7 Best Planet Coaster Mods Worth Buying In 2021 

Best Planet Coaster Mods Worth Buying

Since its release in 2016, the game has been popular among many online gamers. Planet Coaster is indeed a delightful game known nowadays. But wait, what makes it even better?

Of course, it’s mods… Well, it allows online gamers to build different theme park rides. This means gamers are free to choose between numerous themes and can never get bored. Isn’t that cool? From fields to waterfalls to spooky places, one can pick whatever they like.

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Let’s explore the modded games that are definitely worth installing!

Planet Coaster Mods Worth Buying

Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Just like Star Wars, the sci-fi park needs a little more to land its spaceship on some ground. The spaceship is made iconically to make the game mod look special.

Moreover, this Millenium Falcon mod brings a well-designed ship to your park. Even though you can’t fly the ship, it’s nice to have such a unique feature.

Spooky Town

The mod prepares something special for its fans. The gamer can enjoy the spooky town with custom design creations. It can be one of the top-list mods when it comes to scary views.

Talking about its in-built features, it has a lot of witches, boomerang ghosts, glowing pumpkins, and a pack of tricks and treats. The spookiest mod is perfect for night game view!

Disneyland Castle

Everyone seems to have a dream of visiting Disneyland and meeting the lovely Donald Duck. Now, with Planet Coaster, one can not only meet the cartoon character but can also enjoy having their own virtual Disneyland. Makes sense, right?


Like its name, the rail runs at the speed of a gun. Only a very few Planet Coaster rides offer such a flashy and cutting-edge ride as the Railgunner.

In fact, it’s the biggest custom ride ever made. The easy-to-rebuild theme with well-organized tracks makes the ride pretty robust and straightforward. Your park will truly benefit from this elegant and seamless Railgunner: the game toy will never be ignored.

Mount Dread

The gamer can’t understand the actual meaning of the phrase “launch ride dread” until they add Mount Dread to their theme park list. It offers visually appealing design options along with custom-built rides.

Though the mod works fairly well for desert or Old Western-themed parks, no doubt it can be paired with a cyberpunk-themed park. All you need is just a little bit of creativity, and everything will be perfect!

Main Street Corner

The Main Street Corner Park is one of the most decent and attractive themes out there. Simple design, natural color scheme, and steady pathways prompt more people to invest in it. The cool corner greyish building made of brick does the trick.

Lighthouse and Restroom

The Lighthouse and Restroom is a great place to take a nap for a few minutes or even have a rest for an hour. After riding the coaster for hours, the patrons might feel tired and want some break. Offer them a cool lighthouse to go via the theme park’s restroom, making them feel special.


The online gaming world has been too generous to bless gamers with new adventures now and then. Similarly, Planet Coaster developers have been introducing new mods routinely. You have plenty of various options to try to diversify your gaming process. So, make sure to keep track of the trending mods while not missing the favorite ones. Find the best one and take the gaming experience to the next level!

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