cards by making a post on coin master’s Official Trading Groups. To know how to get gold cards and coin master free cards, read further:

How to get gold cards in coin master?

To get a coin master gold cards you need to open the chest from which you can buy with in-game currency. And if you want to pay real money to progress in the game you can also buy special offers provided by coin master.

  • The best way to get a coin master free gold card is to take your turn in the spin section to get maximum rewards and to send rewards to your Facebook friends and claim rewards by them. With more spins, you more easily progress through the game and the in-game currency can open more chests which will give you more gold cards which help to complete your collection of cards and if you have an extra card you can trade them in a special event to get desired gold cards for your coin master cards collection.
  • And there are some other ways to get coin master gold cards such as by claiming giveaways on social media, by using coin master tools, by using free spin tools. You have to be active on Instagram and Facebook to know about these giveaways.
  • There are many high-level players generally Youtubers are pro players which organize giveaways. They can be found on Reddit, Facebook, and Discord servers. You can join them and get coin master rare and gold cards by claiming their giveaways and if you want you can also do your spare cards from your inventory.
  • There are many online tools available on the internet which give free coin master cards by performing a specific task or by using their tool for a specific period. Always keep in mind to check reviews and ratings of the website before using as in some cases these sites might violate the game’s rules and regulations might lead to an account ban.
  • Spin tools are a great way to get a rare card as they do not violate the game rule and regulation thus there is no chance of an account ban. You can find various websites and apps which give free spin stamina by performing a simple task or by clicking on their link.

Best coin master cards hack that no one knows about.

  • Simple and basic hacks to progressing ahead than an average player are:
  • Be regular don’t waste any stamina due to complete stamina and utilize the time.
  • Play with your friends as you can trade cards or send stamina to each other.
  • Watch ads to gain coin and spin.
  • Raid another player whose village is already half-broken this means they don’t have the shield.
  • Claim pets as soon as possible to maximize their unique ability to help in the long run.
  • When you have a ton of gold buy a shield to protect it.
  • Upgrading the village is the priority.

Here are some of the tools/hacks we used during our testing that worked without any problem to get coin master free cards are:

  • Master of spin
  • Pig master
  • Daily spin and coin links

All these apps work on basic logic by clicking the link to get spin stamina or in-game currency.

Here are Steps to get coin master free spins and coins:

  • Find the app from the play store or from the website which offers coin master free spins and coins.
  • Download the app.
  • Open the app to earn free spins and coins
  • When the app opens select the favorable option which type of rewards that you want to claim from the app.
  • Free coins only
  • -Free spins only
  • – Free spins and coins both.
  • Select the links that are provided on an app these links give rewards on a daily or hourly basis which varies from app to app.
  • Either the link may directly open the coin master app and give a reward or Links may open in a web browser from where you click on options and then open the coin master app and redeem the free coins and spins.

How to send cards on the coin master game?

The most common method to collect coin master free cards is by opening chests, by completing Viking quests, by raiding, or by various events. But there is one more method to trade cards by trading with friends. You can trade a normal card anytime and trade a gold card in special events.

To send the card to follow the steps:

  • Firstly open your card inventory by pressing the card icon which is present at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Tap on the card which you want to send to your friend
  • Click on the send button
  • A new screen will open with the name of your friend.
  • Click on friend account
  • And your card has been sent to your friend!!

To hatch an egg in the coin master, you need to navigate to the pets menu where you can find your egg you just simply need to tap on the egg to hatch it. After hatching you will get a pet and every pet has its unique ability like ‘tiger’ increases the number of the coin during raiding other villages.

One of the best pets in the coin master is ‘rhino’ which helps to protect your village if your village is being attacked by another player and you don’t have any shield. You can unlock Rhino by completing the creature cards collection. Keep in mind at the initial stage rhino have only a 10 percent chance of blocking the attack which can further increase by leveling him up.

How many cards can you trade in a day in coin master?

You can only trade 5 normal cards per day and 2 gold cards per day (during special events).

This was all about the best genuine ways to get coin master free cards links and gold cards. There are many fake generators available on the internet that claim they give you free card collections for coin master. But in reality, they just fool people. Do mention in the comment box if you know more techniques to get free cards in the coin master game.

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