Best Mobile Applications To Study German in 2021

Mobile Applications To Study German

German is one of the most beautiful and widespread languages in the world. Many students want to study it. We can make it easy for you like an online editing service check quickly if your essays are right.


We start with one of the most popular language-learning apps on Android, with a total of 12 different languages. Among them, of course, we find German. One of the strengths of this is that we find real-time exercises that allow us to practice the language in question. We also have various tests and exercises that help improve our focus. All of them are extremely useful in the process of learning and raising the level of our German language.


Another program that many of you probably know, because it is one of the best programs for learning languages, including German. What makes it special is that it is very entertaining. They offer us a great variety of exercises, thanks to which it is very interesting, diverse, and learning takes place in different ways. So we learn to read, write, and grammar, which is extremely important in German. In addition, it stands out because it is a very easy-to-use application that makes it so enjoyable to use.


This third program on the list is betting on another system to help us learn German. In this case, they do not use tests, tests, or exercises. But what they will do is introduce us to chats where we can speak and practice the language with other people. So, this is an application designed for people who have been learning German for some time and want to start practicing the language with other people. In this sense, it is an extremely useful application. Because we see how other people use this language.

Drops: Learn German

These older programs also allow you to learn more languages. But if you are looking for something that focuses exclusively on German, then this program is the best option we have. Because it focuses on language. We have a lot of exercises, especially vocabulary available in the app. So we know the most important words and what else we are going to use every day. We also have grammar exercises that help us learn the language. Its design is one of the keys to the program. Well designed but user-friendly.

Rosetta Stone

The most popular interactive course for learning German, originally developed as a computer program, later adapted to a mobile application. Both versions are paid. Daredevils can try to find illegal free programs on the Internet, but we advise you to buy – it’s worth the money.

Rosetta Stone is designed to learn the language from an elementary level: only German is used in the process. The course combines images, text, and sounds, creating images and logical chains in the mind – no memorization of words and sentences. Rosetta Stone has repeatedly received awards for the method of dynamic immersion and will be a good helper for independent language learning.

German from Deutsche Welle

Huge free database of structured lessons, exercises, and interactive tasks in German. Its developer is the German media company, Deutsche Welle. You can start studying at any level and if you want to focus on speaking skills or grammar. You can also download podcast lessons to your mobile and listen to them throughout the day. Don’t forget to subscribe to the online newsletter and receive interest in learning the language.

Easy Online German

Resource for beginners. Here are collected exercises on the basics of grammar, reading, video training. It is also possible to improve the basic vocabulary, train the correct pronunciation and perception of information by ear. There are a lot of lessons, but you have to make the structure of classes yourself.

Audio Lingua

The best way to learn a language is to constantly read and speak German, as well as listen to native speakers. Audio Lingua provides such an opportunity, as it is a resource with short (maximum 2 minutes) recordings of Germans talking on everyday topics. They talk about family, weather, food, and even political preferences. Audio is divided into levels: as a bonus, you can find podcasts in different German dialects.

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