15 Best Android Backup Apps In 2021

Best Android Backup Apps/Backup Apps For Android

Android smartphones offer amazing features at a low price that almost everyone has now. The Android operating system is based on Linux and is also hardware independent. Almost everyone is now using a smartphone because of features like the internet, games, and applications for various purposes. From all aspects, Android OS has become a giant in the gadget market. Google Play Store has millions of apps for different purposes. The best backup app for Android is the one that is indispensable for backing up and keeping your precious personal data safe.

Best Backup App for Android

You download multiple apps and save a lot of important data on your Android device. But the main point you need to worry about is data protection in case of loss. So you have to back up the data from your phone. Even though Android performs automatic backups, it’s a good idea to have multiple backups. Here, we have listed the best backup apps for Android so that you can back up your important data like photos, videos, and more.

1. Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup offers dynamic features for Android backup and restore. It can store many things including applications, system settings, data, and business links. This app allows you to back up all your files and folders on a schedule, can save APKs on an SD card, simple user interface, and using it to save documents only takes a few minutes.


  • Only for rooted devices
  • The best backup tool for Android
  • It comes with a Zero-click batch recovery
  • Can save multi-user application data
  • Can freeze apps
  • Sync available for Dropbox

2. Helium – App Sync and Backup

Helium - App Sync and Backup

Helium – App Sync and Backup is a feature-rich backup app that supports any Android version. This free app can back up data and other media files. In the free version, Helium allows you to back up your app data, SMS, contacts, etc. In the premium version, you can sync data to other cloud storage. If you want a free solution with lots of features, then this app is a must-try.


  • Allows backup and restore data to SD card
  • You can recover data from PC
  • Ad-free in the premium version
  • Backup data to Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box in the premium version

3. All Backup Restore

All Backup Restore is a popular free Android backup app. It is one of the best backup apps for Android, and it allows you to SMS, MMS, contacts, system settings. You can back up application data by selecting individually. You can back up app data to Google Drive and restore it to enable previous settings.


  • Backup multi-media files
  • Comes with a secure backup feature
  • Backup all data types type
  • The most complete backup app
  • Support various options such as SD card and mobile

4. Backup & Restore


  • Allows batch backup, restore, share, transfer from device to device
  • Upload backups to Google Drive and download them anytime
  • Backup to SD card
  • You can overwrite or downgrade the app
  • Support scheduled backup
  • Transfer backup files by Wi-fi

5. My-Backup

My Backup

My-Backup a few years ago became the best alternative to the Titanium Backup app for root users. However, this app is for non-root users as well as compatible with any Android version which makes it another best backup app for Android. Fortunately, this feature is still quite relevant to the ad-free feature. It can back up app data and all kinds of media files. The free version allows you to backup and restores data along with batch processing.


  • Easy to use, a reliable backup app for Android
  • Save data locally to SD card
  • Has the option to back up to the cloud
  • Setting the schedule to automatic backup
  • Support all data types type
  • Need root access to save APK to SD card

6. Easy Backup – Contacts Transfer and Restore

Easy Backup – Contacts Export and Restore is a secure Android backup app where users need to create an account to store backups. You will be able to backup and restore apps to PC or other devices based on your preferences using this app. You can sync data to Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive cloud storage with many more features and Easy Backup is probably the best backup app for Android which is for non-root users.


  • Back up files with one click
  • Supports online backup
  • E-mail the backup file to your address
  • One-click contact recovery
  • Very easy to use
  • Supports a variety of email services

7. My APKs – Backup Restore Share Manage Apps Apk

My APKs – Backup Restore Share Manage Apps Apk is one of the most useful backup apps on Android. You can set it to back up automatically, manage apps, and analyze app data with this app. My APKs lets you sync data between other cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. There is also a built-in option to send backup files via email, Bluetooth, wifi, and that makes it the best backup app for Android.


  • Keep a copy of the apps installed on the Android device
  • Renowned for reliable backup
  • Work offline seamlessly
  • List applications in HTML, pdf, or text format
  • Transfer backup files via email
  • Best lightweight backup app for android

8. Apps Backup and Restore

Apps Backup and Restore

Apps Backup and Restore is one of the best backup apps for Android that doesn’t require root. Luckily, this app comes with many of the features you’d want. The free version allows you to back up to your current device or SD card. The free version of the Android backup app allows almost all features but displays ads. The Premium version is also available, you will get lots of extra features along with ad-free in the premium version.


