8 Best Apps To Track Lost Or Stolen Android Devices In 2022

Apps To Track Lost Or Stolen Android Devices

There are different reasons for which you may feel troublesome and need a location-tracking tool. The tracking of a stolen or lost device is one of these reasons as in today’s world of technologies, people may feel upset because of a loss of some important digital data. In this write-up, let’s discuss location-tracking services and find the best tracking apps for Android.

  1. Where’s My Droid

Where’s My Droid is probably the number one app to be installed on your Android device. It has unique features helping the owner to detect the location of the phone without difficulties, panic, and stress. Where’s My Droid has the feature of remote locking from anywhere to keep personal data safe. It supports another feature, theft detection, immediately detecting and reacting to potential theft. Also, it keeps the history of past locations. The app allows you to take a picture with the device’s camera on-demand and when the screen lock fails.

  1. Safe365

Coming with plenty of safety features, Safe 365 allows you to locate a stolen or lost device. It tells you more information about the battery life, the exact network connection on the device, and the daily distance covered by the person owning the Android device. Thanks to its smart algorithms, the app sends real-time alerts once the device is not located.

  1. Android Lost

Android Lost is a top tracking app as it has rather good features such as the remote control alarm and the function of viewing the device on a map. It is possible to sound the alarm on the phone from your PC if your phone is lost and on silent mode. Furthermore, if your phone is stolen and you have naughty photos or personal messages, it will be possible to erase the SD card and wipe the phone by clicking on a button. Also, the app can take a photo of the location by the front-facing camera.

  1. TrackView

There are many tracking apps for smartphones and tablets, but only some are handy and high-level. TrackView is one of them, offering real-time tracking of Android devices. The app comes with sending messages and alerts to the lost or stolen device. Also, it is worth mentioning that the app supports a feature of live video monitoring making the app stand out from other tracking apps.

  1. Family Locator

The name of the app lets you guess that it is not only for tracking the lost or stolen device but also for the kids to be monitored when far from parents. Thanks to its useful feature, it is possible to chat with a friend or family member inside the app. Also, another perk is that it is possible to have the history of the device for the last week as it has 7-day-long location-tracking data.

  1. GEOfinder

To start tracking, you need to insert the phone number in the proper line in GEOfinder. Also, there is a possibility to learn about the history of visited places. Suppose your smartphone is stolen, and the thief has no idea that the phone is being tracked. You’ll see the places the thief enters or leaves without turning to others’ help.

  1. FindMyDevice

If you look for a handy tool, FindMyDevice will be of great help. It is easy to use and locate the lost or stolen device, and for this, you can use the Play Sound option. Incessantly laying a loud melody on your phone for five minutes, you have the chance of finding the missing phone even if the ringer is turned off. If your phone has been stolen, remotely press the button of erasing the data, including the multimedia content on the SD card.

  1. iSharing

iSharing aims at tracking the phone to find the address of the stolen phone or the lost one. iSharing is a tracking tool possessing both purposes. With this app, you can create a group and chat with your groupmates monitoring their current location. The most distinctive feature of the app is called Panic Alert which is a feature of sending notifications to your groupmates when you shake the device.

Final thoughts

The apps described in the article are very useful for those who are in a habit of misplacing the phone or losing it because of inattentive behavior. They are the best apps for location-tracking in 2022, boasting a long history and many positive reviews. Give them a try, and be safe with your device!

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