20+ Best Online Business Opportunities In 2022

Best Online Business Opportunities

Who, the hell, doesn’t want to earn money on the internet? In this technological era, where internet access is easy to get, almost anyone can start their own business. In this article, we will discuss 21 online business opportunities that can inspire you to run a business as a main or a side job.


With the number of active internet users reaching 4 billion, the online world seems to promise great opportunities for anyone who wants to earn income. It’s just that the business world on the internet has high competitiveness, so if you want to be successful, you have to work hard to make it happen.

Therefore, as a first step to starting an online business, choose a good and interesting niche or topic.

If you like traveling or traveling and enjoying delicious food, you can start building a blog with the theme of food reviews. However, the food theme is very broad. You should narrow it down to more specific topics, such as street food from the various places visited.

You can also start a topic search based on the question, “what do people need right now?”. After conducting a series of research related to the topic, start building the best online business that can meet the needs of customers or the community out there.

Here are some things that you must have before building a business on the internet:

  1. Web hosting. If the online business opportunity that you catch requires a website, then you must subscribe to a web hosting service so that the website created is accessible to the public. At Siteground, we offer web hosting services at very affordable prices.
  2. Domain name. Choose a domain name that represents your business. Do it as soon as you determine a niche or topic because domain names are very important for the sustainability of your business.
  3. Time. To run some specific online business ideas, you need more time than other ideas. Therefore, evaluate and calculate how much time it will take you to make a profit.

Online Business Opportunities

We have arrived at the discussion and explanation of 21 online business opportunities that you must try right now.

1. Make Money from Blogs

Of course, there are many reasons why people still like to blog today, such as wanting to have a more open-minded discussion, share information and knowledge, and make money.

Then, how do you get money from blogs? First, if you don’t have a blog, create one by following the steps below:

  1. Buy and subscribe to web hosting
  2. Buy and register a domain name
  3. Choose a platform
  4. Start creating posts on the blog

For more details, you can read this guide and tutorial.

Next, how to make money blogging:

  • Google Adsense – read the story of Jack Herrick (WikiHow) who earned as much as 2 million USD per month only from Adsense.
  • Selling eBooks (digital books) – if you want to be successful like Carol Tice who made a profit of 45,000 USD from selling eBooks, you can start now by using a blog.
  • Paid reviews/reviews – just by writing a review on a blog, you can bring in some rupiah. Practice as often as possible. If you are an expert, register yourself and your blog on the Famebit platform.
  • Affiliates – according to Pat Flynn, making money, takes a lot of time. However, by joining an affiliate marketing program or affiliate marketing, making money on the internet is no longer a difficult matter.

2. Creating an Ecommerce Site

Ecommerce involves the process of buying and selling services and goods over the internet. Amazon and eBay are examples of e-commerce that are sure to be familiar to your ears.

One of the online business opportunities on our list is creating an e-commerce site. The opportunity to earn money in this industry is enormous.

Apart from the two examples above, there is Etsy that you can also serve as inspiration. This site is a platform that sells handmade products, such as jewelry and toys.


Just like a blog, to create an e-commerce site, you will need:

  • Web hosting
  • Domain name
  • Products to display on your online shop

For more information on how to create your online store, please read this article.

3. Sites for dropshipping

Do you have business skills and sell products but don’t have enough space to store them? Then the dropshipping method is worth trying.

With this method, you will get a profit or profit from selling products belonging to an individual or company.

When someone purchases a product, the money paid will be received by you, then passed on to the supplier (supplier of goods). Later the supplier sends the product to the buyer.

So, the profit you get comes from the purchase costs given by the customer minus the money you pass on to the supplier (in this case you are the one buying the supplier’s product). Not only that, because you are not in charge of inventory and delivery, there are no additional costs that must be met.

Dropshipping is one of the online business ideas that you can try because:

  • Little initial capital required
  • Lack of risk
  • Low overhead costs

Just like the two previous types of businesses, if you want to run a dropshipping business, you need a website to display goods provided by suppliers. After that, customers will make purchases through your website.

Oberlo is one example of a dropshipping site that has succeeded in making multiple profits. Through this platform, more than 85 million products have been sold worldwide.

4. Affiliate Marketing / Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing aims to promote other parties’ products.

If someone buys a recommended product, you will get a commission. This method has been implemented in several business fields, including web hosting, online services, health products, and even the most basic physical needs, such as sleeping mattresses.

To take this online business opportunity, you must first join the affiliate marketing program. After that, you will get a special link which is then posted on websites and social media posts. This link will later direct people to buy certain products.

You can use the website to run an affiliate business by:

  • Displays advertisements/banners on web pages
  • Write a review or product review and include a link in it

If you think affiliate marketing is the best online business on the internet today, learn more in this guide.

