10+ Best Custom ROM Android Smartphones In 2023

Best Custom ROM For Android Phones

For Android smartphone users, have you ever heard of the term custom ROM? And what are the advantages for custom ROM users? For those of you who feel disappointed with the closing of the CyanogenMod project, you must read the best custom ROMs besides CyanogenMod for all types of Android phones.

For you Android smartphone users, who don’t know what a custom ROM is, you don’t need to feel confused basically if you want a different smartphone display with maximum features and performance then you must use one of the best custom ROM besides CyanogenMod for all types of Android cellphones.

Best Android ROMs Custom/ Best custom ROMs for android

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1. LineageOS


It is the best custom rom for android, if yesterday there was CyanogenMod, now there is LineageOS, which is the successor of CyanogenMod using the same code base, you can find all the previous features in CyanogenMod on LineageOS.

LineageOS itself can be used by more than 190 android devices from various brands such as Xiaomi, Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, and OnePlus with the Android OS variants Marshmallow (6. +), Nougat (7. +), and Oreo (8. +).

2. Dirty Unicorns

By adopting the CyanogenMod custom ROM Dirty Unicorns theme engine, it comes with several special features such as FlingBar and DU-SmartBar and you can make tweak settings such as double-tap to lock, data indicators, immersive mode, and so on.

As one of the best custom ROMs besides CyanogenMod for all types of Android phones, Dirty Unicorns is quite slow in updating due to the busy team having to rewrite the database from scratch for every OS update.

But you don’t need to be disappointed because the latest Dirty Unicorns update can be used for Android Nougat (7) and Oreo (8) which can be used by LG, Samsung, Motorola, OnePlus, Pixel, Nexus, and many more smartphones.

3. Paranoid Android

This Android paranoid custom ROM is a little different from other custom ROMs because it focuses more on using minimal resources but still has features that make it easier for the user.

The features offered by this Android paranoid include Hover mode, which can make it easier for us to see notifications and reply to them like SMS so you can still play games smoothly without having to feel disturbed by notifications that appear, PIE (navigation with a gesture), immersive mode and so on.

Paranoid Android itself can be used for Android Nougat (7. +) and Oreo (8. +) which can be used in various smartphone brands such as Pixel, Nexus, OnePlus, Sony, Oppo, and many more.

4. SlimRoms

As one of the best custom ROM besides CyanogenMod for all types of Android phones, SlimRoms is the lightest custom ROM on paranoid Android with a codebase from AOSP and adds several additional features, such as Slim Recents, Slim PIE, Slim Dialer, Notification Reminders, Privacy Guard, and other.

If you want more performance then you can remove some features from SlimRoms on the SlimCenter menu, to support yourself SlimRoms can run on Android Nougat (7. +), and Oreo (8. +) as well as on many devices such as Google, Xiaomi, Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC, OnePlus and many more.

5. Resurrection Remix

Resurrection Remix

For those of you who want all the superior features of any existing custom ROM, you must use Resurrection Remix as reported on the official website. This custom ROM was created to combine various superior features that another custom ROM has.

With a myriad of excellent features from various custom ROM such as LineageOS, SlimRoms, AOSP, and Paranoid Android, it doesn’t necessarily make this custom ROM known as a copy-paste custom ROM they also provide their superior features that you can take advantage of.

RR or Resurrection Remix itself can be installed on various smartphones such as Motorola, OnePlus, Huawei, Lenovo, HTC, LG, Samsung, and many more. Another advantage is that this custom ROM is the fastest to update so it can run on the latest Android systems.

6. OmniROM

One of the best custom ROM besides CyanogenMod for all types of Android phones, OmniROM is a custom ROM developed by the former CyanogenMod developer and the latest update has been used for Android Nougat (7).

OmniROM takes advantage of the native features of Android as well as several additional features such as DSPManager, delta update systemdark mode UI, quick settings panel, OmniJAWS, and OmniSwitch which allows your smartphone to switch from one application to another easily and quickly.


This custom ROM is very familiar to both ordinary people and those of you who like to work on Android, namely MIUI which has been embedded in all Xiaomi smartphone brands except for the Mi A1 series. One of the attractions of this custom ROM is its appearance, which is similar to iOS.

For features, maybe you don’t need to explain anymore because some of you must use this custom ROM indirectly if you are one of the Xiaomi smartphone users. MIUI custom ROM is also available for other smartphone brands such as Huawei, Meizu, Oppo, Moto, and many more.

8. AOSP Extended

AOSP Extended

Many custom ROM uses the AOSP code base as well as this custom ROM developed from the AOSP codebase itself AOSP Extended born which has the advantage of adding features and modifications to a smooth and anti-lag appearance.

With the many new features in AOSP Extended, they change the total status barsettings, and lock screen and adopt excellent features from other custom ROMs, namely DU-Navbar.

The advantage of the AOSP Extended custom ROM is its fast and active development so you don’t have to wait a long time for this custom ROM update, here are some devices that use AOSP Extended (LG, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Samsung, HTC, OnePlus, and others).


Maybe some of you who like Android cracking are still not familiar with one of the best custom ROM besides CyanogenMod for all types of Android phones, namely AOKP (Android Open Kang Project) with the unicorn logo with a play on the name of AOSP and now it has finally become the main name of the developer of this custom ROM one.

The AOKP custom ROM itself is filled with standard features and tape-to-wake capabilities, when we are putting the smartphone on the table, with just one tap, you will enter sleep mode and other interesting features.

10. XOSP

If you like the world of multimedia, please take advantage of this custom ROM, namely XOSP (Xperia Open Source Project) as the name implies XOSP uses the codebase of Sony’s Xperia Android device. Many users have complained about the Sony manufacturer’s stock ROM which only has advantages in audio and video. Download: XOSP

This is what makes XOSP included in the best custom ROM besides CyanogenMod for all types of Android phones because it was developed by taking advantage of Sony’s stock ROM, now your smartphone will be able to produce very high-quality video and audio without having to buy a new device with the Sony brand.

11. CarbonROM

CarbonRom is probably the first custom ROM to successfully use Substratum as its component. CabonRom is known as a stable custom ROM, offering various mods that make it even more different and unique than stock android in general.

Users themselves, CabonRom still very few use it because this custom ROM is still new and not many are familiar with it but CarbonRoms itself can be used on several Android devices such as Samsung, HTC, LG, OnePlus, and others.

12. FlymeOS

FlymeOS is a stock ROM of a smartphone with the Meizu brand, which is unique in terms of literal appearance, this FlymeOS custom os is one of MIUI’s competitors with almost the same appearance.

What makes FlymeOS the best custom ROM besides CyanogenMod for all types of Android phones, is because of the unique features such as the Toolbox which consists of a compass, ruler, leveler, theme choices, and is equipped with a Security Center, and many others.

13. CopperheadOS

This time the custom ROM is perfect for those of you who want to hide the data contained on a smartphone, custom ROM generally provides a variety of interesting features in terms of appearance and functionality, and a few that focus on data security or security.

CompperheadOS is a little different from custom ROMs in general because it focuses more on the security of the data contained on the Android system that we use and avoids the threat of bloatware  from inside and outside (such as the internet, download files, etc.)


Of the best custom ROM besides CyanogenMod for all types of Android phones above, you can adjust the usage or usage depending on the personal needs of each, all the custom ROM above supports various latest smartphone brands.

Whether it’s a custom ROM for multimedia, to improve the performance of an Android cellphone, or those of you who want to have a myriad of other unique features that are impossible for other people who use the manufacturer’s stock ROM which usually contains bloatware or bugs.

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