How To Change IP Addresses On Android Phone Permanently- Best In 2021

Change IP Addresses On Android Phone

An easy way to change the IP address on Android – With the internet, users also really need it, especially to find the latest information. To link to this source of information, there are several important components that you can’t just leave out.

Because IP addresses have become an important part of browsing. This component also allows devices such as PCs, mobile phones, and laptops to connect to the Internet.

Do you already know what an IP address is? And how to change the IP address? For those of you who want to know, see the following review.

What is an IP Address?

Of course, before we discuss how to change an IP address, you should know what an IP address is. Most people turn to social media, especially communication media. Of course, you still need a phone number.

The goal is for you to connect with the people you want, be it family, friends, or business partners. Imagine a telephone user is a computing device and the IP address of each user’s phone number.

This means that the IP address is a number that must be owned by a cellphone, smartphone, computer that will be connected to the internet. So how can people access websites on the Internet? You should know that all sites on the Internet have a collection of files and data that is managed by the host server.

So it makes sense that each site has a different IP address. However, the IP address of one’s website may be the same as the address of another webmaster. Basically, an IP address is a collection of binary numbers consisting of 1 and 0.

However, because it was complicated, it was finally made with a number format which was divided into 4 pieces of code separated by dots. An example of an IP address is How do I find the address manually? You can then check through the control panel on the computer and via CMD.

 Easy Way To Change Your IP Address on Android

Android really has become one of the most widely used smart devices in the world community. Depending on Android, its use can access the Internet without any restrictions. We are always and everywhere looking for the latest information and news according to your ideas.

If you connect to the Internet via your carrier’s network or Wi-Fi, your Android device still needs an IP address. You can obtain this machine’s IP address automatically as soon as you connect to a particular website.

Because it is provided automatically, not everyone knows if the specified IP address has restricted access to certain sites. If so, it is very important to change the Android IP address without using or with the app. Here are some of the easiest ways to change your IP address without using an app:

Restart Phone

The first way to change the Android IP address is to restart each user’s phone. By restarting the cellphone, the cellphone will work from the beginning, one of which is the IP status that you used before.

Before restarting the phone, take note of the previous IP address and compare it to the new one. This method is also relatively simple and does not take much time for all users. Then you get smoother access to Chrome or any other search engine.

Change DNS

Another way to change your IP address is to change your DNS. DNS is a domain name system, which means an IP interpreter in the domain or vice versa. Of course, changing the DNS part will change the IPS later.

  • The first step you need to do to replace it is to open the settings menu on the device.
  • Then go to the mobile network on your device.
  • Then select the currently used Internet profile, such as 3GPRS.
  • Then click on the internet profile and there will be an option to change DNS.
  • Next is to change DNS and then save it.

Changing IP Address Manually

If you want to change the IP address, you can change it manually. This method takes a long time but is very accurate because it can give good results. Here are the instructions:

  • The first step is to open the setup menu or settings on each device.
  • After entering the settings, select the connection menu and change the IP address.
  • There are several connection-related tools in the connection options, such as Bluetooth, WiFi, flight mode, mobile network, etc. To change the IP address using WiFi, click the WiFi menu and follow the instructions below.
  • In the Wi-Fi section that your device is already connected to, you can click and hold on to a Wi-Fi network. Then a new window will appear. Just select Manage Network Settings and proceed to the next step.
  • For the following, select the Advanced View Options option. From this menu, there are several options that you can adjust according to your needs. For example, set the IP address at the bottom of this page.
  • You can then set the IP address as needed in the IP settings. You can also change DHCP to static or similar. Remember to save your changes.
  • Then wait for the Wi-Fi connection to be re-established. If so, then the Android IP address has been successfully changed to your liking.

Turn Off Data

This second way is very easy for you and you don’t need to open the settings menu on every device. To try it, you should first check whether the data you have is still active or active. After making sure the data connection is active, turn off data from the status bar.

Then leave the data connection disconnected for a few seconds, at least 10 seconds. Then reactivate the data. In this way, the IP address on Android is changed without using any other application. This method is very simple for many people to do.

So friends Gramsci, our discussion this time is about how to easily change IP addresses on Android, hopefully, this article can be useful for all of you. Thank you.

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