5. Become a Freelance Content Writer (freelance writer)

Your current writing skills will lead you to succeed in the online world.

Many websites are willing to pay for the content you write. One of them is Cracked. This humor-themed site is always looking for creative writers to fill its platform with various kinds of funny articles. You can earn as much as 250 USD / article while honing your writing skills.

You can also, you know, use blogs to get additional work in the writing field. Danny Margulies is one example of a figure who has succeeded in becoming a freelance writer.

6. Application Development (App Development)

App Development is a type of online business that can fatten your coffers. Spotify or Instagram are two examples of record-setting App Development.

There are many ways to successfully run a business on the internet through application development, especially applications for mobile devices:

  • Offers a ‘freemium’ service (users can use the application for free, but must pay a subscription fee if they want to enjoy advanced or premium features)
  • In-app advertisement
  • Subscribe
  • In-app purchases

7. Create Podcasts

Podcasts come as audio or video files that are serialized and distributed to subscribers online. Recently, podcasts are gaining quite high popularity.

Podcasts provide benefits for both parties, namely broadcasters (who make podcasts) and subscribers (who listen to or watch podcasts). Broadcasters will get a certain amount of money from the podcast, while subscribers can listen/watch it from anywhere.

Even though the beginning of making a podcast is difficult and takes a long time, trust me the podcast you make will be as big as Wondery.

Then, how can podcasts benefit you as a broadcaster?

  • Through sponsorship or cooperation
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Crowdfunding (fundraising)

8. Graphic Design

Have any skills in graphic design? You can seize this online business opportunity to make a profit.

There are many websites, such as 99designs, that will connect you with clients from different countries. To date, more than 97,000,000 designs can be found at 99designs. Joining this website allows you to earn income from working on a selected number of projects.99designs


9. Twitch Streaming

Twitch streaming is worth a try for those of you who like to play games. Not only is it fun, but through this platform, you can also make some money by streaming your favorite games.

Twitch is one of the most widely used platforms by gamers to stream footage showing their video gameplay activities.

10. Cryptocurrency Mining / Trading

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that uses cryptography as a security system.

You need a reliable and powerful computer to run this online business opportunity.

Bitcoin mining uses units called blocks. Each block is locked with a series of mathematical formulas to secure transactions. If you are the first to successfully solve the formula, you will get an award or reward.

The amount of reward for completing a block is 6.25 Bitcoin. As we can see from this bitcoin price chart, the price of one BTC alone is around 20,000 USD. So, for one block, you will get a reward of 125, 000 USD. However, what they do most often in cryptocurrency mining is exchange/sell (trade), convert, and deposit bitcoin before a full block is formed.

Here are some things that you must need if you want to mine cryptocurrency:

  • Hardware – You will need up to USD 4,000 for an aluminum rig frame, 6x GPU, PSU, cooling system (because it will heat up quickly), etc.
  • Electricity – the electricity absorbed for mining is around 20 kWh per day. So, make sure to calculate the capacity and cost of electricity first.
  • Maintenance (maintenance) – You will need money to repair the mining rig if something goes wrong.
  • Time – calculate how much time it will take for the computer to get a satisfactory result.

11. Streaming on YouTube

Making streaming videos on YouTube can be one of the best online business opportunities for those who have lots of creative ideas.

Who knows, in the future, you will be as famous or even more famous than Pewdiepie? Therefore, look for and make the content as unique as possible.

For inspiration, you can watch Ryan’s World channel, which is one of the fastest-growing channels on YouTube.

Have any ideas? Start now to find content, create channels, and get as many subscribers as possible or those who are willing to subscribe to your channel.

Make money from the YouTube videos you stream. Make sure your video has 4000 broadcast hours (how often people watch your video) and 1000 subscribers.

12. Web Development (Web Development)

web developer can earn as much as 3,000 USD working from home.

If you are good at web development or web development, try to find projects from clients on the internet and generate a lucrative income. Upwork and Guru are two examples of platforms dedicated to freelancers. These two sites offer a variety of interesting opportunities for web developers.


You can also create a portfolio website to display your work. Through this website, potential clients can easily see the results of your work and offer projects.

Regardless of the current job status that you are in, whether it’s a freelancer developer or a full-time developer, looking for profits through the field of web development is very promising.

13. Publish eBooks

There have been many changes in the book publishing industry. One of the changes that have recently become quite popular is self-publishing or publishing books independently. This method then became a trend because the benefits were promising.

