15 WhatsApp Alternatives For Android- Best In 2021

Best Whatsapp Alternatives For Android

Whatsapp is one of the leading and most preferred messaging app. The app is easy to use and offers diverse features, due to which it has been widely accepted by users. But, the app has some security and privacy concerns. To eliminate these security concerns, users switch to some alternative messaging apps.

So, here we will tell you some of the best Whatsapp alternatives For Android that you can use.

Excited? So, let’s get started.

Whatsapp Alternatives For Android

  1. Hike
  2. Telegram
  3. Skype
  4. Google Hangouts
  5. Line
  6. Wire
  7. Threema
  8. Bridgefy
  9. Keybase
  10. Voxer
  11. Signal Private Messenger
  12. Kik
  13. Viber
  14. Snapchat
  15. WeChat

1. Telegram – Best Whatsapp Alternatives For Android

Telegram is undoubtedly one of the best Whatsapp alternatives for the Android platform due to the features it offers. Telegram apart from messaging services offers you the to create your public channel, do secret messaging, self-destructive messaging, create supergroups, and share big-sized files. All your messages are completely protected with end-to-end encryption.

The app also provides some cool customizations, where you can change the theme of your chats that includes Dark, Night, and Arctic color themes. You can create your personalized chat folder, where you can separately see these personalized folders on the chat list.

The best feature of the app, which most of you might be unaware of is that it also offers you to download the latest movies, Web series, and dramas in high quality.

Standout Telegram Features:

  • Group chats for up to 200,000 members
  • Share large videos, documents
  • Set up bots for specific tasks
  • Anonymous polls

2. Skype – Best Whatsapp Alternatives For Android

One of the first to introduce high-quality video calls on all platforms, Skype is the next app on our list. With the help of Skype, you can send messages, connect SMS and directly reply to your phone’s SMS, does HD video calling with 24 members at a time, send emojis, and connect with people worldwide.

You can also send images and media files with the help of this messaging app. With some cool themes and interactive User Interfaces, Skype can be your best companion for messaging.

Standout Skype features:

  • SMS Connect
  • Reach people instantly
  • Save shared photos and videos

3. Google Hangouts – Best Whatsapp Alternatives For Android

Google Hangouts is a messaging app that permits you to try to group chat with up to 150 members and Video calls with up to 10 members. You’ll connect your Google Voice account for voice calling, messaging, and voice integration.

You can also connect and call any of the Hangout users worldwide. Aside from this, you’ll connect with your friends, albeit they’re offline.

You can sync all of your chats across all devices and may access them easily. You’ll only connect with those users who have a Gmail account. The app is free and doesn’t contain any in-app purchases.

Standout Google Hangouts features:

  • Call any telephone number within the world
  • Connect with friends in offline mode
  • Sync chats across all of your devices.

4. Line – Best Whatsapp Alternatives For Android

The Line messaging app is the next app on our list of best Whatsapp alternatives for Android. The line is an Emoji and sticker-rich app that takes your messaging experience to an entirely new fun level. All you need to do is to register your mobile number with the app and you’re able to go.

As the app is using your telephone number, it automatically suggests your friends from your contacts who are also using Line. You’ll do voice and video calls in Line with up to 200 members at a time.

You’ll also make international calls with Line. Most of the features of the app are free, while some additional features need a premium version subscription.

Standout Line features:

  • Face Play
  • Popular characters at the Sticker Shop
  • Make international calls

5. Wire – Best Whatsapp Alternatives For Android

This Whatsapp alternative for Android is going to be best fitted to corporates. The Wire is an open-source app that allows you to collaborate with your team and communicate with them with complete secrecy. All of your messages are going to be an end to end encrypted and you’ll have a personal conversation.

You can also create guest rooms and invite your team members and clients. The simplest feature of the app is that the one-click conference, which permits you to start a video meeting instantly.

