Best PS1 Emulators For PC, Android & Mac In 2021

PS1 Emulators For PC Android & Mac

Then you’ve got landed on the proper place because here we’ve updated our list of the top best 10 PSX emulators for Windows android and mac.

Sounds Interesting? let’s start.


Before we begin to discuss the best PS1 emulators for Windows, PC, Android, And Mac, let us understand what PS1 emulators are and how they work.

The emulators are programs that permit one system to act like another system. And like that PS1 (PlayStation 1) emulators are software that permits the windows or android or Mac OS to figure just like the Playstation Console System.

After installing the PS1 or PSX emulator on Windows PC, Android and Mac, it creates a PlayStation environment that helps running the PlayStation games on these devices.

These PS1 emulators follow the virtualization technology which is liable for creating virtual machines. These virtual devices are capable of running PS1 games on Windows.

So, without much delay, allow us to start the list of the top best PS1 / PSX emulators for Windows, PC, Android, and Mac.


The following are some of the best PS1 emulators that can help you to play the classic PS1 games on Windows PC, Android, And Mac. This list has been prepared based on a lot of research.

1. ePSXe

ePSXe for Android

ePSXe (enhanced PSX emulator) is undoubtedly the simplest within the market when it involves the simplest PS1 emulators. ePSXe emulator ranks first on our list. This PS1 computer game console emulator works on Windows 10, Linux, Mac, and is also available for android devices.

ePSXe provides very high compatibility and supports around 98% of the PSX/ PSOne games, Provides excellent speed, and good sound quality supporting all PSX audio effects and every one of the sound modes.

Looking at their performance and emulation quality one can easily conclude that ePSXe is one the foremost reliable and preferable ones among all available options of the simplest PSX & PSOne emulator for windows, android, and mac.

ePSXe features like virtual touchscreen pad support, hardware button mapping availability, OpenGL HD enhanced graphics also as savestates, etc make ePSXe the simplest ps1 or PSX emulator.

Other Features Of ePSXe Include:

  1. ePSXe supports up to 4 players.
  2. Support multitap.
  3. It Supports Landscape mode, Portrait mode, Full-screen mode on android.
  4. Video quality enhanced by OpenGL HD graphics.
  5. ePSXe supports all PSX audio effects and all sound modes.
  6. ePSXe emulator provides “digital” and “analog” touchscreen skins for controls.
  7. It supports cheat codes
  8. Support saving to memory cards.
  9. Very high compatibility and supports around 98% of the PSX/ PSOne games.
  10. Supports mapping buttons to need.

Supported Platforms: Android, Linux, MacOSX, Windows versions.

Minimum System Requirements For Android:

  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • ARMv7 or X86
  • 1000Mhz
  • 256 MB of RAM
  • Multi touch screen support or hw keys or external gamepad



RetroArch is again one of the simplest PSX / PSOne emulators for PC. This ranks 2nd on our list of Best PS1 Emulators. this is often an open-source ps1 emulator running on cross platforms like windows mac os Linux android and ios.

RetroArch may be a frontend emulator that permits you to play PSX or ps1 class games on a wide selection of devices which is very Configurable and comes with Joypad Auto Configuration.

Besides the emulator comes with tons of advanced features like shaders, netplay, rewinding, next-frame response times, run ahead, and more.

RetroArch comes with an excellent graphical interface that’s optimized for default gaming joypad navigation and you’ll browse easily through your game collection. But if you would like you’ll tweak all the settings consistent with your need.

Advanced Features of Retroarch:

  1. It comes with a Polished Interface and clean navigation and where you can browse all the menus and games easily.
  2. The interface is easily customizable according to your need.
  3. It supports Netplay means RetroArch enables you to play Multiplayer games online over the network.
  4. It is highly configurable.
  5. Comes with a joypad auto configuration.
  6. it enables you to record your gaming session video.
  7. Unlock achievements in classic ps1 games.
  8. RetroArch is shipped with a lot of shaders.

 Compatibility: Android, Ios, Windows, Mac, Linux, Playstation.

Minimum Requirement:

  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 and up (CPU with SSE2 instructions required)
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 32 MB
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 7
  • VIDEO CARD: Any compliant OpenGL 2. x or Direct3D11 GPU. For shaders to work properly, they should support at least Shader Model 2.0.


FPse is that the Best and most compatible PSone/ PSX emulator to play PS1 games directly on your android phone. This emulator ranks 3 on our list.

Fpse supports all ps1 games and uses OpenGL and hence you’ll play the classic games in high-resolution graphics on your android device.

When installed on your device it automatically scans on your local storage for PSone games and if found it shows the thumbnail of the sport on the menu.

The android based emulator is Compatible with the G-Sensor, Touchscreen button of the android device.

And also like ePSXe it comes with advanced features like Shaders, cheat’s codes search, Multi players mode, and lots more.

Other FPse Features:

  1. High compatibility
  2. High sound quality
  3. Run-on any android device.
  4. Support VR glasses.
  5. OpenGL supports external plugins.