If you are gifted at writing books, online business opportunities such as publishing eBooks under your name are worth checking out. There are many websites available for publishing and selling digital books or ebooks, such as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

Tip: if you want to benefit from Amazon for 70% of the original price of the book, determine the ebook selling price range between $ 2.99 to $ 9.99.

14. Managing Social Media

Although business owners are now aware of the power and influence of social media on the efforts undertaken, sometimes they still liked it difficult to handle the platform sosmed effectively.

If you like surfing the internet and social media, becoming a social media specialist is one of the online business opportunities that you can offer to several clients in need. You can charge an hourly rate. According to PayScale, the average salary for this position is around USD 78,000 (depending on the region or country where you live).

15. Training

Running a business on the internet doesn’t have to be a physical item. You can offer the skills and knowledge you have to anyone interested.

You can earn as much as 25,000 USD / year just by conducting online training. However, this fee (of course) depends on the country/region where you live and the scope and level of training provided. If your abilities are well-honed, it is possible that you can become like Michael Serwa who can make 600,000 USD / year.

To start an online training career, you can join platforms such as Coach. me and Coaching Cloud.

It’s just that, the benefits you get by joining a training platform are not comparable if you have your website. Therefore, you should build a special training website and achieve the success you dreamed of.

16. Translator

Almost everyone relies on Google Translate to translate languages. However, the translation results provided by these machines are not always accurate. There are still gaps that need fixing. It is not surprising that the position of the translator is still and often needed. You can also take advantage of this online business opportunity.


Many websites offer jobs for translators, for example, Conyac.

To become a translator, the process is not that difficult. You just need to learn the targeted language and meet the requirements before you start translating and get paid.

17. SEO Consultant

Have skills in SEO? So a job as an SEO consultant can be a goldfield for you.

This position is responsible for improving your website’s performance and leading it to rank better in search engine search results

You can set an hourly average charge, for example, 150 USD. It will be even more profitable if you create your website to offer professional SEO consulting services, as said by Michael Cottam. With this special website, you can charge up to 350 USD / hour.

18. Online Courses

One of the best online businesses that can also create success in terms of persona and income is tutoring or courses. To run this online business, you only need a computer and a smooth internet network.

For any business, including online courses, we always recommend that you have your website. However, there are also, you know, websites that offer opportunities to become online tutors or tutors, such as Wyzant.

By joining Wyzant, you will later earn up to 60 USD / hour depending on your ability level. Unfortunately, this site charges a service fee of 40% for the first 20 hours of tutoring.

19. Online Fitness Course

Zoe Rodriquez is the founder of ZBody Fitness Inc.

Zoe started his career as a personal trainer or personal trainer. It provides a fitness program that helps people get into the shape they want without having to spend a fortune in expensive gyms. After successfully building his brand, Zoe now earns up to 30,000 USD from online courses, training, and also sales products.

So, if you like to often train your body to be fit and like to take part in a fitness program, an online business opportunity by setting up your online fitness course can be one of the best options.

20. Selling Domains

Selling domains is another business on the internet that is equally promising. Buy the domain that is offered at the lowest price, then ‘throw’ it on the market, then sell it at a higher price.

You can earn a lot of money just from selling domains. However, all of this depends on the situation and the conditions you are in at that time. For example, the domain lasvegas.com sold for 90 million USD.

Las Vegas

Sales at these bombastic prices occur because domain names have a very important role in the future of online business. Most business owners are even willing to spend a lot of money to buy a good domain to build their persona on the internet.

There are two ways to sell domains, namely selling without intermediaries and joining a domain marketplace like Sedo.

21. Stock Exchange

The last online business opportunity on our list is the stock exchange. Are you interested in investing in cash stocks to get more profit? Then the stock exchange could be your choice for doing business on the internet. Before starting, equip yourself with investment skills and take the time to do research.

Look for as much information as you can on The Economist or another market analysis website, such as Calculated Risk. By doing research, you can find out what is trending right now. After that, choose and visit a trading site, for example, Ally.

AllyTake advantage of all the information and resources you have so that you invest on the right track. Always monitor the latest news and info on the market every day.


If you want to get the main or additional income from the internet, you must be able to seize online business opportunities. Some online business ideas require a lot of time and effort. You are also required to have special abilities so that the business or business can be run properly.

Of the 21 online business opportunities that we have detailed above, two business ideas on the internet that we think is very easy to do are:

  • Create a blog. You have a great opportunity to make money from blogs. You can write paid reviews, sell digital books or ebooks, and display advertisements on your blog.
  • Create an e-commerce website. This site provides a good opportunity for you to dive deeper into the world of buying and selling. Create your online store and start selling products.

Now you know the 21 best online business ideas. Choose an online business that you like and do it now. Stop procrastinating if you want to be successful on the internet!

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