30+ Best ROM Sites To Download ROM In 2021

List Of The Best Safe Rom Sites Download Sites 2021

Without any further ado, let me show you what you have been waiting for, follow me! Best ROM sites 2021

1. Retrostic


Retrostic is aimed toward delivering good archived retro games during a sort of ROM and IOS.

when you inspect the emulator section of this website, you’ll find tons of emulators that you simply can use to form these ROM and ISO game files that run smoothly and luxuriate in a tremendous gaming experience.

The ultimate goal of this site is to supply direct and accessible download links, with no viruses or annoying ads. This site features a game database of over 70 000 titles for quite 40 consoles.

2. Romspedia

Romspedia is yet one more amazingly outstanding platform that gives top-notch and up-to-date Roms, all of which are available for free of charge download. From ps1-ps2 ROMs and there’s such a lot to settle on from. Romspedia may be a virus-free platform and that we highly recommend this website for top-notch ROM download.

3. Romania

Romania has a huge list of all the old fashion game consoles and their cartridges, I’m pretty sure you’ve got played one or more of these games if you’re an 80’s or 90’s person.

All the games on this safe rom site are free and safe, with no virus and no disturbing ads. you’ll play offline mode, by downloading and playing or playing online and obtain active with friends visiting the location with you.

4. Vimm’s Lair

Vimm’s Lair

You have arrived at Vimm’s Lair, one of the top Rom download sites dedicated to mostly nostalgia, mainly for one of the greatest game consoles and game cartridges ever made.

There are thousands of games, a list of all the best game consoles of that time, and much more. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for video game nostalgia, looking to try your luck out of curiosity? but you’re sure to find everything you need here.

5. Romsdownload

There are loads of safe ROM games and game Emulators on this site. It is quite easy to find anything you are looking for on your website.

If you search for any game from the search tab, you will find games like Super Mario, Monster Hunter, Zelda, Pokemon, Contra, Tekken 3, God of War, Crash Bandicoot, Grand Theft Auto, and other epic games.

Whether you choose to play the games on your computer, PC, tablet, or phone, we have ROMs and emulators for android, iOS, and PC.

6. Rom Hustler

Welcome to one of the finest ROM download resource sites, There is everything you need on this site and more.

There are all the emulators on this site, search and find the ones you prefer and start playing. There are games that I haven’t even heard of that are available on this site. check it out now!

7. Gamulator

Check out one of the top safe ROM sites, download numerous games, emulators, and even Bios for free, and start playing.

This app is virus-free and has no ads whatsoever. Some instructions will guide you, just in case you are a newbie to ROM games and their consoles.

8. Old Computer Roms

Here’s another darling on my list of safe rom sites. For those old-school gamers that have played super Mario, Tekken 3, Zelda, monster hunter, and other arcade games with their cool consoles, you will be totally satisfied with the list of games on this site.

I have to say that there are way too many games and emulators on these sites that it is impossible to play them all, so search for the ones that you know you will find time to play and enjoy an amazing gaming experience via old computer Roms safe Rom site.

9. CoolROM


Another site worthy of being on my list of best rom sites is CoolROM. CoolROM is your home of the largest retro emulated gaming list 2021.

There are thousands of games and their latest emulators to run them, smoothly. Navigate through the list of games on this site and find what suits you.

There is a fun tutorial section that allows you to practice for like, one or two times and get better at playing Rom games.

10. Emuparadise

Are you looking for amazing retro games? then you have come to the best rom site 2021.

Here, You will find loads of ROMs, Ios, and games, download, play and experience true gaming at its peak.

Do you think I’m bluffing when I said this is the place for you? Well, find out a wide collection of gaming music, gaming videos and lot’s more.

Start exploring the wonderful experience of emuparadise.

11. The Eye

This might want to scare you a bit, seeing the name of this site as ‘The Eye’ but they have one of the best ROMs, game emulators, and consoles that can wow your imagination.

There is a vast collection of amazing games in here, games that are worth your while, and you can download the game and play offline, totally simple,e and easy to operate, quite a straightforward safe ROM download site. Totally one of the best rom site 2021.

