6 Factors To Consider Before Buying Headphones For PS5- Best In 2022

Factors To Consider Before Buying Headphones For PS5

Sony has outdone itself with the PS5. The gaming community went crazy ever since Sony announced that they would launch the PS5. If you already got one for yourself, you must know how awesome it is. But have you purchased the gaming headphones for PS5 yet?

The gaming industry has spoiled gamers with so many options in headphones. There are headphone options in different price segments as well as functionality. If you decide to buy one for yourself, here are six factors that you need to consider while buying headphones for your PS5.

  • Sound quality

Sound quality is essential in gaming. The PS5 gaming console provides top-of-line audio output. That means you need to have top-quality headphones that will do justice to that audio output. Therefore it is essential to choose gaming headphones wisely. You want to enjoy the most negligible sound effects, so you relate to the game better. Poor sound quality can affect your gaming experience. You will find it difficult to immerse in the gaming experience as the sound quality is not up to the mark.

Fortunately, numerous top-quality gaming headphones are available in the market with superior sound quality, thanks to sound technologies like Dolby. Many headphones also offer 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound quality that takes your gaming experience up a notch.

The surround sound feature gives you highly immersive audio that elevates your gaming experience. The 5.1 audio system has six high-quality speakers, while the 7.1 version has eight high-quality speakers around the air cups. Professional gamers mainly use such headphones as they are instrumental in FPS games. These headphones provide 360° surround sound. That means you can figure out the direction of the gunshots and the approaching footsteps of your enemies while playing the game. It takes your game to a whole new incredible level.

It is essential to understand that as much as they provide an excellent audio experience, surround sound headphones are expensive. If you are not a hardcore gamer, you should stick with standard stereo gaming headphones as they provide more than needed audio quality to play the classic gaming titles.

  • Microphone quality

In the age of online multiplayer gaming, it is vital to have a high-quality microphone with your gaming headphones. Multiplayer gaming involves multiple players playing the same game simultaneously. There must be clear communication between the players to plan strategies and make quick decisions while playing the game. Without a goof microphone, you will be audible to your fellow team members, and it will indeed affect your gaming performance.

Get yourself a headphone that has a high-quality microphone installed with it. The voice reception would be clear and concise. It will keep the voice reception crispy and clear, so you can better communicate with your gaming squad, even when you are out in public, in traffic, or in a crowded place. If you are an expert gamer, you must consider getting headphones with a noise cancellation feature. Noise-canceling headphones do not pick any surrounding unwanted noises.

  • Build quality

If you are a gamer, you know the feeling of getting stuck on the same level for days. It is frustrating. And that frustration can come out on the headphones. Though it is not healthy to express your anger, many gamers often smash their headphones after losing a game. You might also drop it accidentally on the floor. The headphone cable often gets stuck in the gaming chair, which puts a lot of tension on the cable. You do not want a headphone that gets shattered in pieces, even falling from a foot distance. That is why build quality determines how much wear and tear your headphones can bear.

If you plan to buy entry-level gaming headphones, you might want to reconsider your choice. Those pocket-friendly headphones are made of plastic to keep their prices low. Plastic headphones get easily broken and do not last long. If you want to have the superior build quality, you might need to spend a little more than usual. High-end gaming headphones are made with durable materials like aluminum and steel. Though they still have some plastic components, they are of superior quality to essential headphones.

You can choose headphones with a durable, insulated, anti-tangle, braided cable that can withstand damage for longer. It is essential to ensure the quality of the cable and the sections where the cable is connected to the headphone and near the audio jack. These sections are more likely to get damaged with regular use.

  • Earcups

Whether you are a professional gamer or not, you still spend hours playing your favorite games, and all those hours can put a lot of strain on your ears and head. Ear Cups are an essential part of headphones, and they determine the comfort of your headphones. The top-quality headphones have ear cups made with pleather, pure foam, or leather.

You can also go for high-end memory foam if you want more comfort. It is softer and provides better air circulation to avoid sweating. The earcups should have softer padding to comfort your ears for those long gaming sessions.

  • Budget

Budget is the primary concern for many buyers. Though top headphone brands offer their products in different price ranges, you have to look for a great deal that will get you a good discount.

Make sure you prepare a reasonable budget when you look for headphones for PS5. As mentioned before, high-end consoles like the PS5 have extraordinary sound output. You need to purchase headphones compatible with PS5 and provide all the required gaming features. The gaming features like noise isolation and noise cancellation, powerful bass and treble, robust build quality, and premium material are only found in top headphones. That means you need to set your budget accordingly.

  • Wire Vs. Wireless

Every gamer has found himself confused between wired and wireless headphones. Though both types of headphones provide almost the same sound quality, there are some differences. As the name suggests, wired headphones come with a USB cable that you need to attach to your console. Wired headphones are easy to use. Just plug them into the console, and you are ready to roll. They are also more affordable than wireless headphones. Wired headphones can transfer the sound signals better mainly because they connect to the console.

Though branded wireless headphones have superior sound quality, it still does not match the sound quality of branded wired headphones. On the contrary, wireless headphones require a wireless card in the system. You need to connect the headphone from the settings manually.


Gaming is incomplete without headphones. They help you to immerse in the gaming experience fully. Getting a gaming headphone is now easier than ever. You can search through numerous online stores and catalogs. Just remember to consider the above factors while making the purchase.

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