Ninja Capture- Best Screen Recording Chrome Extension In 2022

Best Screen Recording Chrome Extension

There are various screen recorder extensions, and selecting the ideal one is often challenging. In this post, we’ll go over the most popular screen capture extension and help you understand why it is right for you.

Whether you need to take a quick screenshot, record a video of your screen, or annotate something on your screen—this extension does it all!

NinjaCapture has several characteristics that set it apart from its competitors. It allows you to capture the entire page, a specific area, or a visible portion of the page. You can add text, shapes, lines, and even blur important information to your screenshot. You can save your screenshot as a JPEG file once you’ve finished modifying it.

What is NinjaCapture all about?

Ninja Capture is a browser extension that helps you capture web pages, videos, and photos all in one location. Save your collected content to cloud storage or your device immediately. You may also alter the screenshot right away with our simple-to-use editor, which includes crop, blur, text, arrow, and any other tool you might require. NinjaCapture can be used to record a video tutorial and product reviews, capture screenshots of an entire webpage, or take a fast picture of an online purchase.

Benefits of NinjaCapture :

The free extension allows you to record both yourself and your screen simultaneously. Along with recording videos of web activities on your screen, it makes it simple to share them. When people want to share videos, the most common issue they face is the large file sizes that they typically come with. Attachment sizes are limited in most email services, such as Gmail, and videos frequently end up in spam folders. Ninjacapture, on the other hand, makes the recording and sharing process simple. You just need to copy and paste the shareable URL into an email, text message, social media site, or CRM tool, which is all it takes.

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Features of NinjaCapture:

  1. Screenshot Capture :

Get the job done without having to switch from one browser to another or from one app to another. Whether you’re taking a quick screenshot of an entire web page or a specific section, the Screenshot Capture feature will help you get all of your screenshots on the same screen, whether you’re using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox, or any other browser. You have several options to capture the screen, including visible page, full page, select area, and grab all. 

  1. Screen Recording:

The Screen Recording feature can be used by anyone who wants to create tutorials, training videos, demos, or presentations. The Screen Recorder can record your entire screen, a specific window or tab on your screen, and also your webcam. You can record the content on a device’s screen in real-time with this screen recording feature. You can add this extension on Chrome, Firefox, and any other browser. And, you can also change the resolution and frame rate to suit your needs by selecting appropriate options in the settings. To include your voice in the recording, use the Microphone option, and to have your face, embed your webcam in the video.

  1. Webcam Recorder:

A webcam recorder allows you to record high-quality videos of yourself quickly and easily. You can use it to record presentations or create video clips with your narrative to share online. You can also record your voice with microphone access.

Screenshot Capture

  1. Annotations:

Screen captures can be annotated with professional markup tools. You can add more personality and professionalism to your screenshots using annotations. You can highlight parts of an image, draw shapes and arrows, and crop or resize an image to the desired size.

  1. Instant share and save:

Integration with Google Drive, Dropbox, 500Box, and other cloud storage apps allows you to securely store your screen captures and recordings instantly. You are provided with web, mobile, and desktop access to all of your devices. With a single click, you can copy the link to your clipboard, download it, and securely send it to friends, family, colleagues, and others via email or text message.

  1. Pricing:

The NinjaCapture Screen Recorder Extension is available for free from 500Apps, a business suite developed by Agile CRM experts. 500apps offers more than 37 business apps for $14.99 per month (sign up and get 10 free users) to meet your company’s needs. Over 30,000 customers trust it because it is straightforward, transparent, and productive.

Final Thoughts :

Check Ninjacapture to see how much your team’s participation and productivity have increased.

Ninjacapture enhances your web browsing activities while also assisting you in overcoming the limitations of traditional text and nonvisual communication. You can help your employees or clients feel more comfortable with familiar and engaging visual material.


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