Best Apps For Learning English In 2021

Best Apps For Learning English

In today’s world, knowledge of English is not an additional advantage, but a skill, which is necessary for work in almost any field, and everyday life. You can learn the language on your own (with the help of effective methods) or special courses. Another option is to install an English language learning application. This is a simple and convenient way that allows you to regularly learn the vocabulary or grammar with iPhone or another gadget. We have prepared for you a list of the best apps for learning English.

  • Duolingo

The application has gained popularity thanks to high-quality lessons, a variety of tasks, and a pleasant interface. It actively uses the principle of gamification: each lesson is presented as a level for which you can earn points. The lessons contain grammatical tasks, translation exercises, test questions, short listening comprehension, and so on. The cool thing about this English app is that it has an interactive assistant. It is a funny owl that keeps track of your progress and regularly sends reminders if the app is not opened at least once a day.

  • Lingualeo

Another application that allows you to learn English in a game format, raising your animal. For each completed lesson, the user receives points-fricadellas, which can be fed to the cute lion. Many users complain about the low quality of the “listening” section, but praise the tasks for mastering the words. Both Duolingo and Lingualeo are ideal apps for learning English from scratch.


This program aims to actively increase vocabulary and learn grammar. It uses rules with examples: videos of native speakers pronouncing phrases with certain vocabulary. After that, the user must compose similar phrases on their own. This is a great way to fix bad grades so you don’t have to turn to essay help.

  • EWA

The app adapts to the user’s motivation: traveling; watching movies in their original language; getting a job, etc. Depending on your chosen goal, you will take lessons with the appropriate vocabulary. There is a lot of humor and jokes in the program that will make learning more interesting.

  • Busuu 

Busuu closes the rating of applications for learning English. This is a comprehensive program that is suitable for beginners and those who already have the basic knowledge. The value of this application is a large number of dialogues that help you learn the vocabulary and teach the correct pronunciation of words.

Apps for memorizing English words

In the previous section, we talked about programs that help you learn the language in a comprehensive way: vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. Now let’s talk about the best apps for learning English words.

  • ED words

In this program, the user is offered 350 thematic sets of English words, as well as the ability to combine them as you see fit. The app allows you to track your progress, and the successful completion of tasks gives you access to a premium account.

  • Words 

With this word-learning app for the English language, you can go through 330 lessons (although only the entry-level is available for free) and learn about 40,000 words. The trick of the app is the ability to study offline.

  • Easy ten

The program is for those who have limited free time but have a desire to learn new vocabulary. Every day the app gives out 10 new words and offers an exercise to check how the user has memorized them. It includes an error checker to help you learn especially difficult words.

English conversation apps

If your goal is not just to learn new words, but also to start actively speaking English, we offer live language learning applications.

  • Hello Talk

The user registers in the application indicate the native language and the one he wants to learn. Every day you can create up to 15 new chats with other people and in the “pump up” the live vocabulary and pronunciation. The application is like a social network: you can choose and communicate with interlocutors (including video). The program has a bot for those who can not find real conversationalists, and a tab “check grammar”, where you can make sure that you compose a sentence correctly.

  • Speaky 

This application is similar to the previous one in principle but has less functionality. To register, you will need to specify a Facebook or Google account and fill out a small questionnaire. In correspondence, you can share photos, send text or voice messages.

  • Tandem 

One of the best applications to practice English, with more than 5 million registered users. Its developers are serious about security, so they ask you to fill out a fairly detailed questionnaire and send a high-quality photo. The main advantage of the application – you can choose not only the language you want to communicate but also the topic of your communication (to do this, you have to answer questions about activities, hobbies, etc.)

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