20 Best Brain Games For Android Devices In 2022

Best Brain Games For Android Device

Are you looking for the best brain games for Android devices? Then you should look at our list of the 20 best brain games for Android devices. Sometimes we all get bored by playing different useless games. So the best option is to have some brain games on your mobile phone as well. With the help of these brain games, you can analyze your mental capabilities and also work on them to grow.

In this blog, we will share these games that you can use for yourself or for your kids to enhance their mental capabilities. So let’s start the list!

20 Brain Games Android Devices

1. Memorado


The first brain game for Android devices is Memorado. It is a brain workout game that increases your mental capabilities. It is a never-ending game with more than 400 levels to play. The application is simple to use and has a nice design. Memorado also gives you the service to keep track of your progress. It is one of the best brain games on the internet.

2. Brainout

brainout is a puzzle game. It tests your mental abilities and forces your brain to think creatively. brainout also includes riddles other than puzzles. You can enjoy this app without any problem. The interface is simple yet attractive. The developers are further updating this app to make it the best brain game for Android devices.

3. Elevate

Elevate - Brain Training Games

Elevate is another brain game with a decent rating. The people who have used this app say this is one of the best brain games. This application helps you to play over 30 mini-brain games and other brain exercises. It also helps you to keep track of your performance. You should check it out.

4. Peak

Peak is an amazing brain game and it is one of the top-rated games on PlayStore. It is even recommended by Cambridge. The best thing is that this application works both online and offline. Other than that many neurologists were involved in the making of this app. You should try it once.

5. Skillz

The next brain game is Skillz. It provides you with games that work on your thinking capabilities. You can download it for your kid as it offers games that help with the color recognition ability that kids should have at an early age. It is a nice game you should check it out.

6. Word Search Puzzle

Word Search Puzzle

Word Search Puzzle is another brain game for Android. You have to solve different word puzzles and as you go to the next levels the time decreases. This is a nice way to increase your mental limits and sharpen your mind. You should check it out it is available for Android.

7. Brainilis

Brainilis is a free Android game to test and enhance your mental abilities. There are many game stages that you have to clear. These stages are exciting and work on your mind. It is an excellent application for a brain workout. You should try it at least once.

8. Neuro Nation

Another mind-tricking game is Neuro Nation. This game includes questions that you have to answer to go to the next level. These questions are specially designed to test your mental capabilities and to make your brain think a little more creatively. It includes science questions and other related questions. You should check it out

9. Sudoku


If you are a fan of the Sudoku puzzle games like all of us then this brain game is for you. This game is scientifically proven and it increases your thinking capabilities. You can complete 100 levels per week which are enough for a week. You can give around 10mins of your daily time to Sudoku to sharpen your mind.

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10. Math Games

Math is one of the most important parts of our life. This brain game for Android devices is based on maths and you will have to solve simple maths. The best thing about this app is that it gives you a multiplayer mode. It is easy to use and play. You should check Math Games out.

11. Easy Game

Easy Game is not easy as the name says. This brain game is available for Android devices. It includes word games, puzzles, and riddles. With the help of these games, you can work on your mental capabilities and enhance them. It is like an IQ test game and you should check it out.

12. Maths Door

Math Door

Maths Door is a math game. It is one of the most effective brain games for your brain. It forces your brain to think logically as there are many logical questions in the game. You can solve these questions and go to the next ones. Maths Door is an excellent way for brain exercise. Many people liked this game, you should also check it out.

13. Trick me

Trick me is an amazing game that has so much to it. You can play puzzles and quizzes to work on your mental abilities. With the help of Trick Me, you can enjoy more than 100 levels that include riddles, word games, and other fun games. These games are specially designed to help your brain grow. It is a nice game and we recommend it to you.

14. Tricky Test 2

Tricky Test 2 is an excellent brain game for Android. It helps you to test your limits with its tests. Once you get to the higher levels you will face difficult questions. The game includes puzzles and quizzes. If you are interested in interesting puzzles and quizzes then Tricky Test 2 is your way to go!

15. Brain It On

Brain It On

If you love Physics then you are going to love this game. Because Brian it On is a Physics puzzle game that is designed for you to exercise your brain while having fun solving Physics puzzles. It works on your logical thinking and enhances it to another level.

16. Left Vs Right

Left Vs Right is an amazing application with over 5 million downloads. The reviews are also pretty good. If you are looking for a game that enhances your brain with quality content then there is no option better than Left Vs Right. The game is loved by many and you should try it at least once.

17. Maze Games: Labyrinth Puzzles

Labyrinth is another amazing puzzle game with a new type of puzzle. The gameplay of Labyrinth is amazing and you can have a lot of fun while playing this game. There are many fun puzzles in the game. You can also play this game offline if you want.

18. Brain Wars

Brain Wars

This app works on your critical thinking and helps you to enhance your mental abilities. You can play it in multiplayer mode and play against people from all over the world. You can play against them in logical and mathematical problems. So if you are a competitive person then you should check it out.

19. Brain Dots

Brain Dots works on the creative side of your brain. It gives you tasks like drawing and helps you to explore your creative mind. With the help of brain dots, you can play in multiplayer mode and have fun with other people looking for brain growth. It is available in more than 10 languages and the interface is worth noticing.

20. Super Brain Training

Super Brain Training

The last brain game for Android devices on our list is Super Brain Training. It includes many mini games like Sudoku, puzzles, and many creative games that will enhance your brain. It is completely free and over a million people have already downloaded it. You should also check it out.


Games are a very fun way to kill your free time. Brain games can enhance your mental capabilities and sharpen your mind. So in this blog, we have mentioned the 20 best brain games for Android devices. These games are loved by many people and many people have seen some noticeable improvements.

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