How To Call A Phone Number That Blocks Your Number- Best Ways In 2021

Call A Phone Number That Blocks Your Number

In this article, we will show you how you can call someone who blocked your phone number, no matter if the number is blocked from iPhone or Android, you will find out how to fix the problem and contact the person quickly. So, some ways will allow you to call a cellphone number that blocks your number by hiding your cellphone ID, and some other ways will call with a number that your target doesn’t have.

How to Call Someone from a Blocked Number?

There are many ways to call from a blocked number. However, we found some ways and it works fine. So, keep reading the full article below, then try these methods one by one and you will be able to call back, even from blocked phone numbers.

1. Use a Second Phone Number

This method is the easiest and best way you can do it. By using your second phone number that is not yet known by the target. So, you can easily contact him without any problems. Another function using the second number can help you contact your ex (if you have xixixi) or someone else.

2. Call and Hide Your Number on iPhone

To call a number that is blocking you, you have an easy solution that should work fine if the person is not using a call blocking app. The reason is that if someone uses a call blocking app, even the hidden or unknown numbers will be blocked immediately. So, there is no way to bypass this app. However, if you’re lucky, you can call back the number you’ve blocked by hiding your caller ID.

How to Hide Number on iPhone

To turn off caller ID on iPhone, go to settings, then click Phone. From there, you will find a long list of settings, you need to scroll down until you find “Show My Caller ID”. When you access that option, you will be able to use the toggle button and hide your caller ID.

3. Call and Hide Your Number on Android

To call someone and keep your number private on Android, follow these easy steps. First, access your Android’s call menu. You will find three dots in the upper right corner when you click on it, you will access the call settings menu.

Under Android calling settings, anyone can click on the Caller ID option and enable or disable it. Even if this option looks easy, some phone carriers disable this option. So if you can’t find a way to disable caller ID, then your phone carrier has disabled it.

4. Use Someone Else’s Phone Number (Friends, Siblings, Etc.)

If you are in an emergency, then calling through someone’s phone number should be the first option. If that person blocked your number, then calling from a different phone will fix the problem and let you talk to them.

However, this is not the best choice for all. So, if you want to call from a number that has blocked your number, it is certain that the person will still be able to recognize your voice and hang up immediately. So, it is advisable to convey your message using a sound engineering application or you can explain what you mean well so that he will listen to your explanation.

5. Contacting Someone Who Has Blocked Your Number Using Code *67

The good thing about this method is that you can use it for smartphones and even landline numbers. Code *67 allows you to hide caller ID when calling someone. So, if you want to call your ex, boyfriend, or anyone else, you need to add *67 before that person’s number. Then, make the call as usual and the person will not see the caller ID (private) depending on the mobile operator and device.

How Do You Know If Someone Blocked Your Number?

If you think that someone has blocked your number on the phone. So, you need to verify it first. It could be a problem with your own smartphone or someone’s device blocking all incoming calls. Of course, the person may not be aware of that. So, the phone may block some numbers randomly for no apparent reason. But in reality, the problem could be the app blocking the calls.

What Happens When You Call a Number That Blocks You?

If you call the person who blocked your number, in most cases, you will not get any notification. However, the situation will be different depending on the cell phone company. For iPhone, for example, if someone blocks your number, you won’t hear the ringtone when you call them. On the other hand, if you call from a blocked number, you will be asked to send a voicemail instead.

The good news here is that you can send voice messages. However, it will be stored in a separate folder. This is what happens when you call someone from a blocked number, he or she will not get any notification. However, he can find your voicemail if he wants to listen to it.

The final word

Well, that’s the way how you can call back someone who blocked your number. There are many ways to do that, but some will work for you and some will be limited to the carrier and country policies. Please try the methods above one by one and you will be able to call back or at least send a message to the number that blocked our number.

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