15+ Best Free Ebook Download Sites 2021

Best Free Ebook Download Sites

Free Ebook Download Site – Enjoy reading books via ebooks in PDF format? This time, Teknoding will share a collection of free book download sites for those of you who are looking for good reading references.

As we know, reading books is one of the activities that are beneficial for us.

Because by reading books, we can learn to gain knowledge, knowledge, and information that we never knew before.

The development of internet technology today, allows us to access books more quickly and easily, especially for digital books or ebooks.

Currently, we can read books through any device, such as computers, laptops, and smartphones or tablets.

Along with following development trends. Currently, many places or websites provide digital books. We can get the book for free or for a fee.

However, what about the free or free version? Is there a website for downloading free books/ebooks? Several sites provide free ebooks, see the following list:

Best Free PDF Ebook Download Site

The most complete collection of websites for free book/ebook download providers in PDF format:

1. Bookboon


The first website is the URL address link Bookboon.com. Bookboon is one of the largest online digital book (ebook) publishing companies in the world today.

Bookboon provides a wide variety of ebooks, which are aimed at university students, as well as an office or business workers.

Later if you don’t want to download it. You can read the book online.

Furthermore, for the Student category, users can download more than 1000 ebooks. For the Business category, users can pay a subscription fee of 5.99 dollars per month. However, you can try the free trial for 30 days.

2. Free-Ebooks


Unlike the Bookboon website, which provides free books only in. PDF format.

On the Free-ebooks website, you can get free ebooks, PDF, ePUB, Kindle, and TXT formats.

Apart from that, registered users will be spoiled for various categories and types of books, such as fiction, non-fiction, academic, tutorial, drama, and many more, which you can explore on your own.

Of course, adjust it to your interests, which category you like the most. Before downloading and reading a book, you can preview or peek at the contents of the book first, via the Preview button.

3. DigiLibraries


The DigiLibrares website provides a collection of digital books or ebooks, which are growing every day.

To search for the ebook, you can view it by category, or by typing in keywords, title, or author name.

The available ebooks can be downloaded for free. And supports formats such as PDF, ePUB, and Mobi.

4. Feedbooks


The Feedbooks website provides an ebook library, which you can read on a variety of smartphones or tablets.

Feedbooks is a great place, for those of you who are book lovers, who want to read a collection of fiction and non-fiction books.

Apart from providing free ebooks, Feedbooks also provides ebooks for a fee.

5. PDFBooksWorld

While visiting the PDFBooksWorld website. At first glance, it looks very simple indeed. The books on the PDFBooksWorld website, are digital versions of books that have reached the status of the public domain.

Where we can download, read, and use it without any copyright law restrictions. This website also provides ebooks, which have been optimized, for different screen sizes, such as on PC, Mobile, or Tablet.

To get the ebook, you have to register or create an account first.

6. Manybooks

The Manybooks website provides more than 50 thousand ebooks that you can get for free.

To search for a book title, you can select a book genre/category, or you can type the title or author’s name in the search field.

With a modern website appearance. This website provides online reading and download features, from various book or ebook formats, which can be considered complete. Such as formats, PDF, ePUB, Kindle, Mobi, and so on.

7. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg

The Project Gutenberg website provides approximately 60 thousand ebooks, which you can get for free.

You can read online, or download free ebooks, in ePUB, Kindle, HTML format.

8. Openlibrary


The eighth website is called openlibrary.org. This site can also be called an online library and is very open to any writer who wants to contribute.

There are several collections of classic books, which you can download for free in PDF format.

9. Getfreeebooks


By the name of the title on the site, by visiting this site you will get the best and newest free ebooks.

Of course, using the PDF format. On this site, we can also easily search for ebooks from various categories.

Examples of ebook categories include computers and the internet, adventure, fantasy, food and health, and many others.

This site arguably provides a free ebook, which is almost complete.

With a simple and modern appearance, we can easily find the book or ebook that we want.

10. Bookyards


The tenth site is called Bookyards. This site provides more than 24 thousand ebooks that you can download for free, with PDF formats.

And more than 6 thousand writers have contributed to this site.

This site also provides ebooks from various categories, ranging from computers, economics, education and so on. This site also provides mp3 audio format.

11. Ebooklobby

This site provides a large collection of free ebooks, which are divided into various categories.

Examples include the categories of computers, art, fashion, graphic design, photography, finance, biography, and entertainment.

In appearance, it is very simple, only a list of free ebook links.

12. PlanetPublish

This site provides a collection of fiction books or what we usually call novels, which you can get for free.

In appearance it is very classic and minimalist like a blog, you can download the free ebook, on each link at the end of the post.

13. Freetechbooks

This site provides a collection of free ebooks on computer science, programming languages, notebooks or textbooks, as well as lecture notes.

You can read all the ebooks, access and download them for free and legally.

This site can be a reading reference for students majoring in science and technology who are working on their thesis or final project.

14. Freebookcentre

The site provides thousands of free ebook links. The existing collection of books, you can download or read online.

This site provides various categories of books such as core computer science, electronics, science, medical, and many more.

15. Google PlayBook

Google Play Book is Google’s most popular website, which provides buying and selling services for legal and official e-books, or digital books online.

Just like the Google Play Store which provides paid and free application games.

Apart from providing paid digital books or ebooks, Google Play Book also provides ebooks, which you can download for free.

Unlike Amazon Prime, which must be a member first to get a free ebook.

This is the article about a list of websites for providers of free and legal digital book or ebook downloads.

Although most of the books on the list are in English, not Indonesian.

However, at least this can be a reading reference material for those of you who are looking for free books.

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