18+ Best Font Apps For Android- Font Apps For iOS In 2021

Best Font Apps For Android & iOS

When making things that you simply plan on showing people, one of the foremost important things to believe is that the sort of font you would like to use.

Not only will certain fonts catch people’s attention, but they could also cause more people to truly read what you’ve written.

Different types of fonts do great with differing types of projects, but it’s always great to possess multiple options to settle on from.

With that being the case, here are the 20 best font style apps that you simply can get on both Android and iOS! Since all of those are only available on one platform or another, you’ll want to form sure you discover one that’s compatible together with your phone.

Best Font Style Apps For Android And IOS

1. Cool Fonts (Android)Cool Fonts

In addition to having tons of fonts and themes, this app also makes it possible for you to use a custom keyboard. Not only are you able to choose the colours of your keyboard, but you’ll also choose the font you would like. the good thing is that the fonts you select are often used across all apps!

While you’ll use the free version, you’ll also buy the premium version. By doing this, not only will you get extra font types and unlimited keyboards, but you furthermore may need to affect any of these recurring ads.

2. AnyFont (iOS)

AnyFontWith this app, you’ll download many various sorts of fonts. additionally, to having the ability to use them on social media and messaging apps, you’ll also use them with apps like PowerPoint or Word. this suggests you’ll bring a touch of spice to your documents. Since your phone will recognize the fonts you download with the app, you won’t need to affect any surprises of fonts being replaced at the last minute!

With numerous different fonts to settle on from, you’re bound to find a couple of that you simply absolutely fall crazy with and need to use all the time!

3. 3D Magic Fonts (Android)

Unlike the opposite apps on this list, this one allows you to use 3D fonts and background pictures. you’ll use the fonts that are already pre-loaded otherwise you can create your own. a number of the features you’ll use to try to do this are filters, colours, and effects. you’ll also use emojis to assist spice things up a touch.

The entire app is extremely easy to use and really user-friendly. You’ll be ready to try the consequences and begin creating the good fonts in a matter of just a couple of simple minutes!

4. iFont (iOS)

This iOS app makes it possible to seek out and download just about any font out there. Once you download the font, you’ll be ready to use it on your other apps, including social media and various messaging apps. Something pretty cool about this app is that every font has information for you, like when it had been created and where it had been first used.

To compare the various fonts, you’ll put a phrase in and it’ll generate a preview of what it’ll appear as if with each font. this suggests you’ll be ready to choose the one you wish the simplest easily and quickly.

5. Phonto (iOS)

Phonto - Text on PhotosIf you’re trying to find an app that will allow you to add words and phrases with different fonts to your photos, then Phonto is that the app for you. Not only are you able to choose between 400 apps that are already pre-loaded, but you furthermore may have the choice to download countless other fonts. There also are quite a few belongings you can change with these fonts, like the dimensions, colour, gradient, and background colour.

While the app is liberal to use, there are some things that you simply can buy inside the app itself. Once these are purchased, you’ll have them forever.

6. Fonts Editor (iOS)

Fonts Editor has over 50 different fonts to settle on from which will be used on just about any app. This includes everything from social media to messaging apps to professional apps like PowerPoint. additionally, to the various fonts, it also has the choice of using text art and emoji art.

Once you create your text art, you’ll copy and paste it on any app you would like to use it on. it’ll also save right inside the app. Everything is extremely easy to use and you’ll get the hang of things during a pretty short time frame.

7. Fonteer (iOS)

The great thing about this app is that you simply simply can use equivalent fonts on your mobile device that you do on Windows or Mac. If you simply want to use the free version, you’ll download up to three fonts on your device. On the opposite hand, you’ll upgrade by making a 1-time purchase within the app and obtain unlimited font downloads.

One thing to stay in mind is that this app won’t change the fonts on your home screen or things like messaging and email. It does, however, allow you to use the fonts in apps like PowerPoint and Keynote.

8. Gothic Fonts (Android)

Gothic Fonts

Unlike the opposite apps on this list, this particular app gives you the choice to use 10 different gothic style fonts. Not only are these beautiful, but they provide a whimsical feel. confine mind, this app will only work with Android phones that have the Galaxy FlipFont program. Some phone models don’t support this app.

With that being the case, you would like to form sure it’s compatible because you won’t be ready to actually use the fonts if it isn’t. Another thing to stay in mind is that any Android phones that are running on Marshmellow or newer won’t support this app.

9. WhatTheFont (iOS)

Have you ever noticed a font that you simply love, but you can’t find out what it’s called? If so, then WhatTheFont is that the answer to your problem! All you’ve got to try to do is snap a fast picture of the font and therefore the app will offer you similar fonts. There’s also an opportunity that it’ll be ready to show you the precise font within the picture!

Once the app gives you suggestions, you’ll type in your own words to ascertain what it’ll appear as if . the good thing is that it generates immediately, so you don’t need to print or keep redoing it!

