10 Best Free Hacking Learning Websites 2023

Free Hacking Learning Websites: Want to become a Hacker? You have come to the right place. Cybersecurity and related fields have boomed in recent years. The cybersecurity industry is changing day by day. Every day a new computer virus is released into the market. Countries have dedicated Cybersecurity wings to spy on other countries and sometimes their citizen.

In the 21st century, it is the need of the hour to learn Hacking and cybersecurity if you want to live safely it. Moreover, there are not so many cybersecurity experts out there so there is a hole in the market. If you want to pursue Cybersecurity as a field or you want to learn hacking just for your safety then you can learn it online.

Now the question on the vast internet with probably billion of websites where can you find the necessary guidance to start? That is why we have carefully researched and handpicked the 10 best Hacking and cyber security websites where you can learn Hacking for free from start to end. You can master hacking skills if you follow these sites. Dive into the article to get more information.

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Best Free Hacking Learning Websites 

Here is a list of websites where you can learn Hacking and Cybersecurity from basics without paying a penny. Content on all of these websites is written and published by real hackers and cybersecurity experts. 

These are the people who made a name in their field and now helping others to do the same. Most of the content creators on these sites have spent decades in the field. Pick a site of your liking and start learning.

1. HackerSploit


Hacker Sploit is a site where you will find content related to almost all the categories related to cybersecurity. The website features video tutorials as well as tools to give its users a better experience. The website also features blogs on different topics regarding cybersecurity.

The website also has a podcast section where they discuss the industry with experienced cybersecurity experts.

On hackersploit, you can learn each tool of cyber security including Kali Linux and all the tools related to kali like Metasploit, Nmap, net cat, and much much more.

The site features videos on different topics including Android Hacking, Pentesting Tutorials, Network attacks, password attacks, and much more. You will also learn about malware analysis. You can not only learn but also apply on the virtual machines and sites on CTF. 

2. Cybrary CyberSecurity


Cybrary is another site where you can start your cybersecurity and pen-testing journey. The site features different courses both paid and free on all the topics related to cybersecurity and pentesting. Every instructor on the site is an experienced cybersecurity expert or a hacker.

If you want to pursue cybersecurity as a professional field then Cybrary is your go-to site. Cybrary provided certification for every course you take on it and it has a very good reputation in the field. The site has a variety of content both paid and free on different topics related to cybersecurity.

Its free content is enough to give you a head start.

3. Hacksplaining 


Hacksplaining is a website created for cybersecurity enthusiasts. The website features an interactive learning system where each lesson you take regarding any topic you can apply on the dummy servers provided by the site.

On this site, you can learn all about different vulnerabilities and how you can exploit all these vulnerabilities. Once you feel yourself to be ready you can apply all you learned on a virtual machine.

4. Hak5 Forum 


The Hak5 forum is a forum site where you can discuss hack-related stuff and ask questions. The website has different groups based on the category of cybersecurity you want to discuss. You can socialize with people like you there moreover you can read posts by different enthusiastic hackers and learn from them.

Hak5 also has a youtube channel where you can watch hacking tutorials, cybersecurity courses, and daily cybersecurity news and updates.

5. SANS Cyber Aces 


Sans is a website that provides a road map to beginners that have just started in the field. The site has different free courses for beginners, intermediate, Expert hackers, and cybersecurity experts. The site has a vast library that contains content on different cybersecurity.

You can select any course on the site and start your learning journey. The site also has a blog section where you will find news and updates about the cybersecurity world.

6. Hacking Loops 


Hacking Loops is an educational blog that helps new hackers learn about the field. It treats its visitors like students and provides all the information in a manner understandable by beginners.

The website provides newbies with the opportunity to learn all the following topics in depth Penetration testing, Ethical hacking,  Mobile hacking, and Practice tests and challenges.

7. Hackaday 


Hack a day is a website with the motto “one hack every day“. As the motto says the site provides its users with a hack tutorial every day to make them understand better. The site features attacks and tutorials that help users understand how it works.

You can not only learn but also take part in the projects. The site has built a community with wonderful content. You can also join this community and learn more about hacking by creating an account on the site.

8. Sectools 


Sectools is a site where you can learn about different hacking tools the site has tons of pages filled with information about different tools. The site features information on tools like different commands and their uses. 

The content on the site is very informative. You can learn all about the different hacking tools if you read the blogs on-site every day.

9. Security Tube


The security tool is a wonderful site that features hacking tutorials in video format. The site has so much content for beginners and advanced.

The site is best for beginners as it offers video format content explaining everything step-by-step and as a new user of the site, you can start learning as beginners and can gradually step towards the complicated topics once you feel ready.

10. Hacker 101


Hacker 101 is another educational site for beginners. The site offers tutorials and classes about ethical hacking. The content on the site is useful, upto date, and educational. 

This site is best for beginners because of its design. As you create your account on the site you can start learning the basics of ethical hacking and cybersecurity and with time you will be learning more and more advanced topics.

The site also has some valuable recourses that will help you in the course of your learning.


In recent years the IT industry has changed completely. With so many threats regarding privacy, it is safe to have cybersecurity/hacking skills in your pocket. The world has evolved so much that without the tech the survival of humans is not possible now. With a piece of tech comes a vulnerability that can be exploited and used against you. If you want to learn hacking and cybersecurity free of cost from your home visit the sites given in the article and master the skill.

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