Compatibility: Android

Minimum Requirements:

  • Android device running Android 2.1 to 4. x and up.


This is another best ps1 emulator that supports games of the many other gaming consoles like PlayStation 1, Nintendo 64, GameBoy Advance, GameBoy Classic, GameBoy Color, and lots more.

ClassicBoy doesn’t accompany any ROMs. meaning you’ll easily download the emulator from the google play store but to play the games you would like to download the games from elsewhere.

The classic boy comes with many great features that make your gaming experience great. these features include Audio reverb., Gestures settings, Game state auto-saved features, and lots more.

There are 8 swipe directions on each side of the screen which may be mapped to at least one key and therefore the accelerometer sensor helps to regulate movements for a personality. and since of those features, you’ll play the PS1 classic games with one hand on your android device.

Also, you’ll customize the setting and controls of the emulator consistent with your need and you’ll define up to 4 players 4 for external joysticks or gamepad mapping.

Other Features of ClaasicBoy Include:

  • Support external joystick.
  • Audio reverb.
  • Sensor settings.
  • Game state auto-saved.
  • And Many More.

Compatibility: Android OS

Minimum Requirement:

  • Requires Android 2.3 or higher


Want to bring back the classic video games of your favorite ps1 console to play them on your android phone or tablet? then you would like to download Emubox, one of the simplest PS1 emulators for Android that loads fast.

Emubox ranks 5th in our list of best PS1 emulators for Android that is compatible and supports the ROMs NES, Super Nintendo games, and lots of more consoles.

Like other PS1 android emulators, EmuBox also doesn’t accompany any ROMs means you would like to download the ROMs from somewhere else( don’t worry you’ll find the ROMs anywhere on the web)

Features of EmuBox include:

  • Support ROMs for popular Nintendo DS, PlayStation 1, Super Nintendo, NES.
  • Designed with Material Design.
  • Screenshot Features.
  • Advance configuration.
  • External joypad or keyboard supported.

Compatibility: Android Os

Minimum Requirements:

  • Android devise with minimum Android 4.1 OS


My Emulator Doesn’t Need A Frickin’ Excellent Name briefly Mednafen which is earlier referred to as Nintencer is an open-source multi-platform emulator that’s capable of emulating various gaming console games. It provides a smooth classic gaming experience to console game lovers.

The MEDNAFEN supports classic games from machines just like the Nintendo, PlayStation, SEGA, and lots more.

In other words, Mednafen may be a perfect Emulator for PS1 game lovers. you’ll easily found out the console with compatible ROM and bios and it sorts all the sport consistent with their original platforms.



BizHawk may be a multi-platform emulator that ranks 7th on our list of best PS1 emulators for windows. BizHawk emulator allows you to play classic and retro games from the PSone / PSX console. Besides PS1 games, this emulator supports games from various consoles of the past like Nintendo 64, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance, Sega Saturn, and lots more.

The emulator is meant for Tool-Assisted Speedruns (TAS) which uses features like slow-motion, frame-by-frame advance and save-states

Features of Bizhawk Include:

  • Controller mapping.
  • External joypad/ Keyboard support.
  • Auto controls.
  • Game recording supported.
  • 10 save slots
  • Game screenshotting and recording
  • speed control
  • And many more.



The next on our list is that the Matsu Player which may be a PS1 android emulator that permits you to play all the classic PS1 games on your android smartphone.

Along with PS1 games, the Matsu Player also supports games of the many consoles like MD/SMS/GG, SNES, NES/FPS, WSC, GBA, and lots more.

The emulator comes with many features just like the other ps1 emulator and is liberal to download from the play store. But within the free version, you’ll be annoyed by the advertisements and for that, the app also features a paid version free from ads.

This emulator also doesn’t accompany pre-built ROMs means to play all the games you would like to download the Roms From elsewhere.

Matsu Player Features:

  • High Sound Quality.
  • Savestates Enabled.
  • Screenshot Features.
  • Cheat code.
  • Virtual keyboard support.

Supported Platforms: Android OS


PS1 Emulator

Xebra is another best PS1 emulator available within the marketplace for windows and android users. The emulator focuses on the accurate emulation of PSX games. XEBRA supports games of Playstation 1 and SonyPocket station.

Although the interface of this ps1 emulator is sort of confusing, Its graphics quality and sound quality are excellent. And for the assistance of the users, the app’s developers provided an instructional video to start with.

The classic PlayStation 1 games from the past are now delivered to life with this amazing emulator.

Supported Platforms: Windows & Android.



Bleem is that the last PSX emulator on our list which is powered by the Bleem company. This emulator was designed in 1999 to permit people to play classic Playstation games.

It was the primary emulator within the market to emulate a spread of Playstation games and surprisingly works fast.

The emulator just like the other one doesn’t accompany installed ROMs aiming to play games you would like to download the games from elsewhere.

This emulator was available for Dreamcast and windows users.

Supported Platforms: Windows

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