  • Complete backup of installed apps
  • Reinstall directly to device from backup file
  • Automatic backup of newly installed apps
  • Has the option to launch installed applications
  • Share APK with other devices
  • Generate app link to share with other devices

9. App Backup & Restore

App Backup & Restore is one of the best backup apps for Android and is an essential tool for all Android users. It allows you to back up messages, app data, contacts, and phone call logs. This application has many features and is updated frequently. This backup app will allow you to back up app data in bulk. Unlike many other Android backup apps, this app is much more secure for those who want a simpler solution.


  • You can perform bulk backups at any time
  • Sync between devices to the cloud
  • Automatic backup and restore files
  • Downgrading the app version
  • You can refresh the list of backed up apps
  • Controlling transfers when network conditions are unstable

10. Fast Contact Backup & Restore + Transfer

Fast Contact Backup & Restore + Transfer is an excellent contact, SMS, logs, and storage service developed by Softex Solutions. This app backs up your contacts along with it provides its users free and allows you to sync them to new devices. This best backup app for Android works offline includes support for VFC and quick export anywhere via Wi-Fi or email. There is also cloud storage, which can analyze contacts, identify text messages, and manage them flexibly.


  • Instantly backup contacts, SMS, call logs
  • Allow online backup
  • Easy to restore backup data
  • Supports VCF contact backup
  • Instantly save backups to other devices, SD card, Dropbox, and Gmail (No registration or activation required)

11. Google Photos

Google Photos Android users get Google services by default. Therefore, chances are that you are already using the Google Photos app to back up your photos and videos. With Google Photos, you can save an unlimited number of photos and videos in high resolution. You no longer run out of storage space and you can access all your photos and videos from any device.


  • Backup unlimited and free photos and videos
  • Will not lose quality when backing up
  • One tap photo and video recovery
  • Visual Search option available
  • In-app editing features for photo editing
  • Organize albums
  • Send photos to email contacts with one tap

12. Google Drive

The Google Photos app is a good solution if you need to automatically back up your photos. But if you need to store all kinds of files, we recommend that you choose to use Google Drive. There is nothing new to introduce Google Drive because this android backup software comes by default in every android phone. You get 15 GB of storage for free, but you can purchase additional space and you can view and edit files and folders from anywhere from any device.


  • Save any file to Google drive safely
  • View any file instantly
  • You can manage access permissions
  • You can view file details and activity
  • Scanning documents using the phone camera
  • Sync with Google Photos
  • Share files and folders with other users

13. OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive

If you don’t like Google services, then you can use OneDrive from Microsoft. It has almost the same features as Google Drive. If you’re running out of phone storage space, you can back up all your photos, videos, and other files to OneDrive. This app offers pretty good storage options. However, if you need extra space, you can buy it. Sometimes many phone brands offer premium OneDrive subscriptions on their phones.


  • Backup any files including media files
  • Back up full-resolution photos and videos
  • You can access files offline
  • Photo tagging option available
  • Quickly open document files within the OneDrive app

14. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage services for years. It was one of the first cloud solutions in the early days. The Dropbox app offers a direct backup solution to Dropbox cloud storage. You get 1 GB of free space, but you can purchase additional space if you need it. If you are an old Android user, then you cannot use Dropbox as it only supports Android 4.1 or later. Like Google Drive, you can set the permissions of each individual file or folder and share them.


  • Sync, edit, share files with others
  • Upload your phone files
  • Share folders and set permissions
  • Up to 2TB of space for premium subscribers
  • Seamless integration with Dropbox cloud

15. PhotoSync – Transfer and Backup Photos & Videos

PhotoSync – transfer and backup photos & videos

PhotoSync – Transfer and Backup Photos & Videos is a popular Android backup software among photo lovers and those who want a free solution but don’t want to use Google or Microsoft apps. It is a multi-platform application, and it offers backing up photos to a resolution of 3460 pixels. You can view, share, download or upload photos from anywhere or any device. The feature that sets it apart from other apps is that it supports Chromecast. However, you need Android 4.1 or later to use this app.


  • Facebook photo backup
  • Chromecast supported and view photos, videos on TV
  • Various search options are available to search for photos and videos
  • Directly share photos to Facebook, Twitter
  • Full resolution photo backup available

The final word

With the increasing number of important personal data, the demand for backup applications is very high, especially for Android HP users. The app must be reliable, otherwise, all your backup data could be in danger or leak. We recommend that you only use backup apps that come from well-known app developers and big companies.

Also, choose an app that has a scheduled backup option. That way, you don’t have to bother with backing up manually.

So that’s a list of the best Android backup applications that we can present. This article will help those of you who are confused about how to backup data on Android. In addition, if you think this article is useful, please share this article on your social media, thank you.

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