10 Best Free Novel Writing Software In 2022

Best Free Novel Writing Software

Best Free Novel Writing Software: Writing a unique isn’t a simple task. It needs passion, creativity, a deep-thinking process, and most significantly, passion for writing a story in any situation. aside from ideas, Free Novel Writing Software helps you to ease your task. If you are looking for the best writing services with native writers for essay writing you can visit the link given.

And if you’re the one who is trying to find such software then today we are here with Free Novel Writing Software for Windows 10. But before we move to the review section, first let me show you some sorts of book writing software.

Let me tell you one story. An author was sitting in the room and finished the book. it’s nothing quite but a myth. The writing area is tough, and getting mastery in it’s even tougher. That’s why many talented advanced writers are using Book Writing Software. And one of the known names in this area is Reedsy.

Types of Online Novel Writing Software

If you think that that writing software will write a story on your behalf of you, then you’re wrong. Software is getting more advanced, but they’re not as clever because of the human mind. But again, it helps you in fulfilling and completing your writing task. So how it can assist you? it’ll help you in four alternative ways. In organizing your content, developing a well-structured plot, editing manuscripts regarding grammatical and other mistakes, and publishing and marketing.

There are numerous Free Novel Writing Software for Mac and Windows present within the market which are divided into four major categories as given below.

List Of Best Novel Writing Software

1. Organizational writing software

Writing a unique is nothing but juggling. rather than balls or things, here you’ve got to play with characters and words. Here you’ll get notes on the theme, settings, and characters. you’ll put the plot outline and constantly improve the plot because the story takes shape. Here you’ll also get bundles of research notes consistent with the subject of the novel. you’ll also get the parts of prose and dialogue that are somewhere in some novel that you never know.

All the above-listed things aren’t placed in proper order; it’s the facility to destroy 100% of your creativity. it’s also possible that when writing your first draft, you’ve got got the maximum amount as a possible distraction. So to offer the inner artist peace of mind, this sort of software will assist you by keeping all relevant character or research notes in one single place and well organized.

This kind of software remains more efficient compared to Microsoft Word or Pages, where almost 96% of features are unnecessary to write down a unique. So if you would like something more efficient and thing of the 21st century, choose organizational Software for Writing novels.

2. Story development software

The next sort of software is story development software which is the best writing software. it’ll assist you in creating a writing plot and characters. Even several advanced story development software also help in developing the story theme and story world also. While using such sort of software, confine mind that they’re mechanical. once you type a few first lines during a box, it delivers a fully outlined plan for your novel which is neatly divided into different scenes. Though it sounds great, it’s on the brink of fiction which is written by a robot.

The down point is each written fiction broke the principles in one or differently, but once you allow the software to write down a story, it’ll stick with blueprints, and hence without breaking one rule, you’ll get a fiction designed and ready by an algorithm.

If you would like to write the fiction together with your natural storytelling instinct rather than following the principles to write fiction, then this software will a minimum gives you the proper direction.

3. Proofreading and editing software

As the name suggests, this software helps the user to shine the manuscript before publishing. Proofreading and editing may be a necessary task whether you would like to publish our novel online or in traditional ways.

If you recognize every rule of a grammar book, there’ll be some mistakes that you simply can’t capture like missing article or subject or sentence fragment, etc. albeit your grammar isn’t at its best and if you’re unsure, then investing in self-editing Script Writing Softwares can work as a sensible move. I suggest that if you’ve got confidence in terms0 of grammatical mistakes, then don’t choose this sort of software because nobody cares for missing commas or periods.

4. Publishing and marketing software

See, consistent with me, you are doing not need any software to publish and market. But Why I’m discussing this here, because to form you aware that just in case you are doing not have any idea, then you’ll use it. this type of tool simplifies your business side of writing. Not essential, but you’ll consider these tools as a worthwhile investment.

Best Free Novel Writing Software Reviews

1. Reedsy Book Editor


Whether you would like an article coach, trying to find professional feedback, or have final eyes on the manuscript, Reedsy is the one place for you. the gorgeous interface of this software makes the writing task distraction-free. The formatting toolbar is straightforward to use. The typesetting makes the writing consistent. you’ll surely find out how to format the book.

With this software, you are doing not need to reread and revise the chapter. Now, work together on your manuscript in real-time, editing prose, tracking changes, and making comments. The exposed files also can distribute to e-bookstores.

