Block Unwanted Calls Using Phone Spy App- Best In 2021

Block Unwanted Calls Using Phone Spy App

Cell phones are one of the greatest developments of this era. If we say that they are a blessing for us, then it would not be wrong at all.

They help us to stay in touch with our friends, relatives, and office associates. However, sometimes, unknown people and advertising companies start calling or texting us.

It is very annoying to receive unwanted texts and calls at the wrong time or places such as during business meetings or your favourite TV show. Therefore, individuals look for an effective and call blocker tool that can put a full stop on these unwanted calls.

Fortunately, TheOneSpy Android phone spy app is here to help you enjoy a peaceful time with your family or at work by blocking unwanted calls and messages.

Why Should I Use the Android Call Blocker tool?

Are you dealing with a storm of unwanted incoming calls from unknown phone numbers? Do you want to get rid of all the unknown calls on your android phone or you want to help someone closer to you who is facing the same situation?

Then, you should rely on mobile spy software because it helps you remotely block incoming calls and texts on your Android smartphone. You just must install this outstanding app on your targeted device to get rid of the frustration you are experiencing right now.

This App Empowers You To:

  • Restrict all the annoying incoming calls and SMS messages from scammers and persecutors on your cell phone.
  • If strangers or pranksters are trying to contact you, you can effortlessly block them.
  • Parents can take advantage of it to know if their kids are receiving unknown calls.
  • Secretly and remotely block the calls on your husband’s device.
  • Employers can utilize it to know if their workers are wasting time on personal calls or completing their office tasks.
  • If you want to erase calls and SMS history and individual contacts, this app blocker can be a great help for you.
  • It allows you to forward, reject, or reply to the calls with an SMS.
  • It can block spam SMS and backup saved contacts to the server.
  • You can transfer data to a new device such as android or blackberry.
  • It can easily detect one-ring malicious calls and block them permanently.

Can the Android Call Blocker Tool Help Employers and Parents to Block Calls on Their Kids or Workers Devices?

Have you given a phone to your kid at a very early age but now, you are worried about his safety? It is very common that persecutors and criminals target young children and teenagers by making calls and sending SMS and pressurizes them for numerous motives.

If you are suspecting that your kid is anxious and hiding something from you, then you must try to find out what is disturbing him.

If your kid is used to attend all the known and unknown incoming calls, there are high chances that he may be approached by pranksters or strangers.

If you want to protect your kids from such nasty people, make sure to use the spy app to block all the unwanted calls within no time. It is a great tool that allows you to fulfil all your parental responsibilities in a better way than ever.

If you are an employer, the android call blocker app can help you in various ways. All companies permit their workers to use digital devices for work purposes.

However, staff members use their smartphones for making personal calls during office hours when they are not being supervised. They intentionally waste time on the devices for personal activities.

So, all the business owners who are worried because of their workers’ low productivity should rely on the call-blocking software. You can prevent them from making outgoing calls and attending incoming calls remotely and secretly.

You can also block calls made by clients or customers in working hours. The Android call blocking app is a great tool that supports you prevent your team from wasting time and boost their performance during office hours.


These days, it has become a necessity to block unwanted incoming calls and SMS. If you want to live a stress-free life, then give the Android Phone spy app a try.

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