12 Best Free Offline Music Apps To Listen To Music Without Wi-Fi 2022

Best Free Offline Music Apps 

We need Wi-Fi connectivity for anything we want to do on the internet, even to listen to music. Sometimes you might want to enjoy the music already on your local phone’s directory, even without Wi-Fi. Here, we will be detailing the 12 best free offline music apps to listen to music without Wi-Fi. It’s 2022, and you can save your music locally on your android phone and listen to your songs whenever you want with an offline music app.

12 Best Free Offline Music Apps

Finding the best offline music app to listen to music without Wi-Fi might be tasking; this is why we have done all the work for you. We have tested and picked the 12 best free music apps to enjoy your music without Wi-Fi. We will begin with our top pick and share with you all the features of the app.

  1. Lark Player

Lark Player


Lark Player is easily our favorite and top pick for the best free offline music app to listen to music without Wi-Fi. It has all the features you will ever need and comes with a beautiful interface. Lark player allows you to manage your music connection; you can easily browse and manage all the music files on your phone. When you listen to music on Lark Player, the lyrics are synced in real-time, giving you that smooth and amazing listening experience.

If you want to customize your music, Lark Player got you covered. Its built-in music equalizer can transform your music and enhance your listening experience. The powerful equalizer allows you to customize the music treble, tempo, and bass boost. You can also use the equalizer to adjust surrounding sounds.

Added to its numerous amazing features is an option to share your music files; with Lark Player, you can share your music or video files with anyone through Bluetooth, WhatsApp, or even Messages. The list of features goes on and on; it allows you to customize the theme and skin, shows a floating window when playing videos, can change the playback speed of all songs, and create a ringtone of a song if you need a ringtone.

Lark Player also pays attention to your phone; it comes with a power-saving mode that allows you to listen to music on the go without using up too much power. You can also set a sleep timer with Lark Player, and it stops playing at the perfect time. If you are looking for the best, free offline music apps to listen to music without Wi-Fi, download Lark Player and try it now!

  1. Musicolet Music Player

Musicolet Music Player

Musicolet is free and allows you to enjoy your local audio files whenever you want and without Wi-Fi connectivity. Musicolet is simple, easy to use, dynamic and compact. With Musicolet, you can enjoy a seamless and smooth listening experience; it comes with an equalizer that helps you enhance your music to your taste. It also comes with a multiple queue feature, which allows you to queue up to 20 songs while listening. Its user interface is easy to use and exciting; the interface is also customizable with other important features like tag editors, sleep timers, widgets, and more.

  1. Audiomack


Audiomack allows you to download your favorite music and listen to them offline without Wi-Fi for free. The app opens you to different songs, mix tapes, and albums. Audiomack allows you to download unlimited songs free, shows you new trending music around the world, and allows you to download them to listen offline when you don’t have Wi-Fi connectivity.

  1. Youtube Music

Youtube Music

A lot of people enjoy using Youtube Music; it is both a premium and free app, which also gives you the option to listen to music offline and without Wi-Fi. It supports high-quality audio, offline playback experience, and music discovery where you can find new and trending music. Specially designed for android phones, you will come to love the interface and user-friendliness of Youtube music. You can also listen to music on your phone’s local directory anytime without Wi-Fi.

  1. Pulsar Music Player

Pulsar Music Player

Pulsar Music Player is free and easy to use. You will enjoy using this application because of its unique interface. The app also browses and scans your phone folders for music files and adds them to your playlists. The app fully supports Chromecasts, comes with a sleep timer, and gives you full control over how you want to listen to your music. You should check out Pulsar Music Player for a free and no Wi-Fi listening experience.

  1. Black Player

Black Player

The black player is simple, minimalist, and beautiful. It plays all the songs from your phone’s local storage, arranges them into playlists for you, and gives you a customizable listening experience. If you want to be able to adjust the bass boost or sound balance, Black Player is perfect for you. What’s more? You will enjoy your music and listen to lyrics on the go with its customizable user interface.

  1. Palco Mp3

Palco Mp3

Palco Mp3 makes out the top 12 lists because of its convenient usability and music collection. Palco Mp3 gives you access to numerous songs free while also allowing you to download them and listen offline without Wi-Fi. Its playlists are organized, and it shows you music based on rankings. Palco Mp3 is one you should check out for free music.

  1. Rocket Player

Rocket Player

Rocket Player is one of our favorites. You can use Rocket player to listen to songs for free. It also comes with an equalizer to customize your songs and a simple interface to browse tour media files by genre or albums. The rocket player is smooth and unique and allows you to enjoy your music offline without Wi-Fi.

  1. Shuttle Music Player

Shuttle Music Player

If you are looking for a music player that scans your phone folders for music files, then Shuttle is a good fit. Enjoy your music on the go with Shuttle Music Player’s modern design and unique interface. Create your playlists easily, keep track of all your favorite songs and listen to them offline even without Wi-Fi.

  1. Vanilla Music

Vanilla Music

We recommend Vanilla Music for you. It has all the needed features of a good music player and allows you to listen to them offline. It supports music queuing, gapless playback, and more. You can also use Vanilla Music equalizer to customize your music and listen offline anywhere, anytime.

  1. Spiral Player

Spiral Player

Spiral Player makes out list because of its unique feature to play music from your Google drive or drop box. It is both a cloud and offline music player that gives you different themes and customization options. If you want to download songs and listen offline without any problems, then you should consider getting Spiral Player.

  1. Foldplay


Lastly, we have Foldplay. Foldplay is one of the simplest music players you can use to listen to your music offline. It comes with many different options to customize your listening experience and user interface. Foldplay prioritizes tour music performance and covers display; you will enjoy using Foldplay offline and without Wi-Fi.

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We have gone over our 12 best apps to listen to music for free and without Wi-Fi. If you still have a problem picking, we would suggest to you our top favorite Lark Player. Enjoy all your music anywhere and anytime with an offline music app!

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