You can easily share all the files and documents, Sync them across all of your corporate applications, and access them whenever you would like. The app is out there with no in-app purchases.

Standout Wire features:

  • A one-click call button
  • Unique guest rooms
  • Ephemeral messages and device fingerprinting

6. Threema – Best Whatsapp Alternatives For Android

Threema is one of the foremost secured apps on our list which will look out for your privacy. You don’t need to register with your mobile number, it provides you with an 8-digit ID which will be used to access this app.

All of your messages and files are end-to-end encrypted, and you’ll hide your private chats. The app is handy for voice calls, group video calls, and messaging. You’ll know the identity of the user by scanning the QR code.

It also protects your status message so that nobody is tracking your activities. You’ll also limit users who can see your updates. The simplest feature of the app is all of your data are stored in your internal storage, not on the app, which makes it safer.

One additional feature this app provides is to try to polls and have feedback about your chats. this is often a paid app where you would like to pay somewhere around $3 to use the app.

Standout Threema features:

  • Anonymous instant messaging tool
  • Highest Encryption strength
  • Conduct polls

7. Bridgefy – Best Whatsapp Alternatives For Android

Bridgefy is often useful for those people that live in remote areas and face frequent internet connection problems. This best Whatsapp alternative for Android is often operated in 3 modes namely person-to-person mode, Mesh mode, and Broadcast mode.

Person-to-person mode allows you to speak together with your friend by Bluetooth connection within a variety of 330 feet, while Broadcast mode will assist you to attach with all the Bridgefy users directly.

The most interesting mode to speak in Bridgefy is Mesh mode which works on the bridge principle. You’ll connect 3 people, during which the person within the middle will act as a bridge for you to speak to the person.

Don’t worry as all of your messages are going to be encrypted and therefore the person within the middle can’t read your messages. This is often a free app and doesn’t contain any in-app purchases.

  • Standout Bridgefy features:
  • Connect with friends in offline mode
  • Mesh mode
  • Easy to use

8. Keybase – Best Whatsapp Alternatives For Android

Keybase is one of the simplest apps in maintaining the anonymity and privacy of the user. You’ll start using the app without using your mobile number. You can write on any social media platform like Twitter and Facebook without revealing your identity.

You furthermore may don’t got to know the Mobile Number or Email of other users which will assist you to get rid of unnecessary contacts and only connect with important people.

The best part about this app is that it doesn’t allow users to require screenshots of your chats. All of your messages are protected with end-to-end encryption. The app has 4 rating stars on Google Play and is very recommended for all of you.

Standout Keybase features:

  • Ads-free
  • Open-source
  • End-to-End encrypted

9. Voxer – Best Whatsapp Alternatives For Android

Voxer is one of the primary walkie-talkie messenger apps which is also end-to-end encrypted. This messaging app will assist you to make calls, record them, and save them for future playback, just in case you’re not available.

You’ll do chit-chat and make groups with a limit of 500 members. You’ll even have private chats that might be secured and aside from you and the recipient, nobody can read the message.

Media sharing is additionally easy with the Voxer messaging app where you’ll share audio and video files alongside documents. Voxer also can be accessed with Voxer for the web on your desktop. The app is out there in free and premium versions. The Premium version of the app includes unlimited message storage, recall messages, and Admin control.

Standout Voxer features:

  • Enjoy crystal-clear audio
  • Talk over any 3G, 4G, or WiFi network
  • Live Audio

10. Signal Private Messenger – Best Whatsapp Alternatives For Android

Protected messages, self-destructive messages, and other security benefits are a number of the key standouts of Signal private messenger. The app has been developed by a well-liked non-profit organization, Signal Foundation, whose main aim is to guard against the breach of user’s data.

