Best WordPress Analytics Plugin In 2022

Best WordPress Analytics Plugin

Technology has indeed taken over and disrupted the whole market. Today the importance of websites has been rising, and there is no brand, be it big or small, which can do it without websites.

What is the process of finding the finest WordPress Google Analytics plugin? A systematic approach to selecting plugins may already be in place in your WordPress installation.

To help you get to the end faster, we’ve put up a selection of trusted and helpful resources.

Here, we’ll discuss what to look for in a Google Analytics plugin, analyze eight of the best custom wordpress development services, and help you evaluate them so you can make a selection that you can look back on with pride.

What’s Google Analytics?

You may use Google Analytics to get real-time data on how your website content is used by visitors.

At this moment, how busy is your website? What brought them to your site? In which area of the world are you? Do you know which parts of your site they’ve looked at so far? What type of gadget is the shopper using? When did they visit your site?

Adding your website to Google Analytics gives you access to all of this data and much more.

WordPress Analytics Plugins: The Most Effective Options Available


One of the best custom wordpress development services is ExactMetrics (formerly known as Google Analytics Dashboard for WP). You may see your website data directly from your WordPress dashboard, like MonsterInsights.

Every page, article, and product can track statistics to see what’s popular and what isn’t.

Real-time metrics and stunning reports aren’t all this Google Analytics plugin has to offer.

Google Analytics 4 support was just revealed for the plugin! In addition, Google Optimize allows you to do split tests and fine-tune the speed and sample rate as you progress.

WPForms, WooCommerce, and MemberPress are just a few of the major WordPress plugins and services that ExactMetrics integrates within a single click.


  • This feature provides real-time statistics.
  • Accurate data collection and tracking
  • Contextual information and pointers
  • Weekly reports and email summaries
  • The use of marketing tools and extensions in conjunction
  • Custom dimensions and UTM tracking IDs are supported.
  • E-commerce reports to track conversion rates, average order values, and other metrics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is, without a doubt, the best custom wordpress development service on the market. Use Google Analytics to keep tabs on many websites for free.

Creating a Google Search Console account in conjunction with your Google Analytics account will allow you to keep tabs on your site’s performance in Google searches.

Several plugins on this list. Sign up for a free Google Analytics account to keep tabs on many websites.

When it comes to tracking your website’s traffic, Google Analytics is an excellent place to start. Quire that you have a Google Analytics account, as you may have guessed.

Depending on your company’s stage of development, the initial statistics you receive may be sufficient. You will, however, want more detailed data as your company expands if you are to gain valuable insights. Using a plugin like MonsterInsights to connect Google Analytics to your site will allow you to get easy to interpret reports.

In addition, with Google Analytics, you must modify your site’s header and sign in to a separate account to see your data, which is time-consuming and tedious. However, by linking MonsterInsights and Google Analytics, you will be able to view all of your data from within your WordPress dashboard, eliminating the need to navigate between two distinct accounts.


  • Keep track of multiple websites using a single login
  • Comprehensive website data
  • Instantaneous information
  • Advanced filters to view landing page, posts, devices, custom dimensions, and much more


Heap automatically tracks every event on your website or mobile application, an alternative to Google Analytics. Even on the web, where Heap can track clicks and form submissions,

there is no effort required from the user’s side. No setting is required on mobile devices for Heap to follow every swipe or tap.

Since Google Analytics may track just page views, it differs significantly from Heap when recording events automatically. Individual user tracking is also made simple with Heap, even across different devices and cookies.

You can quickly create conversion funnels or conduct segmentation research using Heap’s Event Visualizer even without any coding knowledge.

Heap is an excellent tool for tracking a website or an iOS app that requires conversion funnels or segmentation data.


  • Keep an eye on what the user is doing
  • Find out exactly what you’re looking for.
  • More than a hundred integrations
  • Analyses based on accounts
  • Send notifications and alerts Stats

With the free Stats plugin from Jetpack, you can get an overview of your site’s traffic in your WordPress dashboard. Even though it doesn’t provide the same level of detail as Google Analytics, this plugin does offer a quick snapshot of your site’s traffic statistics right from your WordPress dashboard.

The Jetpack plugin includes Stats as a module. For Jetpack Stats to track your website’s traffic, you’ll need to install it and activate the Stats module and connect it to WordPress.

If you’re not already using any other Jetpack features on your site, this might not be the best option.


  • A quick look at the numbers
  • A streamlined and intuitive user experience
  • Integrate additional analytics plugins and services into your website


Matomo, formerly Piwik, is a popular open-source alternative to Google Analytics that makes it simple to track how users interact with your website. There are a lot of features included, like goals, logged-in WordPress users, heatmaps, a/b testing, and more.

Matomo has both self-hosted and cloud-hosted versions, just like WordPress.