12. Emulator Zone

Play amazing Nintendo games here, with an NES app, that allows you to play several NES games for free. Every month new games are been added and since then this site has become one of the top sites to have the best, working ROM games that you will ever play.

The new games that have been added are games like Super Mario, the Legend of Zelda, and Starfox. Get free downloads for your Nintendo Switch games.

13. RomS Mode

There are a lot of ROMs games and emulators available on this site. You can spend your time looking for them, while they are just at your fingertips. All you have to do is search for the ones that you can’t see on the preview list and they will pop up for you to download.

Get your friends to join in the fun, just a few joysticks, and you guys can prepare for your adventure with cool ROM games.

The latest version of emulators and ROM gmes are available now! for your laptop and even for your mobile devices.


There are tons of games and emulators on this site that just scared me right about now! I couldn’t believe it when I saw a game like ‘spiderman: web of shadows’ in there, I’m like, are you kidding me?

There are a lot more from where that came from, games like Kung fu panda, rise and shine, Joe danger, and dead core just wowed me too. Games I thought I would never play again, here right in front of me.

That is what awaits you on this amazing safe ROM download site.

14. Romulation

This site has the list of all the best emulators that were available back in the days, I don’t know how they got all, but It’s pretty tremendous.

I miss those days and the available game, now we have high def. games and crazy graphics, but there is a reason why we still come to search for some 80’s arcade games or emulators, and that is because there are amazingly outstanding.

So, this site has over 27, 779 game consoles available.

15. CDRomance


Here at CDRomance, you can explore our vast collection of ROM games and Ios, and download them for free. There are 13,000+ games for, PSX, PSP, PS2 Gamecube.

This site grows its database constantly, improves its user interface, and provides a faster search capability that can narrow down the results to make them easier to find.

There are games that I haven’t even played before, that I have seen on this site. That is one of the things that makes this site awesome

16. WoWroms

Are you a fan of Nintendo games, then you have come to the right place, the games on this site are mostly Nintendo and their download size is moderate?

You can even play some of the Nintendo games on Android, which makes it even better. Now, there are just a few ads here, for recent 2021 games like subway surf and the rest, but for viruses, it is virus-free.

17.  ClassicGameRoms

This safe ROM download site has one of the simplest and latest emulators on the web. Below are a couple of I plan to share with you.

7800 EmulatorsAtari, Jaguar EmulatorsAtari, Atari 2600 EmulatorsAtari, Lynx Emulatorscommodore, emulators neo geo emulators, 64 emulatorsMagnavox Odyssey 2mame, Nintendo emulator sega emulators5200, EmulatorsAtari.

All are working just the way they were meant to. The gameshow is too much to list out immediately but be rest assured that they’re one among the best you’ll ever see.

18. ROMs World

This is one of the trusted ROM sites, where you can get several gaming emulators and ROMs.

Hold on as you go through thrilling adventure arcade games on this good ROM site.

It depends on you and what you like when you’re choosing a game to download and play. Keep in mind that, not all the games are strictly 80’s, some are recent 20th-century games that were played on Nintendos and Gameboys.

19. ClassicGames.me

This good ROM site has one of the most comprehensive lists of arcade ROM games that I have ever seen on any other site.

You will see several versions of Super Mario, and several versions of Sonic the hedgehog, and lots more.

The endless list of arcade Rom games is just fascinating, Even Pokemon! I have never played Pokemon before on any Nintendo or Game boy, so this is my chance to do so, I got this one covered.

20. Royal ROMs 

Royal ROMs 

Here’s yet another safe rom site. This trusted ROM site has a database collection of outstanding classic arcade games, emulators, and iOS.

These classic games have a game software code that you can download and load on game emulators.

Now, for a better understanding of what emulators are, they are software that acts like the game consoles themselves.

That’s like having a Nintendo game emulator that works like the original Nintendo game console.

21. ROMNation

Welcome to ROMNation, your home of unique shooting adventure ROM games and emulators.

I think you should try out this particular site if you’re into shooting games. There is a list of cool adventure and shooting games with their file sizes and rating to help you sort through the best.

