10 Best Camera Apps for Android Smartphone 2022

Best Camera Apps for Android

Today we are going to explore the Best Camera Apps for Android. Every smartphone comes with pre-installed camera apps or stock camera apps which are quite good, but that doesn’t mean that it can take the best images.

In this post, you will get some tips over the camera that how to take a good shot with the best camera apps or is there any better option to replace the stock camera with other best Android camera apps.

We know Android is the most popular Operating System in the world, Android is very much popular because of its user interface and easily available free applications in the Google PlayStore.

Most of the users buy Android smartphones for camera use and some of the smartphones come with just basic stock camera apps so that users don’t like it and search for better camera apps on the search engine or in the Google PlayStore.

So today we are going to explore the top 10 free and premium best camera apps for Android devices. So let’s move towards the main topic that which are the best camera apps for Android?

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List Of 10 Best Camera Apps for Android

1. Google Camera (PlayStore not customized)

Price: Free

Google camera app is the best camera app for android. Using Google Camera you can take brilliant images, but remember that many smartphones don’t support this app so you have to download the custom version of the app that you will get from the below link. If your smartphone doesn’t support this app kindly search for the other Google Camera apps in the search engine by typing your Device Model Number.


2. Open Camera

Price: Free

Open Camera App is a very popular app and it is a widely used app on Android smartphones. If your device doesn’t support the Google camera apps then this is also a better option for you to click nice images using your smartphone. Almost every smartphone supports the Open Camera App.

3. DSLR Camera Pro

Price: ₹260

DSLR Camera Pro app is a premium app and you have to purchase this app for use, it is also the best camera app for android smartphones. This app comes with manual controls for white balance, ISO, exposure, and RGB histogram support and you can control manually every control by using this camera app.

4. Snap Camera HDR

Price: ₹132.77

Snap Camera HDR is also a premium camera app and it is a great camera app for taking images and selfies. It supports HDR mode, has manual controls for exposure, ISO, HDR, white balance, and can shoot in RAW. And it also has effects, borders, and live filters.

5. ProShot

Price: ₹250

ProShot app is available for both Android and Windows smartphones and this app is also a premium category camera app. This App has great features like manual control aspect ratios, compression, and shot as RAW. ProShot also can take time-lapse videos, group shots with a timer, and burst mode for action shots.

6. Simple Camera

Price: Free

Simple Camera is, well, a simple and also best camera app. It has features like no-frills UI and it isn’t bogged down with a ton of extra features. This camera app allows you to take images with both front and back. If you want a camera app with a simple interface then this is the best camera app for you.

7. Filmic Pro

Price: ₹1050

Filmic Pro is one of the latest camera apps on Android. It is also the costliest camera app on this list. It has some unique features like manual controls, it has a dual slider for exposure and focus, a white balance for adjustment matrix, and also gamma curve control. Also, this app comes with some added features like, live RGB control, and many more.

8. Manual Camera

Price: ₹260

Manual Camera is exactly what the name says. It’s a camera app that comes with lots of manual controls. It has features like manual shutter speed, focus distance, ISO, white balance, and exposure compensation.

9. Moment Pro Camera

Price: ₹170

Moment Pro Camera is another latest camera app on Android. This app is fully manual control with exposure compensation, ISO, shutter speed, focus, white balance, and more. It also supports RAW photos, HDR+ and HDR+ Enhanced, a live histogram, and more. You can use it as a Professional Camera.

10. Motion Stills

Price: Free

Motion Stills is the latest camera app. This camera app has a unique feature like it can turn a video into a GIF or it can stay a video for later viewing. It is simple and easy to use the app and it is a free camera app.

Last but not least, however, all the camera apps above said are well and best camera app for android but we recommend you to use your stock camera unless you face any problem with your stock camera app because a stock app is always a better option because of its good optimization with the device.

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