10. Fontli (iOS)

Not only are you able to choose between many various fonts with this app, but you’ll also use the community to undertake and find the name of specific ones. This is often extremely helpful if you see an image of font but can’t find out what it’s actually called. you’ll make some beautiful creations and share them so people from the community can like and admire them.

A great feature of the app is that you simply can choose between multiple different categories to seek out a font you’re keen on, rather than having to seem at all of them in alphabetical order! this suggests you’ll find great fonts much easier and quicker!

11. Font Maker (iOS)

Font Maker allows you to choose between multiple different fonts that are pre-loaded otherwise you can customize your own fonts to use. you’ll use them on things like social media apps, messaging apps, and email apps. It’s extremely easy to use because you write out what you would like within the app, then copy and paste it to wherever you would like it. it’ll copy overlooking the precise way it’s alleged to.

It saves your text and fonts, so you don’t need to worry about creating an equivalent font or writing an equivalent thing over and once again.

12. HiFont (Android)

HiFont - Cool Fonts Text Free + Galaxy FlipFontWith this Android app, you’ll choose between many different fonts. There are multiple different categories to settle on from, like cute, galaxy, comic, candy, and colour. Once you discover fonts you would possibly like, you’ll be ready to preview them before you really download them to your phone, which may prevent tons of your time and space.

You can change the font counting on how you are feeling and it even supports different languages, like French, Russian and Spanish. It even has the power to assist people that can’t see well by providing a font that’s extremely big and clean!

13. Font Changer (iOS)

With quite 110 fonts available, you’ll be ready to find an incredible font for any project you’re performing on. you would possibly even find yourself finding a couple of that you simply love using. These fonts are often used with all major apps and social media apps. this suggests you’ll bring a touch spice to all or any of your posts, which can get people intrigued and more likely to stay reading.

You also don’t need to worry about losing space because the font isn’t actually downloaded to your phone. you select the font inside the app and sort what you would like, then you merely copy and paste it to the app you want!

14. Font Manager (iOS)

If you’re trying to find an app that has several different styles to settle on from, then Font Manager may be a great option. Not only are you able to see which of them are available, but you’ll also see which of them you’ve already downloaded. It’s very easy to use and you’ll download the app right from the ZIP file archives.

While it is often used on most apps, confine in mind that some apps will only allow you to use one among their fonts and not allow you to use any you downloaded. to prevent being disappointed, confirm you check to ascertain if the app you would like will allow you to use your new font styles.

15. Kreativ Font App (Android)

One thing to stay in mind about this app is that it doesn’t actually download fonts or change the fonts on your phone. Instead, you’ll use varied fonts to form creations and publish them. This might sound like an inconvenience, but it’ll actually prevent tons of your time and space within the end of the day.

A great feature of the app is that it’s an entire list of obtainable fonts and fresh ones are published a day. this suggests that you’ll be ready to inspect new and exciting fonts every day!

16. Font Changer (iOS)

Font ChangerThis iOS app makes it possible to use over 110 different fonts. you’ll prefer to use only one otherwise you can mix and match to form the right customized font! no matter which route you go, you’ll be writing a la mode in no time. you’ll also use emoticons and various sorts of decorations in your fonts. this suggests you’ll create different ones that supported the mood of your writing.

You don’t need to worry about consuming your memory because the fonts aren’t downloaded on to your phone. You type what you would like within the app, then copy and paste to your required place.

17. Text Swag (Android)

This app may be a great option if you’re trying to find something to make your own awesome quotes and projects. you’ll also make some pretty nice graphics for all the various social media site. Besides creating, you’ll also do things like post captions on your old photos or create awesome flyers or announcements.

New fonts are chosen and uploaded a day, so you’ll never run out of fun ones to use. You’ll be ready to choose the colours that go together great and therefore the fonts that make your creations leap out and impress!

18. Stylish Fonts Free (Android)

If you’re one of those folks that are extremely bored of using normal fonts and you’re trying to find something a touch more exciting, then Stylish Fonts Free may be a fantastic option. This app works with Android phones that have FlipFont enabled. confine mind, those without this enabled or some newer versions won’t allow you to see the fonts.

The app itself is extremely user-friendly and very easy to use. You’ll be creating and using your own fonts in a matter of minutes. Another thing to stay in mind is that some devices would require you to restart your phone before it

actually lets you start using the font.

19. iFont (Android)

iFont(Expert of Fonts)The developers that created this app have handpicked many fonts for you to use. They pick ones that are beautiful and fun, so you’ll make the simplest creations possible. You’ll be ready to see an inventory of the available fonts and you’ll be ready to see a preview before you opt to truly start using it, which suggests it’ll take less time to seek out the right one for what you would like.

Some areas allow you to see what’s recommended, downloaded, and favourited. This makes it possible for you to make sure you don’t lose your favourite fonts!

As you’ll see, both Android and iOS users have quite a few options to settle on from. the good thing about having numerous apps is that you simply can try multiple until you discover the one that has the simplest styles for you and your needs. having the ability to customize your creations can really make an enormous difference, so let your creativity flow and find the simplest font!

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