Best PS2 Emulator Android In 2023- Fastest PS2 Emulator For Android

Best PS2 Emulator For Android 2022/ Fast PS2 Emulator For Android

PS2 undoubtedly offers a wonderful gaming experience. It provides a bunch of games with various genres to improve your gaming skills. The good news, is now avid gamers can use the PS emulator to feel the gaming experience of PlayStation 2 without actually having this device. Simply use your smartphone and install the best PS2 emulator for Android.

Google Play Store provides PS2 emulators for Android to bring your skills to the next level. Most of them are specifically developed to offer an engaging experience on a different gaming device. Which emulator is the best? Keep scrolling to find out the best PS2 emulators for Android available on the Play Store!

Most of the emulator apps are designed to run most of the games you can find on PlayStation 2. However, you might find some limitations and slight differences between them. Some emulators can work great while some others are rather slow yet provide excellent graphics. Here are PS2 emulators to opt for.

List Of PS2 Emulator Android

1. Damon PS2 Emulator Android


This is one of the fastest PS2 emulators to enjoy PlayStation 2 games on Android devices. The emulator manages to provide a smooth video gaming experience and is compatible with over 90% of PS2 games. You may experience slight bugs in graphics but it remains acceptable.

Enjoy a few features from the Damon PS2 emulator. It supports frameskip, cheats code, and Mipmap. Additionally, it supports the No-BIOS file startup. However, this emulator does not have import and export capability from the Memory Card, which offers a lot of conveniences.

If you are looking for an emulator with good performance, Damon PS2 is worth the thought. However, the free version of the emulator has annoying ads that will interrupt your gaming. If you want to get rid of the ads, opt for Damon PS2 Emulator Pro.

2. DamonPS2 Pro

Damon PS2-Pro

Upgrade your gaming experience to a higher level with DamonPS2 Pro. This emulator flaunts fast and smooth performance to play most PS2 games with up to 90% support for the game. Make sure your smartphone comes with Snapdragon 835 or 845 to make it run well.

Compared to the free version, the Damon PS2 Pro comes with several advantages. It does not have built-in ads, allowing you to enjoy gaming without interruption. This paid app supports a gamepad as well as HD1080 pixels. When you choose Damon PS2 Pro, it also gives a PS2 Memory card to load or save game progress.

It doesn’t stop there. Damon PS2 supports widescreen games (16:9) to make your playtime more enjoyable. Thanks to Neon Acceleration support that makes this emulator is similar to PPSSPP. Last but not least, it skips BIOS boot games so you don’t need to spend much time before starting. This app costs around $8, which is quite reasonable for the features that you will receive.



This is one of the best PS2 emulators for Android with over 50 million installs. PPSSPP is an amazing app that serves as a great emulator, allowing you to play most PSP and PS2 games on Android devices. Prepare yourself for a high-graphic gaming experience with smooth performance.

PPSSPP is specifically designed to upgrade your gaming skills. It lets you use the entire screen space for better playtime. Offering efficient control mapping, this free emulator redefines your PS2 gaming experience. The app also receives periodic updates so you will never get bored using this emulator.

PPSSPP can handle most games on PSP at an impressive speed. Just make sure your device gets enough support for the games. And yet, some users get occasional crashes and lags though it does not happen quite often. This emulator has no pre-installed game so you need to use your PSP or PS2 games and change the file format.CSO or ISO.

4. PPSSPP Gold


PPSSPP Gold is the Pro version of PPSSPP. This paid Android emulator offers extra features to redefine your gaming experience. It works well on Android devices, delivering High Definition graphics for a better sensation. The emulator emphasizes fast performance, moreover, it can run most PSP and PS2 games. But, the performance depends on your device specifications.

As one of the best PS2 emulator apps, PPSSPP Gold has made over 13 million installs. It makes no surprise as it boasts tons of features such as cheat code, fast emulation, and easy configuration. This is what beginners should have on their Android devices.

As with the standard version, PPSSPP Gold on Play Store does not include PSP or PS2 games. You have to use real games and turn their file format to ISO or CSO. Put those games on your USB storage or SD card and you are ready to go.

5. Free Pro PS2 Emulator


This is another option to experience PS2 games on Android devices. Free Pro PS2 Emulator is specially developed to emulate most PS2 games. It works efficiently, though the frame rate depends on the games that you play. The emulator is designed to run at full speed with a little lag though it also depends on the system configuration of your device.

