10 Best Free Contact Backup Apps For Android In 2021

Contact Backup Apps For Android

We generally store many important and sensitive data on our Android smartphones. Out of all those data, contacts seem to be the foremost important one. a number of the contacts, including personal & business ones, might be vital and that we don’t want to lose them.

However, if you’ve got been using the Android OS for a short time, then you would possibly know that the safety risk and bugs are relatively high on the platform. In such a scenario, losing essential data like contacts is feasible. Therefore, in such cases, it’s best to use contact backup apps.

List of 10 Best Free Contact Backup Apps For Android

Since prevention is usually better than cure, it’s always best to copy your most vital files. during this article, we’ll share a number of the simplest contact backup apps for Android. With these apps, you’ll easily create contacts backup on Android and restore it later. So, let’s inspect.

1. Contact Backup

Contact Backup

Contact Backup is one of the simplest and top-rated contact manager app available for the Android smartphone. With Contact Backup, you’ll quickly transfer contacts from Android to Android, Android to iPhone, iPhone to Android, etc. If we mention the contact backup and restore feature, the app allows users to backup all contacts to a different Android device, SDcard, Gmail, Dropbox, etc.

2. Super Backup & Restore

Super Backup & Restore is an all-in-one backup and restores tool for your Android smartphone. Not just contacts, Super Backup & Restore, also can backup apps, text messages, call logs, bookmarks, calendars, etc., to your SDcard, Gmail, or Google Drive. Aside from that, Super Backup & Restore also allows users to schedule backups.

3. HeliumHelium - App Sync and Backup

Helium is one of the simplest and reliable back-ups & restore an app that you simply can wear on Android. the good thing is that Helium works on both rooted and non-rooted devices. The app allows you to backup your apps and data to your SD card or cloud storage. It can backup all kinds of data, including the Contacts, SMS, Accounts, Phone States, WiFi networks, etc., to the SD card or cloud storage.

4. My Contacts

My Contacts

If you’re checking out an Android app that will assist you in backup, restoring, and saving all of your precious contacts, then My Contacts could be the right pick for you. Guess what? My Contacts, you’ll quickly transfer all of your contacts from one Android to a different, Android to iOs, or Android to feature phones.

5. MCBackup

MCBackup provides you with a simple thanks to backup and restores your contacts on Android. The app creates contact backup within the .vcf attachment, which may be sent through email attachments. aside from that, you’ll set MCBackup to send you reminders to copy your contacts regularly. So, it’s an all-in-one contact backup app for Android that you simply will surely like to use.

6. Contacts


Contacts from Google is one of the simplest and top-rated contact management app available on the Play Store. The app is often won’t backup contacts and syncs them across all of your devices. It safely backs up the contacts within the Google Account to the cloud. meaning you’ll access the contacts in your Google Account from any device.

7. Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup

If you’ve got a rooted Android device, you would like to offer Titanium Backup a try. aside from backup & restore, Titanium Backup is additionally capable of freezing background apps. Since the app relies on root access, it unlocks some advanced backup options. as an example, you’ll set Titanium Backup to backup your contacts to the cloud platform as per the schedule. It provides a backup option for all kinds of data, including SMS, MMS, Call Logs, Bookmarks, WiFi AP, Contacts, Media Files, etc.

8. Easy Contacts Backup

Unlike all other contact management apps, Easy Contacts Backup allows users to backup contacts within the.VCF format only. It doesn’t have any cloud support, but it does allow the send backup (VCF) file as an email attachment. aside from that, it also offers many sorting options, such as you can manage the history of backup in chronological order with date and time.

9. Contacts to pdf, vcf, text

As the app’s name says, Contacts to pdf, vcf, the text provides users three alternative ways to backup contacts. You’ll save contacts to PDF file, VCF file, or document. Not only that, but you’ll also share the file types via email, WhatsApp, etc.

10. G Cloud Backup

G Cloud Backup

G Cloud Backup may be a bit different compared to all or any others listed within the article. rather than counting on other cloud storage services, G Cloud Backup relies on its cloud service for backup purposes. With the free version, G Cloud Backup offers you 1GB of storage. 1GB of storage would be quite enough to copy the contacts. aside from contacts, it also can backup messages, contacts, call logs, documents, phone settings, etc.

So, these are the simplest contact backup app for Android that you simply can use immediately. If you recognize other apps like these, allow us to know within the comment box below.

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