10 Best Steam Games For MAC 2022

Steam Games For MAC

Here we are listing out some of the best steam games for MAC. Apple’s IOS and MAC are two of the most popular operating system in the world. They are very trusted and are considered a luxury. MAC and IOS provide many safety features that Windows and Linux don’t. MAC is considered better. But despite all of it, MAC users have to face a major problem, they are limited. They don’t get all of the applications and games that a normal Windows user gets.

Because of the large number of Windows users, the game developers are more focussed on producing games for Windows, because they bring them more business. There are hundreds of high-quality games that are not available on MAC and It is difficult for MAC users to find new and high-quality games.

If you are also a MAC user looking for Steam games, then this blog is for you. In this blog, we have shared a list of the 10 best steam games for MAC. So, keep reading this blog!

10 Best Steam Games for MAC

1. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead
The first game on our list is The Walking Dead. It is an adventure game. As the name suggests, it is based on the comic book series “The Walking Dead”. The plot of the game continues concurrently with the comic series. A virus broke out which made humans zombies, you have to survive and kill the zombies. If you like episodic adventure games then you should go for The Walking Dead. It is available on Steam and you can download it for macOS.

2. War Thunder

War Thunder

The next game is War Thunder. It is a flying simulation game and a vehicle combat game. It includes battles in the sea, ground, and air. There are three main modes in the game, Arcade, Realistic, and Simulator. You can fly fighter planes, and drive water boats and fighter ships. It is one of the only games that include sea, ground, and air in a single video game. You should try it out.

3. Metro Exodus

The next Steam game for MAC is called the Metro Exodus. It is a first-person shooting game. It is a survival horror game set in Russia and Kazakhstan. It is like a post-apocalypse situation and more viruses are breaking out. You have to deal with this situation. Other than that, you have to kill different creatures like zombies. If you can survive them, you’ll win the game. If you like horror adventure games then this could be your ultimate option.

4. The Return of Obra Dinn

The next steam game for MAC is called The Return of Obra Dinn. The concept of this game is quite interesting. It is set in the 1800s and a ship called Obra Dinn went missing. After a few years, the ship appears again on the coast of England. The horrifying part of its repairing is that all of the onboard passengers and staff are dead. You have to explore the Obra Dinn and find out what happened.

5. Hitman


The next Steam game for MAC is called Hitman. It is the first sequel of the series Hitman. You will play Agent 47 and do assassinations as the usual Hitmans do. If you want to feel like an agent then this game is for you. The graphics of the game are decent as compared to the other games in this space. You should try this game.

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6. Hollow Knight

Hollow-Knight is an action-adventure game. It is a 2D hand-drawn game but it still looks very amazing. You have to explore a big kingdom that is ruined by ugly creatures and bugs. You have to fight these creatures and bugs. You should try this game, it is available on Steam and you can download it for MAC.

7. Portal 2

Portal 2 is a first-person puzzle game. It is available on Steam. You play the character chell. You have to use your brain to pass hurdles to reach a portal. If you die, you will respawn at a checkpoint. This game is like the icon game ” Fireboy and Watergirl”. You should check it out.

8. Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved is an action-adventure game. The concept of the game is interesting. It is a survival game and contains different types of dinosaurs and other creatures. You will also meet some human players who will attempt to kill you. You have to survive them too. The rating of the game is 9/10 on Steam which is a decent rating. You should check it out.

9. Subnautica

The next Steam game for MAC is Subnautica. It is a survival game. The plot of the game is that you are traveling in space and suddenly your spaceship crashes into an unknown planet called the 4546B planet. You can explore the planet’s ocean. You have to gather different survival objects to survive from the horrifying creatures living on planet 4546B. It is available on Steam, you should check it out.

10. Terraria


The last game on our list is Terraria. It is a multiplayer mode game and an action-adventure game. The game’s graphics are 2D more like Mario. You can explore the game and fight different evil creatures. It is a nice game and also available for MAC.

This blog features a list of the 10 best steam games for MAC users. These games are popular and great. Many MAC users are already taking advantage of these games, so you should also try them.
I hope that this list has helped you find new games, let us know which one is your favorite.

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