10 Best PC Home Design Applications Offline For Beginners In 2021

Best PC Home Design Applications

The first thing you need when you want to build a house is design. With this design, we know how the interior and exterior of a building that we will occupy will be.

If in the past the architect or home designer had to draw a house model on paper using a ruler and a pencil that had to use really mature calculations, then in this sophisticated era all we need is a PC / Laptop device and the best home design software.

If you are an architect or want to learn how to design a house, the first thing you should know is the supporting software for designing.

Because at this time, services for designing houses are very expensive and have indeed been proven to generate quite large incomes.

And here are our recommendations regarding home design applications for PCs that you can use without an internet connection or offline.

10 Best Home Design Applications

1. AutoCAD


The first one we recommend is AutoCAD, a well-known software in terms of home design that many people probably already know about. However, this application is more suitable for experienced or expert architects.

Has an interface that makes it easy for anyone to learn. AutoCAD is premium software that you have to subscribe to if you want to use it. However, if you are still in doubt, you can try the trial version first.

2. Autodesk Revit

Autodesk Revit

Still in the Autodesk family, one of the home pc design applications that can be used offline is Autodesk Revit. With this application, you will be even more helpful when you see the architectural distance from the floor plan that is displayed.

This application is designed to make it easier for users, even the difference in the distance on the plan will update the overall appearance of the house design. So you don’t have to bother dealing with the hassle of drawing houses.

3. Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D

As the name suggests, with this application you can create beautiful 3D home designs. It is a lightweight home design software that also has a user-friendly user interface.

In a 3D view, it will certainly make it easier for us to see the shape and design that we have produced. Its use is also easy because it supports languages ​​other than English. Also, this application can run on various OS such as Linux, Windows, and MAC.

4. Planner 5D

Planner 5DNot satisfied with the 3D view, you can try Planner 5D to design your home space. In addition to creating a minimalist home design, Planner 5D is also very useful for designing buildings that you want to renovate.

This application is also very helpful when you want to strategically create a living room and outdoor section. Having a lot of features doesn’t mean it will be burdensome for a device, it is suitable for laptops and you can use Planner 5D on various platforms such as Android, iOS, MAC, and Windows.

5. Floorplanner

Create a sweet room design with Floorplanner. If you like tinkering with the layout or furniture in your home, you can plan it with this cool application called Floorplanner.

That way you can plan and see your home design before it is finished. What’s interesting about this application, besides having many features, it can also be used offline, of course, this is what is often sought by architecture to smooth its work.

6. FreeCAD

If you are a lover of free applications in terms of home design, you can use FreeCAD, which is open-source software. But don’t get me wrong, even though it’s free this application also offers quite complete features such as making house sketches easily and much more.

This application is also available for various OS such as Windows, Linux, and MAC OS.

7. Punch Software

Punch SoftwareClaimed to be the number 1 home design software in America, Punch Software leverages the power of Nexgen to provide high-quality, flawless photos with LightWorks. With these two features, users can certainly produce designs that are more realistic and also faster.

Indeed, prices never lie, even though they are expensive, with this offline home design application you can produce maximum work. You can even work on large projects individually without the help of other people.

8. Roomle

RoomleAt first glance, maybe this offline home pc design application is almost similar to Sweet Home 3D. Even so, of course, there are some differences between them in terms of features. Roomle provides an experience for users where they can create designs according to the tastes of the designer.

One of the features that we like is a catalog where we can drop in a room that we are decorating. Not only can you run it on a PC, but you can also open Roomle on smartphones and web browsers.

9. Microstation


One of the recommended home design applications for beginners or for those who are advanced. Microstation has a variety of features that make it easy for users to design their laptops or PCs.

Not only can it be used to make house sketches, but this application is also often used to design other building models such as sidewalks, offices, and company-owned buildings.

10. SketchUp


After purchasing the copyright from Google, the SketchUp application was immediately recognized by many people, especially among architects and designers. With SketchUp, you can produce home design drawings in 3D more quickly.

So now this application is highly recommended for beginners and for those of you who are new to the world of home designers.

If you can master all of the home design applications above, you don’t need to worry about finding work out there. There are so many who need talented designers with good skills.

Moreover, companies engaged in this field, especially those for home renovation services and some home design services, will need people who can make good home designs.

Of the many offline home PC design applications, the 10 applications above are the best recommendations from us this year, then which one do you think is the most worth it?

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