You’re going to need to register, to get the full package of the list of the games available.

22. Emulanium

This site will come in handy, when you need to get an arcade game from GameBoy, GameCube, or Nintendo consoles, using their emulators.

That is why there are a lot of good ROM sites on the internet because they all have a unique feature that they add to their emulators that brings you back to their site to download more.

23.  The NES Files 

This good ROM site is committed to delivering the finest NES ROMS, and Classic Nintendo games.

They have about 350+ NES games, with full-color NES guides, NES NES Cartridges. This site makes it easy to navigate through all the lists till you find what you’re looking for.

Download the game you like and enjoy a non-stop arcade gaming experience.

24.  SonyISOs 

This site is one of the updated ROM download sites that have a spread of console games.

New features are pumped into this site to bring it up to par with other safe ROM download sites.

Updates are been pushed into this site every now than to form it even better, this is often not just updates for the location, to form it faster and user-friendly, but updates to the games to form them run smoothly.

Downloading from this site is completely free and virus-free and you’ll enjoy some time surfing through it.

25.  EdgeEmulation


Here, you will find more than a thousand games for several consoles, that including the likes of SEGA, GBC, GBA, MAME, GB, and lots more.

Get over 57,000 ROMs available for you, valid across over 20 consoles, and emulators.

You are most likely to choose this site over others. The user interface just makes it so sweet to use. The user interface is clean and it doesn’t feature any ads or pop-ups.

The site also features online games and is free from getting any form of virus from any external link into your system.

26. FreeRoms

Even though this particular site provides game ROMs for only some selected consoles, it has a great collection of game ROM files. An amazing pick on my list of best rom sites 2021.

Through this site, you can download emulators like PSP emulators for your windows and the JPCSP emulator for your Mac as well. Here there are about 3,000 ROM files, and you can download them for free.

This site is virus-free and ads-free.

27. MyAbandonware

Play some popular old arcade games like Arctic Banner, Turbo OutRun, Nemesis, and lots more.

Here on this site, you can explore amazing, highly rated video game ROMs and emulators from 1978 to 2010, cool right?

That’s not all, you can also search by name, year, platform, publisher, developer, genre, and theme.

28. EagleForces

This is a Korean ROM download site, and it is the most preferred site for downloading free game ROMs. The traffic on this website is very high and that is because the site is very safe and free.

So you have nothing to worry about for those that are worried about any legal considerations, this site has ended all worries.

You will notice that the download speed is just perfect.

29.  RomsUniverse

RomsUniverse is yet one more admired ROM download site with different emulator databases and game consoles.

Although this is often a replacement website, it does the work like every other good ROM download site. There are over 109 ROMs and about 63 emulators, plus it’s increasing at a continuing rate.

This site also has online games, so you’ll connect with friends and play, but the sport sizes are usually smalls. additionally, no ads, no viruses, and totally no pop-ups. Visit this website and you’d see why I included it on my list of best rom sites 2021.

30. The ROM Depot

The ROM Depot

The ROM depot is among others, the best and safe ROM site that I have seen so far. The really good user interface on the site, that makes navigation so easy.

There are no ads and no annoying pop-ups, and of course no links to harmful sites. Play games like Atari, Philips, Microsoft MSX, Gameboy, and more.

This website has 61K files of emulators and game ROMs on their sites, although, this site’s user interface might seem quite old to you, it becomes cool and classical when you start using it.

31. Killer Roms

Last but not least on my list of best rom sites is Killer Roms. Here, you will find cool ROMS for different consoles. There are a lot of emulators that are available for you to use.

You will find a ROM for your Nintendo 64, Nintendo Wii console, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and lots more.

This site gives original content, zero chance of getting a virus.


There you’ve got it, the list of the simplest safe ROM download sites 2021, the latest ROM games, and emulators.

Relive old memories while playing these amazing arcade Rom games and luxuriate in hours of pleasure.

If you’ve got any trouble getting access to any of the simplest rom sites above, just let me know, and drop a comment within the section. many thanks for viewing, see ya!

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