Asphalt Celebrates 15 Years With Bonuses and Special Surprises for Players

Asphalt is an iconic game with a lot of history in the world of smartphones. We currently have a lot of racing and arcade games, such as the Mario Kart Tour remake, which received a recent update with many new features. Today we have great news for Asphalt 8 and 9 players, as the game franchise has been accelerating for 15 years! Here’s how to celebrate!

Asphalt’s 15th anniversary on mobile coincides with Gameloft’s 20th anniversary creating games for mobile phones and various consoles around the world. To celebrate, the company will make the original Asphalt Urban GT game available on, where it will be possible to enjoy the first experience of speeding up a franchise car on the phone.

The game will be available via emulator within the site and completely free of charge between May 5th and June 5th! It will be possible to sign up for more rewards as well. The game was originally released for phones with Java, N-Gage, and the Nintendo DS.

In addition, more rewards will come for users who play the company’s two most active racing titles: Asphalt 9: Legends and Asphalt 8: Airborne.

Bonuses and Events in Asphalt 8: Airborne

From May 13th to 27th, players will win the KTM X-Bow GT4 car and on the 22nd, they will be able to compete in the Birthday Carnival to win the Lamborghini SIAN with a special 15-year-old Asphalt sticker.

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