It is an open-source system that protects the files you send and receive. The screen security feature of the app won’t allow the second party to require screenshots of the chat. You’ll switch to the dark mode of the app if you’re not so keen on brightening normal mode. The app is free and straightforward to use with a buttery-smooth UI

Standout Signal Private Messenger features:

  • Keeps your conversations secure
  • The signal is totally independent
  • Enhanced audio and video quality

11. Kik – Best Whatsapp Alternatives For Android

Kik is the simplest Whatsapp alternative for Android users who don’t want to check in with their mobile number on messaging apps. This app will use your Email ID as an alternate, and allow you to access this messenger. you’ll enjoy all the features of a messaging app where you’ll do chats, video calls, group video calls, send files, sharing media files, etc.

Once you check-in within the app together with your Email ID, it’ll provide you with a user name, which can be visible to other Kik users. One unique feature of the Kik app is that it supports bots, which isn’t there in WhatsApp. The bot will assist you in getting daily news, playing quizzes, and a few other relevant tasks.

12. Viber – Best Whatsapp Alternatives For Android

Next up we’ve Viber on our list, which may be your perfect partner for messaging and is encrypted.

You can do free audio and video calls in top quality. Viber will assist you to form international calls at low-cost charges. You’ll also use chat extensions to use some expressive Gifs, Emojis, and stickers while chatting. You’ll seamlessly sync Viber across all of your devices.

Viber also includes the self-destructive message feature, where you’ll set a timer for any chat, after the expiration of set time, your chat will get self-destructed. If you’re a social guy and like to meet and explore new people, then Viber features a community page for you, where you’ll interact and share your thoughts with many users. The app contains some in-app purchases and ads.

Standout Viber features:

  • Chat and Call with 100% Privacy
  • Chat Extensions
  • Viber Community with Unlimited Members

13. Snapchat – Best Whatsapp Alternatives For Android

Though Snapchat is more about taking snaps and sharing them with your friends, it is often one of the simplest Whatsapp alternatives for Android. With some exquisite filter and lens, you’ll chat together with your friends which may be self-destructed within the set period.

Snapchat also allows you to form your avatar which will automatically share some funny and funky stickers of your Avatar while chatting together with your friends. You’ll do all the essential functions that a messenger app can do. The app is free and doesn’t contain any ads or in-app purchases.

Standout Snapchat features:

  • Snap map
  • Memories
  • Exclusive filters

14. WeChat – Best Whatsapp Alternatives For Android

WeChat is a multi-functional messaging app that permits you to chat, make video calls, play video games, avail countless third-party services, share stories, and far more interesting stuff. You’ll do chat with friends and may create a gaggle with a maximum limit of 500 members. As for video calling, there’s a limit of max 9 members. Both audio and video calls are often wiped out top quality.

As far as privacy cares, WeChat is that the only app that’s certified by TRUSTe, so don’t worry about the info breach. Besides, the app offers custom stickers, a sticker gallery, and a Real-time location. With numerous features, WeChat is often one of the simplest Whatsapp alternatives for Android users.

Standout WeChat Features:

  • Share glimpses of your day with a container
  • Customizable stickers
  • Sticker gallery

15. Hike – Best Whatsapp Alternatives For Android

Hike app is one of the most significant messaging apps that can be used as the best Whatsapp alternatives for Android. Hike, apart from the basic messaging feature, also offers you some of the best Hikemoji.

You can just click a selfie and create your Avatar with 100+ stickers, 1000+ hairstyles, and facial features. The app offers you unlimited chat themes that you can use as the background while chatting.

As far as the security of your data is concerned, it is protected with 128 bit AES and 2048 RSA encryption. You can also hide your private conversation and can lock them with the help of a password or fingerprint lock.

Standout Hike Features:

  • Quick Reply
  • Lock your chats with a password
  • Unlimited themes
  • Awesome sticker recommendations

Final Words

These were a number of the simplest Whatsapp alternatives for Android users. We hope that these apps are going to be useful for you, and you’ll use them as Whatsapp alternatives. Comment within the comment section below and allow us to realize your favorite app on the list.

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