Important Basic Computer Shortcut Keys- Best In 2022

Basic computer shortcut key

Today the computer has become a necessity because it is used almost everywhere, today the computer has changed the life of mankind because it makes the work of many people alone and in a short time and without it today there is little.

It is important to know about computers today because if you want to get a good place, then you definitely ask for computer knowledge and today many coaching centers teach computers basic knowledge and here we try to make it simple by sharing some Important Basic computer shortcut key.

Some Important Basic Shortcut Keys

Ctrl + A : Select All
Ctrl + B : Bold
Ctrl + C: Copy
Ctrl + D: Font
Ctrl + E: Center
Ctrl + F: Find
Ctrl + G: Go To
Ctrl + I : Italic
Ctrl + J: Justified
Ctrl + K: Hyperlink
Ctrl + L: Left Alignment
Ctrl + M: Move
Ctrl + N: New File
Ctrl + O: Open File
Ctrl + P: Print
Ctrl + Q: Close
Ctrl + R: Reload / Right Alignment
Ctrl + S: Save
Ctrl + U : Underline
Ctrl + V: Paste
Ctrl + X: Cut
Ctrl + Y : Redo
Ctrl + Z : Undo

Window + D: Pressing D with the window key minimizes the entire window simultaneously.

Window + R: Pressing R with the window key opens the Run command.

Shift + Del: Any file can be deleted permanently by pressing the delete key with Shift.

Ctrl + Shift + Space: The taskbar can be opened directly by pressing these 3 keys simultaneously.

Alt + Tab: These two keys can be moved from one window to another by pressing simultaneously.

Shift + Tab: The way you press TAB and move forward, similarly you can move backward by pressing Tab with Shift.

Ctrl + Alt + Delete: Many tasks like restart, logoff, shutdown, sleep, taskbar, etc. can be done by pressing these 3 keys simultaneously. This command is also used in case of computer hangs.

Alt + Space: Through this command, tasks like Minimize, Maximize, Restore, Close can be

Shift + →: Content can be selected by this command

Window + L: This command is done to lock the computer.

Window + E: Open My Computer Explorer.

By using these shortcut keys, you can increase the speed of work on your computer, you can do your work faster and to do your work more quickly, you will have to use more and more shortcut keys and for this, you will have all these shortcuts. Have to see using the key and practice these.

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