10 Best PDF Compress Applications For PC

Best PDF Compress Applications For PC

How to save documents but don’t have to reduce hard disk space on a PC? The method is very easy, for friends who want to try it, please download the PDF compress application offline.

The benefits of this PDF compress are that it can provide storage on a PC that will not run out quickly, besides that it can also function as online file sharing, we can share via email or other platforms.

This application also has a compact size. Of course, it can have a significant impact on the process of downloading and uploading documents. In general, a PDF that is compressed will be faster to open.

List of 10 Best PDF File Compress Applications for PC / Laptop

1. PDF Compressor

The first app that can help you reduce PDF size. With an application size of about 3.5MB.

The method is very easy and will not confuse you in using it.

The drawback of this application is that it cannot guarantee that all forms of documents can be compressed.

But if there is a document file that can be compressed, it may only take a short amount of time to compress it.

And this is the advantage of PDF Compressor, it has 4 levels of compression options, namely, default, maximum, none, and also fastest. Has PDF support version 1.5.

2. Microsoft Word

Word is a place to process words so that they are in the form of stories and are packaged as documents.

But besides being able to process words, words can be used to make documents into pdf format so that they are more minimalist.

Here’s how to change the PDF size via the MS Word Application.
First, please open the PDF file via Microsoft word 2013 and above.
After that this application will run automatically so that it becomes a .docx extension file.

  • Then select “save as” by selecting the PDF type
  • Select the minimum size (publishing online) then click the optimize for menu
  • Finally, click Save.

3. Nitro PDF

Nitro PDF has long been known by PC users, and in fact, it can help you to reduce the size of the PDF that will be stored on a PC device.

Nitro PDF

Also provided is a PDF viewer that will help you to do the reduction process on PDF.

The ability of Nitro PDF is that it can compress files through the optimize feature.

But not everyone can do it easily. Because there are some users of this application complaining about not understanding in running it.

Here’s how to compress a PDF file to a small size

  • First, please open the Netro PDF application
  • Prepare a PDF document file to be compressed
  • Then click the file select the optimized PDF menu
  • Then wait until the process is complete and don’t forget to save the file that was minimized earlier.

4. Free PDF Compressor

Free PDF CompressorMaybe the PDF compressor application is not suitable for those of you who always rely on bulk features.

Because this application can only compress one file at a time, use it. You can also download this application for free on the play store.

Don’t worry even if it’s only used once, this application is equipped with a user interface that is packaged as simple, and also very easy to use. The compressed mode that this application has is as follows.

There are screen, printer, ebook, default, and prepress modes. The only difference lies in the quality of the output.

5. IrfanView

Irfan View can also be called a pdf editor application and also a multi-purpose image view. It also works well when editing PDF files.

But in operating this application it is assisted by the default plugin which is provided separately so that you are not confused about using it.

For example, when you test a PDF file with a resolution of 4.7MB, it can be reduced to 1.6MB by using IrfanView without reducing the quality of your document file.

6. Orpalis PDF Reducer


Orpalis PDF Reduce is an application that can compress PDF files at once (bulk/batch.) There you will be spoiled for the various features that this application has provided. Such as options for compression, color detection, output format, and content removal.

Orpalias can help you express files by processing single-threaded or multi-threaded processes.

To compress it, all you have to do is select the input folder button to be compressed, select a standard batch to start the process, and finally choose a destination folder to save the file that has been compressed.

The PDF compression method provided by this application is MPC (Mixed Raster Content) compress, Re-sampling and Re-Compression, and embedded file eraser.

7. Libreoffice

Do you know what the Libreoffice application is? Libreoffice is a PDF file compression application that is bundled with Microsoft Office Software.

So that using it is very simple and will not confuse you.

Here’s how to compress PDF files through this application. Please open the PDF file through the Libreoffice application, then click export as PDF.

Uniquely, this application will show where the compressed files will be stored.

8. Adobe Acrobat Pro

Next, you will be spoiled by a PDF compress application that has provided several additional features, which you can learn more about. One additional feature is that it can minimize the file size of the document.

To know more in detail how to make it. Here are the steps that are very easy for you to do.

You only need to select the document to be compressed, then adjust the storage by selecting the reduce PDF size option, so that the document output becomes small.

Then a pop-up window will appear, please select retain existing then click ok.

9. PDF Compressor by Free PDF Utilities

PDF Compressor by Free PDF Utilities

Free PDF Utilities is an application that has a large size, meaning that it is recommended to compress large PDF files. In addition, you will be given an interface that you can easily understand. Even though you guys are rookies experimenting.

10. PDF Compressor

PDF compressor is a fairly lightweight application with a size of only around 288KB. Of course, this application will not burden your PC’s performance.

There are 4 level choices provided, such as default, fastest, maximum, and none. You can compress unlimited pdf files without limits.

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