Best VPN Review For Android, PC, iOS And Mac In 2021

Best VPN Review

We have tested Surfshark VPN for several vintages and have been constantly impressed by the sheer number of new features the company has added over that time. From two- factor authentication-which protects your account-to RAM- rested waitpersons (and a lot other of them) the subscription has steadily wax yea better value.

Other features introduced over the whilom vintage or so include GPS spoofing for Android stoners, which is yet another measure to preclude apps and websites from detecting your real were, and WireGuard, the ultimate encryption protocol that bringssuper-fast preferences.

Surfshark is one of the best VPN services which has joined together to form the VPN Trust Initiative in an essay to bring additional clearness to VPN services and also to put in place ethos for security, isolation, and other factors. Put simply, it’s a positive thing as you need to trust that a VPN service is going to do its job duly and keep your IP address and locality hidden. To get a VPN service for better performance you can definitely choose the Surfshark.

The service also offers apps for lots of popular affinities (including Amazon FireBox), does not assess any restrictions on the number of affinities that can connect to the service at the same time, and gives you limited added features that you do not ordinarily find with battling services alike as the Whitelist and CleanWeb. Added on those thereafter on.


  • Unlimited connections
  • P2P support
  • WireGuard support
  • RAM-based servers
  • Two-factor authentication
  • GPS spoofing (on Android)
  • Kill switch (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS)
  • Unblocks Netflix, iPlayer & other streaming services

It’s hard to allow another VPN service that can tick all those boxes and only charge what Surfshark does. With unlimited connections, you can log in and use the service with as beaucoup aptitude as you like. Plus, on top of those are Cleanweb and Whitelist.

CleanWeb blocks adverts and trackers as you browse websites, while Whitelister ( available on Windows and Android) lets you allow specific apps and websites to bypass the VPN. This is called split tunneling by other VPN services and can be useful if you do not want games or data-heavy apps to run via the VPN.

Presently, it’s only available on the Windows and Android apps nonetheless.
Apps are available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iPhone/ iPad as well as Amazon FireTV and Linux, plus cybersurfer extensions for Chrome and Firefox. They provide a clean-looking interface and ease of access. There are two quick-connect options closest and fastest waitpersons. Multitudinous VPN apps only offer the former under the guise of” every day” but Surfshark lets you pick which you’d prefer.

Notwithstanding, you can do so via the website or in the settings section of the app, If you want to enable 2FA to cover your account. There are two fashions of getting a canon Google Authenticator or card. This does add a bit of aggro each time you want to log in, but since that happens infrequently, it’s well worth enabling as it helps to avert anyone added signing into your Surfshark account.

You can pick the waitperson you want to connect to in the Venues tab, and you can expand the list for countries that have further than one waitperson, resembling the UK and US. There is a useful circle next to each bone that shows how full or empty a waitperson is.

As well as waitpersons in physical venues, Surfshark (like multitudinous VPNs) has virtual venues so you can make the internet believe you’re in Argentina, for a sample, yea though Surfshark doesn’t have a waitperson in that country. And this fact is not hidden Virtual waitpersons are marked with a V in the list.
There is also a MultiHop list which routes your connection through two garçons for redundant protection and better masking of your true locale.

Surfshark uses IKEv2 by dereliction, but you can choose WireGuard now which should give you much better faves, especially when connecting to garçons that are physically near you within about 1000 km, say.
The kill switch will stop the internet access if the VPN connection suddenly drops. However, it’s that in the Windows app it’s a system-wide kill switch that you can’t customize so that only certain apps’ connections are terminated as you can with some rivals If there is a notice presently.

In the Android app, you have a choice of the native Android kill switch or the Surfshark one, and in iOS, the kill switch is enabled by neglect.
NoBorders is a toggle switch you can use in”restrictive regions” to open the internet where it’s normally locked down.


To be outside of the administration of the 14- eyes, Surfshark is grounded in the British Virgin Islands. It’s doubtful the UK Government would apply its power to request that data be handed over there, but yea if it did, there should be none anyway.

That is because Surfshark has a no-logs policy. It collects your card address and billing information when you set up an account but, beyond that, it doesn’t know whether you use the employments once you’ve bought the plan, or what you choose to do when you’re using the service.
Surfshark collects anonymous information including”aggregated performance data, the frequency of use of its services, crash reports on apps and ineffective connection attempts”, but the company says none of these can be traced back to accounts or existents.

When we quizzed Surfshark further about the policy, we were told that the dopehead’s place is pulled from their IP address to use features correspondent as Quick Connect but this is not logged anywhere.

Although a review was carried out, it was limited to the web cybersurfer extensions so as of this review. Surfshark told Tech Advisor that it was planning to run a new independent review of its product in the first half of 2021, so we are hoping this will be a much more thorough exercise that will confirm the no-logs policy as well as the general security on offer in all its apps and waiters.


When it comes to testing a VPN’s performance there are multitudinous factors and variables involved. Plus, because this review was written during lockdown when we had no access to our desks, we were limited to using a 35 Mbps home broadband connection.

This meant any pets we saw would likely be limited by the broadband and not Surfshark. And given we know that on average-Surfshark’s WireGuard pets are overhead of 600 Mbps for both upload and download, striving to run any tests from home was fair meaningless.

We did run a couple of tests with varicolored waitpersons in or close to the UK just to see if there was any retardation and sure enough, there wasn’t. Yea connecting to Sydney on the other side of the globe, we still saw over 30 Mbps down and 6 Mbps up both only slightly lower. Considerably stirring.

There were no IP or DNS leaks. There’s a slight problem, notwithstanding, because presently, Surfshark does not support IPv6. This means it’ll block all IPv6 trade and force your proclivity to use IPv4. Fortunately, it says it’ll add IPv6 support this stretch.


Every time we have tried the the24/7 online colloquy, a representative has replied within an eyeblink and has been capable to answer our questions fast and efficiently with a friendly and cheerful carriage.


Surfshark ticks a lot of boxes and it’s tricky to find chattels to blame it for. Two of the cons we have listed at the top of this review should be addressed within a beaucoup month and you may not mind about the third split-tunneling being unapproachable on macOS, iOS, Fire TV, and Linux.

For the vast adultness of people, who just want a VPN for freeing and some supererogatory seclusion online, Surfshark is an excellent choice.

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