Installing Matomo on your server allows you to track how your site’s visitors interact with it. The cloud-hosted version of Matomo will enable you to skip the technical procedures and enable website tracking right away, which is ideal if you need to track many websites at once.


  • You have complete control over the data that’s being captured.
  • A platform for interoperability developed using open-source software
  • Samples are not used for analysis; the entire dataset is
  • An analytics tool that can be tailored to your specific requirements
  • Data from Google Analytics should be imported.
  • Improved and actionable information. is simple to use as an analytics tool and provides you with a detailed understanding of your customers. Even experienced users can benefit from it.

Three products are available from a dashboard, an API, and a data pipeline. provides a real-time view of your website visitors thanks to its streamlined content dashboard. You may quickly examine historical trends and make data-based decisions to increase your revenue.

You can design exceptional user experiences based on your audience statistics with its content-powered APIs. It’s possible to improve page views and time spent on the site by using their recommendation engine.

An easy-to-use and portable format allows you to access and analyze all of your data.


  • A total of 30 attention metrics
  • A total of 13 months of data
  • Tracking and segmenting of subscribers
  • Tracking and conversions of products are included in the report.
  • Customized knowledge


Users’ interactions with your goods, whether on the web or in mobile apps, can be tracked with the help of Mixpanel. Data-driven decisions may be made more swiftly and readily because of the information it provides about your customers.

Compared to Jetpack Stats, MixPanel has the drawback of being more challenging to set up.


  • Infinite archive of data
  • Analyze conversion rates by creating personalized funnels.
  • A report on the retention and effect
  • Core reports and flows

Adobe Analytics

Analytical software developed by Adobe Systems for enterprise-level websites is known as Adobe Analytics. Visualizations, cross-channel marketing capabilities, and advanced analytics let you better understand your customers and how they interact with your business.

In addition, it gives you the ability to track how users interact with your mobile apps, allowing you to create better digital experiences across all platforms and platforms.


  • Real-time access to current information
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence are two examples of this.
  • Analytics that can predict the future.a
  • Customer feedback
  • Provides AMP tracking support (accelerated mobile pages)

Clicky Analytics

Over 1 million websites rely on Clicky Analytics for real-time statistics instead of Google Analytics. Almost every report in Clicky is real-time, up to the minute.

Individual visitors and their actions, average duration on the site, and other metrics may be tracked with Clicky.

Clicky’s most intriguing feature is the ability to monitor your site’s viewers in real-time on a map. As a result, you’ll be able to observe precisely what your visitors are doing on your website as they do it.


  • Instantaneous, real-time information
  • Visitor behavior and heatmaps
  • Anti-spam and anti-bot software
  • System uptime tracking
  • Tracking of goals and campaigns

Crazy Egg

There are a lot of tools out there for analyzing the performance of a website, but Crazy Egg is one of the best custom wordpress development services.

Crazy Egg provides graphic reports and individual session records to discover where your clients are coming from, where they’re traveling on your site, and where they get stopped so that you can make design modifications for the better.

Using Crazy Egg A/B testing, you can ensure that the colors, content placement, wording, and pictures you’ve chosen will lead to higher conversion rates. The Crazy Egg editor makes it simple to make alterations after the fact to top it all off.


  • Heatmaps and scroll maps, both visual and numerical
  • Reports based on click-throughs
  • Recordings of user sessions
  • Tool for A/B testing
  • Use of well-known tools for marketing purposes


Over 2 million websites rely on Statcounter for their website analytics. Primary website data, such as page views, sessions, visits, and first-time visitors, are included in the service’s initial offerings.

You can add descriptive information about your visitors to help you better track them, and you can receive alerts when a specific individual visitor returns to your site.

Other options on this list, such as affiliate link tracking, event tracking, and more, include more complex functionality like these.


  • Get an overview of the site’s performance stats
  • Detect click fraud by monitoring purchased traffic.
  • Visitor activity can be viewed on a real-time stream.
  • Keep track of people who come back.
  • You can receive email or mobile app visitor alerts.


Woopra is a WordPress analytics solution for a product, marketing, sales, and support teams to follow the entire customer journey.

This WordPress plugin and web analytics service address customer journeys, trends, retention, segmentation, etc. With Woopra’s built-in triggers, you can also take immediate action based on user behavior.

A paid subscription is required to get the information you need from Woopra. While the free version has all of the functionality you need, the premium version is more expensive than other options like MonsterInsights.


  • Streamline and harmonize data between teams
  • Examine the path is taken by customers and the patterns they exhibit
  • With built-in triggers, it is possible to monitor user activity.
  • synchronize the data of current users
  • Analyses at the individual level


The beautiful thing about WordPress plugins is that the free versions may be installed and experimented with to see if they work for you. It’s up to you to see which of these solutions is best for you and your analytics requirements. Lastly, one of the biggest perks of the wordpress plugins is that there is no sort of coding which is involved, hence someone who is not very technical can also.

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