Even after finishing your book, they also provide editors to verify your manuscript. Last but not least feature is its professional themes which are designed for ebooks, publishers, and authors so that they are doing not need to depend upon the expensive typesetting processes. From production to publication, it helps you in each stage.

2. FastPencil


FastPencil may be a small platform with many tools. you’ll use this platform for distributing your books. Writing on this platform is free, but the extra services are chargeable. it’s browser-based software, so you would like a network connection to access your files from any pc. With this Free Novel Writing Software for Windows 10, you’ll write also format the book with security.

It can convert your manuscript into an ebook format and choose the page design. you’ll also invite your friends or editors to figure with you on an equivalent platform.

You can publish your book in multiple formats including PDF, ePub 3.0, Mobi, Paperback, and Hardcover with the retail barcode. After publishing the book, this software also takes care of distribution, e-commerce, and delivery. As there’s no inventory to shop for, you are doing not need to send the books to distributors. All the books are published globally and distributed with an ISBN.

Do not worry as promotion, sales tracking, and royalty counter is there inside this tool itself. What you’ve got to try to do is simply pick the packages from Free, Catalyst, FastTrack, Marquee, and Maestro, and therefore the software will do the remainder of the work.

3. yWriter

yWriter is the next name within the list of online Novel Writing Software. It breaks your novel into scenes and chapters. It keeps track of all of your work and makes your mind assist you to design the story.

It will also suggest some ideas for the story and perform creative tasks. a standard person doesn’t design yWriter; an author designed it. the simplest part of this software is its liberal use. you’ll register your copy also.

It will organize your novel, and add chapters, scenes, characters, items, and locations to the project. While writing a project, it shows the word count for every file also as the total word count. At selected intervals, it takes a backup of your writing. With the assistance of this software, you’ll write multiple scans within one chapter.

Another thing which I might wish to mention is it provides a visible layout of your work also as a storyboard view. If you discover the order of scenes isn’t proper, then you’ll re-order the scenes but within the chapter only. But you’ll drag and drop the situation, chapters, scenes, characters, and items.

4. FocusWriter

For many writers, distractions are the amount of one enemy. So FocusWriter is here to assist because of the name state. It helps you to satisfy your deadlines. The interface is clean and distraction-free.

Due to this, it minimizes your work and makes straightforward the writing simple. No more clutter on your pc screen as all the items are saved inside the software only. For those that want to travel through the second or third draft, I don’t recommend this tool. except for the first-run writers, this tool is best. One key attribute provides the simplest writing.

Other option includes menus, drag and drop toolbars, or copy and paste. the main target mode makes sure that there’s nothing that comes in between you and your words. FocusWriter is free Software for Writing novels and is available for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

5. Scrivener


For authors and screenwriters, this tool is best. I do know this tool isn’t free, but this tool is worth spending money on. It provides features like an overview, side-by-side viewing, corkboard, a full-screen editor, and word count targets alongside print, export, print, and publishing tools.

In this single powerful app, you’ll manage all the items ranging from writing to publishing to marketing. you’ll break your text into a special size or leave the task of attaching it to the Scrivener. The integrated outlining tool first plans and then restructures consistent with the road of the story improvement.

You can write the entire chapter in one section or separate them into chapters or paragraphs. I prefer the innovative Scrivenings mode, which allows you to place the pieces together.

Another thing is you’ll do text editing, which incorporates bold, italics, highlight phrases, add comments and annotations, make lists, and insert images and tables. For quick customization, you’ll customize the toolbar, too.

The formatting presets can shorten the quote also as can enlarge the heading. alongside the fiction writer, this tool is additionally best for non-fiction writers, too.

6. Novel Factory

Novel Factory

As the name suggests, this Book Writing Software is home to many novels and books. Out of all features, the first notable feature of this tool is Roadmap. it’s everything that a writer searches for. It’s best for beginners to experts. It breaks down the writing into smaller parts and makes the work easy.

You can always take down the small print of the situation from the situation tab. To inspire the storyline and writer, both provide multiple images. It generates the outline for all of the scenes and builds an immersive story world.

With the assistance of the character tab, you’ll get an overline of every character. Even you’ll open individual character also. It includes an introduction, viewpoint synopsis, basic information, questionnaire, viewpoint synopsis, history, and notes.

