How To Choose A Streaming Media Service In Mexico: 5 Questions To Ask- Best In 2022

Choose A Streaming Media Service In Mexico

With services like Netflix aiming to push out new movies and shows each week, and HBO Max and Disney Plus producing blockbusters, the streaming experience has completely changed. Moreover, even with these services geo-restricted in some regions or others, you can easily access each one. Citizens can access YouTube TV in Mexico or Netflix anywhere in the world.

While relaxing with flicks all tucked up in one’s favorite spot is the modern definition of self-care and me-time, the streaming market has greatly capitalized on this idea of comfort and has started producing a plethora of content, streaming services, platforms, etc. So the question to ask here is, how does one even choose which streaming service to subscribe to?

As most of these popular streaming platforms follow the SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) model, they come with subscription plans that need to be paid for before streamers can get access to any quality content. Even if some services offer free trials, it is seldom adequate enough to get you a good time span to truly test the service.

So naturally, you will need to conduct some research on all the possible contenders on your list that you want to choose from. And we are here to tell you exactly what you need to research in order to determine which service fits your expectations best.

There are a few basic yet very important questions, on topics ranging from content line-ups to subscription costs, that need to be asked so that the subscriber knows what they are getting into.

Are you getting good content options?

While some streaming services like Hulu offer strictly fictional content, others like Discovery Plus offer nonfictional programs to binge. On the other hand, services like Netflix offer a variety of both sorts of shows and movies.

So depending on your key interests, you must research the genres and content line-up that is made available by the service, before choosing to subscribe to it. You may also look into the title collection to see if the shows or movies offered are in multiple languages or not.

What variety of channels is available?

Some streaming media services will offer content categorized by TV channels, so whatever the channel offers on your live TV will be streamed on your streaming app on the go. For instance, Discovery Plus, ABC, and ITV Hub are services that offer a number of channels to choose from, with each channel bringing you a wide range of content.

Therefore, before selecting a streaming service to subscribe to, you must also keep in mind the variety of channels that they offer, and whether they are relevant to you or not.

Is it compatible with many devices?

Sometimes a streaming service will fit all your criteria, but will not be supported by the device you own. For this reason, questions about device compatibility are of equal importance. While most streaming services are compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android, some of them may not work on your Smart TVs, Roku, Firesticks, or Kodi.

Is the price worth the investment?

A very obvious and trivial question to ask before subscribing to any kind of service is whether the payment you are making is worth the features you are getting. To ensure that your hard-earned money is not going to waste, what you can do is compare the prices of competitor services to see the value each offers for the subscription fees.

How many screens can you use simultaneously?

One way to ensure that your investment is worthy of the service you are getting is the number of simultaneous streams allowed by the service. If you are paying a lump sum of money for the service and still cannot access it on your PC and phone, or cannot share it with friends and family, is it really worth it?

Therefore, you must always keep in mind that the streaming service must allow at least 3 simultaneous screens.


Save yourself from regret and keep the 5 factors in mind before you choose to invest in any kind of streaming service because your me-time must be full of light-hearted moments, and no disappointments.

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