10 Best Indian Train Simulator Games For Android 2021

Indian Train Simulator Games for Android

Train simulators are a touch of a distinct segment gaming genre. However, they need a fanatical fan base and therefore the games are literally quite fun. There are a couple of differing types of train sims. You’ll found out a train company and transport goods, as an example.

Another type is simply to build up your dream train in your dream environment. We’ll admit, there aren’t plenty of great choices on Android. However, there are a couple of that we might recommend trying. Here are the simplest train simulator games for Android!

1. Highbrow Interactive train games

indian train simulator game

Price: Free / Up to $3.99 each

Highbrow Interactive makes a spread of train simulator games. The foremost popular ones seem to be India Train Simulator, Indian Train Simulator, and Euro Train Simulator. All three of those titles play more or less an equivalent at their core. However, the trains, conditions, and other small details change for the region.

You’ll change the weather, the train, the time, signals, stations, and even the people within the railway station. The games could use better textures and there are a couple of bugs. People still seem to love them quite a bit, though.

2. OpenTTD

Indian Train Simulator

Price: Free

OpenTTD is an open-source version of the favored Transport Tycoon. It features online also as offline play alongside multiplayer. Your goal is to create functional transportation. It’s not strictly for trains, but trains are a component of the gameplay.

Players transport several things, generate income and use that income to expand further. Some people reported some bugs with the game, but they’re few and much between. Those that need a more dedicated train simulator should try a special game on this list, but this one is pretty good overall. l

3. Pocket Trains

simulator game

Price: Free to play

Pocket Trains is an older, but still a fun train simulator. Players manage and grow railroads by hauling cargo and earning revenue. Additionally, players collect various train parts, complete daily challenges, and do lots of other stuff. The retro graphics means a scarcity of realism.

That said, the remainder of the sport is really quite good. We didn’t run into any issues during our testing. However, some users do complain of bugs in their reviews. In any case, it’s free to download and play so it can’t hurt to undertake.

4. Train Sim

train simulator game

Price: Free / $1.49

Train Sim is one of the foremost popular train simulator games on Android with over ten million downloads on the Play Store. The sport prides itself on its realism. Players get access to over 40 train car types, 50 actual trains, 11 environments, and more. The sport is more of a build-and-look sort of game instead of one with any real goals.

It’s also very kid-friendly and friendly to coach enthusiasts. You’ll still devour passengers, carry freight, and more. Perhaps our favorite feature is the ability to take a seat within the passenger seat of your own train and watch the landscape as you ride. It’s relaxed and chills with a really cheap tag.

5. Train Station 2

train simulator

Price: Free to play

Train Station 2 may be a game that boasts an honest level of realism. You’ll collect many real-life trains, use them to get profits by hauling freight, and complete various jobs. You’ll see how similar this one is to most others. Players start with a few trains, earn some money, and upgrade their collection and business as they earn.

There’s also an upgrade system for special events. It’s free to play the game so, of course, some trains are harder to urge than others. Otherwise, it’s an honest free-to-play train sim.

6. Bonus: Emulators


Price: Free / Varies

There are a couple of decent train simulator games on old consoles. Tons of these games aren’t available on modern platforms which makes them difficult to seek out and play. Emulators can help.

You’ll download the emulator, legally procure the sport, and play it on your phone through the emulator. Some such examples include Densha de choose both PlayStation One and Nintendo 64. There are plenty of other examples out there.

7. Train Simulator

This train simulator game has quite a lot of interest in Android users, you know. It has been recorded that more than 270,000 thousand times this game has been downloaded by Android-based cellphone users on the PlayStore. The developer of this train game claims that every Train Simulator player will feel the sensation of being a professional machinist.

Various supporting features are also installed to make it easier and more attractive for players to feel at home playing Train Simulator for a long time. One of these features is that there are levels that the player has to pass. Each level has its own challenges, you know. Want to try?

8. Train Sim

Not to be outdone by Train Simulator, the developer of 3583 Bytes also created a train simulation game that is no less interesting than the game Train Sim. In the game Train Sim, you can enjoy 3D graphics with more than 40 trains available in Train Sim.

Not only that, if you are bored with the scenery or views passed by the train, but you can also create your own view, you know. Because Train Sim provides a Build Custom Environments feature that can change viewsWell, this game is also suitable for all ages, so your child can play the Train Sim game too.

9. Indian Train Simulator

Following the previous two train games, this time Indian Train Simulator comes to the surface as one of the train simulator games that you can choose from. Not only all kinds of locomotives are provided, but also various kinds of train stations are available in Indian Train Simulator.

Uniquely, Indian Train Simulator offers a feature where you can create and create your own passengers using Indian- style styles. Even the station can be decorated in an Indian style where you can add shops around the station.

10. Euro Train Simulator

Previously, the train game provided a train simulator in Indian style, this time Euro Train Simulator presents a European style. This game is classified as having complete features that are also interesting to play. Here, you will not only get the sensation of being a machinist, but Euro Train Simulator also provides a weather feature.

This weather feature will be your challenge while driving the train. There are 4 weather conditions provided, namely Clear, Overcast, Fog, Rain, and Thunderstorm. Besides that, this game also provides an animation of passengers waiting for a train or taking a walk at the station. How, interesting right?

Indian Train Simulator:

Want to become a machinist with the sensation of India trains as well as stations in India Train Simulator can be the right choice for you. Because the India Train Simulator game offers a variety of trains in India.

Also, the train lines provided are more indicative of India. You will feel familiar with the trains presented by the developer of the India Train Simulator game. Even the features provided are not inferior to the train games previously mentioned.

Well, that’s where the fun is, you have to be able to get through or avoid every obstacle on the train tracks. If you make it through, you can smoothly head towards the finish lineOh yeah, besides the obstacles and exciting challenges, this game also provides more than 100 puzzle challenges with 4 varied play modes.

So, that’s a collection of the best train games. All of these games are suitable for children or adults. You can also feel how difficult and fun it is as a machinist. How, are there any of the games above that you would like to play?

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