10 Best Email Marketing Services In 2021

Best Email Marketing Services

You can ignore anything naysayers of email marketing have to say about it. Business.com reveals that no less than “for every $ 1 spent on email marketing in the United States, the median return is $ 44.” If that’s not a huge ROI for you, then you have to find a more creative way than creating an email to communicate and share the news with your subscribers. There is no denying that it is still one of the most effective marketing strategies of all time.

If you want your customers to feel they are worthy and ensure that they receive informative content, then you may need the best marketing software to help make your business a good one.

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How To Choose The Best Email Marketing Service

In the following, we try to provide some important points regarding the factors you need to consider in choosing the right email marketing service.

1. Price

Of course, this is at the top of the list for everyone. After realizing that price is the most important thing to consider, make sure you subscribe to a package that is worthy of your service and convenience in the future.

Try to evaluate the purpose of your business being established, if your business can survive by subscribing to this marketing service and whether it will be beneficial for the business to grow in the future.

There’s nothing wrong with investing in this kind of service, but it’s very important to research the right service that will really help you.

2. Ease of Use

Many website owners are not knowledgeable about technical issues. So, in choosing the right marketing service always make sure the service is simple and easy to use so that it is not difficult for you to adapt to the system offered.

3. Deliverability

Deliverability means the ability of marketing service to send mail at a scheduled time. It is a priority to choose a service that ensures the maximum delivery rate.

4. A / B Testing

A / B Testing calculates the behaviour of your customers. It is used to determine which variation is performing better for a given conversion goal.

Having a tool of this kind is a great way to determine which strategies are working and which are not. This can be good at the same time as different levels such as:

  • A / B Test the letter title
  • A / B Test a copy of the arrest letter
  • A / B Test mail open rate

5. Analysis and Reporting

Analytics and reporting help you determine your customer movements and how effective your email marketing strategy is through open and click rates, and what conversion rates are.

6. Automation Tools

Automation tools aren’t a must-have for all email marketers, but they can be a way to have passive income for your business.

If you’re just starting, you should find an email marketing service that offers segmentation to help you provide more relevant content to your subscribers.

7. Form Maker

It’s easier if you choose marketing software that provides a powerful form builder. The form builder makes your strategy even more attractive by using the registration form depending on what you offer.

8. Integration

If your business uses applications like WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, and others, make sure that your marketing services software can match it. Also, make sure that all the essential tools that you use won’t crash when you are using a particular email marketing software.

Top Email Marketing Service

Now, let’s get to the best email marketing software to use for your business.

1. ConvertKit


ConvertKit is a very helpful email service provider, especially for bloggers, podcasters, and other companies that are building an audience.

ConvertKit also has visual automation features that let you create designs any way you want. With ConvertKit, everything is done within the automation editor itself. So, clicking on the email step allows you to edit it in one line.

Unlike other email service providers, ConverKit focuses on text email only, so you will be more intimate in communicating with customers.

ConvertKit starts with a 14-day free trial and goes on to pay $ 29 / month.

2. Aweber

Aweber is one of the most established email marketing service providers. Their business has been running since the 90s, which is also what makes it a trusted marketing service.

Aweber is best to use with signup form templates. It is effortless to use, especially for novice users because not all email marketing services are easy to use to personalize registration forms. Aweber has A / B Testing functionality on forms sent to recipients, so you can easily check whether your strategy is working or not.

Another well-known feature of Aweber is the Aweber mobile application, with which you can conveniently send e-mails through the use of your mobile.

Aweber offers a 30-day trial and can be purchased for $ 19 / month.

3. Constant Contact

Constant Contact has had many improvements over the years in this business. Its email marketing application allows companies to import customer data from spreadsheets or email clients, such as Gmail and Microsoft Outlook.

Apart from that, one of the newest updates is that you can now connect to the Facebook page to place your ad.

Constant Contact is easy to use because it has a drag-and-drop email generator where you can design and personalize your email strategy from scratch. It also has an excellent feature that will automatically resend an email to recipients who haven’t seen the first email, to make it open for future posts.

Other features of Constant Contact that might provide a solution for you:

  • Email Segmentation
  • Contact Management
  • Event Marketing Tools
  • E-Commerce Integration

Constant Contact offers a 30-day trial, and you can buy it for $ 20 / month.

4. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign allows you to be more creative in implementing email marketing. It has a drag-and-drop tool that makes it easier to design the email you want. If you’re not very good at it, you can also use pre-made templates and add your own twist. You can turn simple text emails into videos or pictures to express and communicate more with your contacts.

ActiveCampaign starts at $ 15 / month with a free 30-day trial.

5. MailChimp

MailChimpWhat’s new about MailChimp is its automation feature. Allows users to compose and send automatic emails when triggered by customer activity.

MailChimp offers a free premium account, which is a popular choice for business owners with little or no budget. Even though the subscription plan is free, you cannot underestimate the offering because the features that MailChimp has will definitely help your business needs. MailChimp is an email marketing service that is quite popular in India.

You can get MailChimp for free or buy it for a starting price of only $ 10 / month.

6. GetResponse

GetResponse is a highly productive marketing service provider. Almost all the features in this service, not only email marketing but also provide landing pages and webinars.

Some of the great features of GetResponse are:

  • Has a drag-and-drop feature
  • Use auto attendants
  • Create automation workflows
  • A / B Testing Tool for newsletters and landing pages

GetResponse has a 30-day free trial and starts at $ 15 / month.

7. SendinBlue

SendinBlue is also popular, especially in the eCommerce industry. It offers three services such as email, SMS, and dedicated IP.

This can be a great fit if you have an online store. It also offers SMS, transactional messages that track the movements of your customers.

For example, a confirmation text will be sent to your customer as soon as they have purchased your product.

SendinBlue is an email marketing software that has a drag-and-drop feature to help its users build emails conveniently. They can also use the available templates.

Automation is also available on SendinBlue which is ready to be customized. The three mentioned services offered by SendinBlue have their own prices.

You can have SendinBlue for free up to $ 25 / month.

8. MailerLite

MailerLiteMailerLite is one of the newest in the industry. Even though they are new, it has a unique feature for sending your email marketing to your subscribers.

Personalized features allow you to hide or show unavoidable parts of your email to your specific subscribers. Another thing is that you can add customers’ personal information (which they volunteer) so that you can approach them in a more personal way.

MailerLite is excellent for bulk email. It helps you send emails to your growing contact list without difficulty.

You can have MailerLite on the free plan or $ 10 / month.

9. Email Benchmarks

Email Benchmarks are great for small businesses and startups who need to create a successful email marketing campaign.

It lets you create creative, hands-on professional email campaigns with easy-to-use tools like a drag-and-drop email editor to automation tools.

Email Benchmark has very easy-to-use tools, from drag-and-drop email editors to automation tools.

Other features that Email Benchmark offers:

  • A / B Split Testing
  • A mobile application that makes it easy to view email via mobile
  • They have a smooth integration with 300 plus other applications
  • List Builders

You can subscribe to Benchmark Email starting from the free plan up to $ 13.9 per month.

10. Drip


Drip is one of the best email marketing software for online store owners and is recommended, especially if you are a Shopify user.

Drip has user-friendly features and it just takes a few tweaks, and you’re good to go. They also have this Visual Builder, which makes your email campaigns more visible.

Everything that happens in your Shopify store, once you integrate it into Drip, will automatically send email marketing to your customers promoting your business.

For example, you are offering a product to be sold for a certain period of time, this notification will be sent directly to your valued contact who promotes the sale of your product.

You can Try Drip for 14 days for free and subscribe for $ 49 / month.

FAQ About Email Marketing

1. Do I still need email marketing even though I’m not selling a product?

Definitely! If you are a blogger, creating an email list and sending them to your subscribers that you have new posts or upcoming posts will help you.

2. How do I get more customers?

Using a lead magnet is a great way to get customers. Lead Magnets are a gift or product to your subscribers in exchange for their email addresses. Collecting their email addresses allows you to build a useful email list to get more subscribers.

3. How often should I send email campaigns?

This depends on the industry you are in. Sending at least four emails a week is sufficient for your subscribers to be notified.


Using an email campaign can be a huge task but a great strategy to become one of the top businesses in your industry.

Always keep in mind the factors to consider in choosing an email marketing service provider to avoid any troubles and distractions in the future and the growth of your business.

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