7 Best Photo Collage Software For PC In 2021

Best Photo Collage Apps or Software For PC

  • Photo collage software allows you to create stunning montages crammed with images, stickers, cropped elements, text, music, and even videos.
  • To create professional collages easily, we recommend using Adobe software.
  • If you’re not a lover of Adobe, you’ll also use inPixio software.
  • Fotor is another photo collage software, and it’s available for free of charge download, so make certain to undertake it.

As you all know, photo slideshow software gives you a method to point out off your favorite snapshots.

However, collages that display a whole collection of photographs within one image file are an honest alternative to slideshows.

Photo collage software enables you to line up picture collages with a spread of images. you’ll also include additional embellishments like stickers and computer graphics, shapes, text, music, and even video.

The best programs will offer you many templates and customizable backgrounds for collages alongside image-editing tools and options.

These are a number of the simplest photo collage software to use today.

What is the best photo collage software?

1. Adobe Spark (Editor’s choice)

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is one great product from the Adobe Creative Suite. Besides having an outsized usage within the creation of logos, banners, and letterheads, it’s perfect for designing photo collages both for beginners and professionals.

It was built with a simple to use dashboard and navigation panel in mind. Moreover, you’ll enjoy it freely with no complex designing skills because the app already having plenty of pre-made templates you’ll work on.

Let’s quickly check out its key features:

  • Delivers different layouts, backgrounds, colors, fonts, and far more
  • You can pick images from a huge library on Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Layout hint feature (to offer you directions while editing so you don’t need to believe guessing)
  • You can create, edit, and publish your project from anywhere using the mobile app

Adobe Photoshop CC

Another photo collage app for PC is Adobe Photoshop CC. It is often perfect if you’re already using Adobe Photoshop and doesn’t want to modify to a different product and by doing so, pay more.

The amount of labor involved in collage creation is going to be greater as you’ll get to design from scratch.

At an equivalent time, you’ll not be limited or influenced by the pre-made layouts like within the case of Adobe Spark.

To create a good-looking photo collage we recommend staying only to a couple of images (5-10) and pick different sizes. you’ll also use Adobe Lightroom which will organize your image library and fasten the method.

Let’s quickly check out its key features:

  • Smart Objects import option for safe resizing and editing on images
  • Integrated Selection tool for accurate and precise selections
  • Ability to figure on the pictures in real-time and make adjustments accordingly
  • Advanced image editing tools for a high-quality montage

3. Photo Collage Maker

If you’ve got a soft spot for digital scrapbooking and collage creating, Photo Collage Maker could be the proper photo collage program for you.

The main point of this tool is simply how easy it’s to use, allowing users of all levels to make stunning collages from their favorite photos.

What makes Photo Collage Maker easy, you would possibly ask. Well, first of all, it sports an intuitive interface and easy commands. Besides, there are 370+ professional templates under the hood – you’re bound to find a template only for your liking and occasion.

You can decorate your photos with a spread of other elements, from photo frames and masks to captions and cliparts – this stuff will surely draw a smile on anyone’s face.

Besides, once you’re through with your photo collage, you’ll reserve it during a big variety of popular image formats, or have them able to be printed, whichever you think is best.

All in all, if you would like a tool that’s fun, easy for anyone to use, and provides you complete creative freedom, Photo Collage Maker is what you would like.

4. inPixio Photo Studio Pro 11

When creating photo collages of your favorite moments, the last item that you simply want is to possess a headache doing it, or wasting out the finer details to form them look good.

If you think that also, then you ought to inspect inPixio Photo Studio Pro 11 since it’ll address all of these issues.

For example, removing or adding new objects to photos is completed seamlessly because of a built-in AI, and therefore the final photo will look undoctored.

Bring together the simplest moments of your life and your favorite people beat one frame, retouch any imperfections, or maybe add elements from older photos since those are often restored also.

Here are a number of the pros of using inPixio Photo Studio Pro 11:

  • Object erase
  • Fix old photos
  • Easy-to-use and master
  • Create great photo montages
  • Great amazing photo collages

Whatever you need, inPixio Photo Studio delivers.

5. CorelDRAW

Photo Collage Software

If you’re keen on trying your hand at a knowledgeable photo collage app for PC, then CorelDRAW is what you would like. When it involves vector-based graphic design, CorelDRAW delivers all the tools you would like to craft sleek design projects.

This app covers all of your needs from photo editing to layout and typography tools, using bitmap-to-trace vector-based technology for crisp-looking results that you simply can scale as up or as down as you wish without compromising on image quality.

Creating a photo collage with CorelDraw is as easy because it gets. you’ll make use of its complex toolkit and even believe in pre-built templates to realize stunning results.

Let’s quickly check out its key features:

  • Professional vector illustration, layout, photo editing, and typography tools
  • Productivity and collaboration-focused options to accelerate and streamline your workflow
  • Pre-made collage templates where you’ll simply add your photos
  • Cross-platform compatibility to figure from anywhere you wish
  • Extensive learning materials, tutorials, and guidelines

6. Fotor

If you’re trying to find free photo collage software, look no further! Fotor is an app you’ll increase on Windows desktop and mobile platforms, Android, iOS, and Mac devices.

Furthermore, you’ll found out photo collages with Fotor’s online collage tool.

The web tool features a Fotor Pro pack with an $8.99 monthly subscription that provides you quite 80 collage templates and other exclusive content.

Let’s quickly check out its key features:

  • Set up collages with up to 80 templates that support up to nine photographs.
  • Freestyle mode to rearrange the photos with a more unique layout (adjust border shadows, corners, width, and add patterns to borders)
  • Rotate photos and adjust their transparency
  • Includes 22 unique backgrounds for collages
  • Export options for social media and photo sites like Twitter and Flickr

As Fotor is multi-purpose photography software, it also has plenty of image-editing options and more than 60 filter effects to enhance your collage pictures.

7. Canva


Canva is another great photo collage program that permits you to make stunning photo collages effortlessly. Boasting a powerful library of fully customizable templates with quite 100 photo collage layouts, Canva will take your photo montage to unprecedented peeks.

Simply use the intuitive design editor to personalize your project and prepare to amaze!

Let’s quickly check out its key features:

  • Beautiful imagery collection
  • Professional templates and layout options
  • Ideas, inspiration content, guides, and tutorials
  • Extensive image editing toolkit
  • Countless filters and effects
  • Beautiful fonts and typography tools
  • Native support for popular formats like JPEG, PNG, PDF, and lots more

Those are the simplest Windows programs and apps to assist you found out photo collages.

With these tools, you’ll create visually stunning collages that include stickers, clip art, unique layouts, text, shapes, and extra multimedia.

What’s your favorite photo collage software? be happy to share your choice by reaching for the comments section below.

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