6 Best Free Online Video Editors In 2021

Best Free Online Video Editors

With the rise of online video social networks like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and Vine, video editing and creation is no longer the domain of professionals. All you need now is a good computer system and bingo, you have a video editor.

Now you can edit videos online without downloading a program to your Windows or Mac computer, and all you need is a decent internet connection. In this article, we will talk about the 8 best recommended free online video editors that you can access online.

6 Best Online Video Editors

Most of these free online video editing programs are for beginners. So even if you are new to the world of video editing, you can quickly create videos with these online video editing programs.

  1. FlexClip


FlexClip is a powerful free and feature-packed online video editor. Not only does it allow you to publish videos in minutes, but it also gives you access to a library of 2.5 million videos and stock photos, divided into areas such as business, history, vacations, food, sports, and more.

Of course, you probably want to upload your photos, movies, and music, and that’s not a problem. You just drag then drop, and ready. You can combine the clips with your movies for maximum effect, and you can choose from hundreds of professional models.

Other features

FlexClip makes it easy to add cool text to clips with stylish fonts and stunning effects, and it lets you record smooth transitions between clips.

In addition, FlexClip allows you to use different sizes and formats for different social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram Stories, and more.

There’s no download or even registration required to use FlexClip, and you can choose from Basic ($ 5.99 / month ), Plus ($ 9.99 / month), and Business ($ 19.99 / month) to get started. But even better, you can start with the free version to see if you feel comfortable with the tool.

  1. ClipChamp


Clipchamp is a popular free online video editing tool, which in addition to video editing tools, offers a video compressor, converter, and webcam recorder.

Best of all, the intuitive working platform allows beginners to do video editing in much less time, and the result can be saved directly to the computer or transferred to Google Drive, etc.

Simple drag-and-drop functions allow you to crop, cut, rotate and mirror your videos as needed. You can also easily adjust the brightness, saturation, and contrast. You can also add transitions, text, overlays, and backgrounds.

Other features

There is a resource library offering free and paid video and audio files, so you can choose based on your situation. However, if you add a logo to your images, you may have to upgrade to the paid version. You can choose different aspect ratios like 1: 1, 9:16, 4: 3, or 16: 9. A built-in tutorial is also available to help you easily create videos. However, before you can use this all-in-one, online video editor, you must log in to your Google or Facebook account.

And the free version is limited to export in 480P SD resolution without a watermark. Although you can import 4K images, we recommend that you buy them first because large files can cause editing problems and videos cannot be exported in 4K.

  1. Video Toolbox


Considering the future of video editing, Video Toolbox is a free online platform that not only edits but also analyzes video files and provides very detailed information on bit rate, codec, frame rate, and resolution.

You can also convert your video file to the most popular video formats like MKV, MOV, MP4, and AVI. With this online platform, you can download video files from your computer or URL, now you can handle video files up to 1500MB and still have enough space to play games, as well as combine, trim or cut video files.

Other features

The editing functions are simple and limited, but you can also record with a webcam. Surprisingly, there are no watermarks and the video quality is good after a clip using Video Toolbox.

First, you have to register and activate your account by email, then log in to go to the main menu. And honestly, I think the design of this video editor is outdated and not easy enough to use. You have to click the “Select” action to select a target editing function, and there is no live preview window to check the editing progress.

  1. Hippo Video

Hippo video

Hippo Video is a versatile video marketing platform that also offers video editing tools, you can add multimedia files from your computer or Google Drive, but it claims that the video formats are limited to mp4, Mkv, Flv, 3gp, and mpg.

The maximum supported video file size is 500MB, and you can only add one video when importing. Besides importing video, Hippo Video also allows you to record desktop screens, webcam, and voice.

Other features

The free version offers some basic editing features like splitting, cropping, cropping, adding or shortening text and adding simple captions, emoticons, and captions, but if you want to do a professional edit, you should recommend it to your friends or update your account.

You need to register on this online platform before you can edit it. And there is no video or background music (it can be hidden in professional editing mode). You can share the video directly on social media like FB, Twitter, YouTube, or via email. You can also upload the clip to your desktop.

  1. Kizoa

Kizoa is known for its wide range of transition effects that can help develop a professional video style. You can create videos in Kizoa with photos, videos, and music, add text, special effects, music, and transitions to perfect the clip.

Kizoa also supports UHD 4K images and offers various aspect ratios such as 16: 9, 4: 3, 3: 2, 1: 1 and 9:16, 3: 4, and 2: 3 in portrait mode. You can add videos and photos from your computer or social networks like Facebook.

Kizoa’s library is filled with numerous animations and effects that allow you to customize your videos to meet the specific needs of certain editing projects. It will be much easier to customize the various details of your video clips, such as position, size, duration and time, etc.

Other features

You don’t need to sign up to access all these amazing features, which is why most professionals and newbies prefer Kizoa for their daily needs. But if you want to download or share videos, you still have to sign up.

There is no timeline, just add your photos and video clips to the storyboard below and click the play button to see the result. Every time you choose an effect, Kizoa shows you what to do, making the task easier for beginners.

But the free photo will have a watermark, and the exportable video is limited to 720P, and you need to switch to the paid photo to remove the watermark.

  1. Kapwing

Kapwing offers many online video editing products, such as an online memory generator, video changer and cutter, subtitling, audio and video looping, and an all-in-one online video studio. In this video studio, you can combine video, GIF, and photos, add text and sound to create new videos.

To edit the videos, simply upload the media file from your computer or paste the video URL to get started. Kapwing Video Studio allows you to change the video output size to 1: 1, 9:16, 16: 9, 4: 5, or 5: 4, performing basic operations such as trim, cut, speed up, or mute.

Other features

You can also add frames to a movie to create a PIP video, and in various ways to make it fun. Furthermore, this online video creator also provides examples for you to use before uploading your media.

Edited videos can be uploaded directly or shared on social networking sites. If you don’t have a Kapwing account, a watermark will be used. To remove it, simply log in with your Google or Facebook account.


Above are some free online video editors that you can use directly in your browser on both Windows, Mac, Linux, or mobile devices if you want. Most of these online video editors are friendly and easy to use as they provide simple editing features.

But some of them may need you to register first to use the online video editing tools, and some may leave a watermark on the free version.

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