From the synopsis, it can generate the scenes directly. It also can create the scenes automatically and breaks them. then, you’ll move to your first draft.

The software is quick and straightforward to find out. It doesn’t need hours to know its functions and features. thanks to its online version, it can work well with all OS, and for pc, it’s a desktop version also.

7. NewNovelist


I know writing a replacement story may be a tough task, but once you have NewNovelist, then there’s no got to worry. it’ll assist you from start to end. With a few updates, this Script Writing Software has all the items that a writer wants. rather than the organizer tool, it’s more like writing software.

When you choose the template, this software automatically creates the structure for your novel. It also described intimately advice to write down the story altogether stage of the novel. With the emerging story, you’ll change the templates.

From the references, you’ll create an upscale set of characters, objects, places, and ideas. you’ll apply it to different stages.

The visualizer helps you to stay all things in context. So you’ll not forget any single thing or twist inside the story. With the powerful WYSIWYG, you’ll watch print previews and use printing facilities. How am I able to miss the spell checker and word analyzer/thesaurus? It also helps you to publish a unique, too. It supports all windows versions.

8. Novel Suite

Novel Suite

Novel Suite is another streamlined program for writers available within the market. The colorful welcome screen that navigates you to different modules is sort of a novel board, writing templates page, word processing system, character list, image library, and a neighborhood for your research.

It is designed for those people that don’t want a complex interface but still want to arrange their complex ideas in a simple interface.

The templates of Novel Suite give the simplest output for the newly written novel. It includes six templates, and some thoughtful tips, and is filled with specific questions that assist you to plan the storyline of the novel. just like the Starting Out template helps the author to offer an overall journey of the story and the way to capture readers’ templates allows the pliability in writing.

Yes, this tool is paid, but a free trial gives you adequate time to finish a unique one with all the features. once you use this software, you discover that writing templates alone are well worth the price. All other functions are liberal to add-ons. This tool is best for those that are trying to find a more advanced and nuanced template. Other features include outlining scenes, chapters, various detailed templates, character profile sheets, research, and image library sections.

9. AutoCrit


Different from other software, AutoCrit not only organizes, develops, and self-edits the story but also includes in-depth editorial service and functions which provide a completely new twist and switch to your novel. confine mind that if you’ve got an honest-sized draft for your novel, then only this software is beneficial. If you wish to edit meticulously or micromanage the writer, then choose this Free Novel Writing Software.

Some functions and other individual elements test your work and assist you to enhance your work. After choosing the main target area and word choice, this software narrows the selection even more by checking for generic descriptions, improving sentence starters, working on personal phrases, and more.

It boasts an appealing interface with all editing possibilities. the worth range of the software is additionally decent. Some writers could be hesitant to select an editing program, but they never skill hard to edit the work. AutoCrit provides a tremendous service that will edit the manuscript with knowledgeable prospects. the fees are different and consistent with the plan. the essential plan charges $30/month; the professional plan charges $80/month, and therefore the elite plan charges a $1/two-week trial.

10. WriteItNow

WriteItNow’s exciting features provide the simplest platform for all aspiring authors and make writing simple. the essential interface and toolbar at the highest can provide quick access to all or any of the features and every one section to write down. The sidebar keeps track of your writing. This software also provides a spread of resources that are unique to edit your novel.

After writing a chapter or chapters, you’ll check the word count, and spelling, and run editorial Critiques from the Editor Tools tab. it’ll undergo your writing and determine unnecessary padding words, repetitive phrases, and clichés that you simply have used. In short, it helps you to shine the writing because the third-party editor does.

The automatic Create Idea function is another helpful feature. you’ve got to settle on a personality and sort of ideas like personality traits et al., and therefore the program will show you creative prompts. you’ll integrate it inside your story or give a thought about your characters.

Other features include element sheets, chapter outlines, front and end matter sections, and a good range of editing tools including repetition finder and readability score. In short, it’s working like its name and helps the author to urge their work done.

This software is expensive compared to other names on this list, but the license for canopy Mac and PC versions is both. The free trial is there, but it doesn’t save your work. The licensing fee is $59.95.


So it is all about the Free Novel Writing Software for Windows 10 and Windows 11. Hopefully, you like it. By the way, you can also share the name of the Online Novel Writing Software that you are using or willing to use using the comment section below. It will help the novices to pick the most useful one.

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