Free Pro PS2 Emulator boasts several features. Let’s mention a wide array of file formats such as ISO, BIN, MDF, and much more. Besides, it supports most PS2 games, up to 90% of the available frames. Be careful when choosing the game as it may cause a leap in frame rate. As with most PS2 emulators, you can save and load game states. It also enables you to enjoy high-quality graphics and sound.

6. PS2 Emulator Games: Platinum Edition


Now you can enjoy a different experience of playing PS2 games with PS2 Emulator Games: Platinum Edition. This emulator features fast and excellent performance to emulate PS2 games on Android smartphones. It manages to run up to 90% of PS2 games so you have tons of choices to opt for.

The real PS2 emulator gives a wide range of features avid gamers should not miss. It can easily save and load game state enables the game to adapt to your device, promotes a handy control interface, and many others. Additionally, it does not require PS2 BIOS to run on Android. Please note that the PS2 Emulator Games: Platinum Edition on the Play Store does not include games.

7. Play!

Play! is a PlayStation 2 emulator that enables you to enjoy some best 128-bit games. To name some games which you can play on Play!, Shadow of the Colossus, ICO, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Final Fantasy X, Pro Evolution Soccer 3, God of War, Mortal Combat, etc. The Play! is developed by independent constructors and it has its native problems. Currently, the App is not under development since 2017 but it is capable enough to run some of the popular titles on Android. As I said it is not a perfect emulator as you may face problems like frame drops, eternity loadings, and ROMs being unacceptable. Play! is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.


PTWOE is an emulator that is available on the Play Store as it was being received well by the gamers but was removed from the Store for unknown reasons. But it is available to download from its official site. The developers have released two versions of the App. One is faster but is a little buggy while another one is slower and more stable. Test both versions to check which one is more stable.

To install the PTWOE you need to run the emulator, if you need the BIOS file, the app lets you download it quickly (click Download). Then place the BIOS file in a directory.

Android → datacom.two → data → BIOS

If you are facing any issues then find the location and create a folder called “BIOS”, then place the BIOS file in that folder.

9. Pro PlayStation

Pro PlayStation Emulator is an emulator for Android that simulates the Sony Play Station games for Android devices. It’s easy, just install the app and follow the setup screen. After the setup is finished, you can enjoy the games. But, since it’s a cross-platform transformation, a few of the titles may not work properly even if you have a high-end smartphone. But most of the ROMs work with high graphics and the Pro PS optimizes the game for smooth running on a mid to high-end mobile device.

Features of Pro PlayStation

Enhanced GPU rendering

Save the game progress

On-screen controller and mapping

Support for different hardware controllers

Very good game compatibility.

10. FPse

FPse is a PlayStation 1 emulator with the most compatible PSOne emulator for handheld Android devices. You get all PSOne games in high resolution by using OpenGL. Includes up to 10 gamepad options on the screen. Supports file extensions .img, .iso, .bin, .cue, .nrg, .mdf, .pbp, and. Z disc image formats. Support of PS3-PS4-XBOX360 controller.

11. NDS Emulator

NDS is a DS emulator for Android mobile. NDS is simple to use and easy to play a simulation system that supports NDS files (.nds, .zip ..). You can save game positions and resume the play.  Customize the control buttons and on-screen controls which are editable. The game supports Android 6.0+. You can even enjoy the games with external gamepad support. And all these features are free to try.

NDS is also one of the oldest Nintendo Emulators for Android. You get all the basic functions along with some tweaks to make the ROMs compatible with the emulator. There are ads and they are rather annoying. Though there are a few bugs, they are native to certain games. A good smartphone with powerful specifications can make the NDS a perfect emulator for your device.

Note: The Apps listed above are not affiliated with GizmoConcept in any form. All the Apps and their content are the authority of the developer and/or Sony. GizmoConcept is not liable for any discrepancies.


The apps listed above can help you relinquish your dream to play PS2 Games. Most of the emulators listed above can run on PS2. But I want to make it clear that no official PS2 emulator is released yet for mobile devices. The apps that are listed above will have their native bugs and issues.

I hope you like this article and found it helpful for you. Give us your feedback. Also if you guys have further issues and queries related to this PS2 Emulator for Android article. Then feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

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