3 Popular Apps Your Business Needs For Internal communication- Best In 2021

Popular Apps Your Business Needs For Internal communication

We live in an era where electronic devices have replaced the need for paperwork, and communication through text is ubiquitous. This makes it possible for one person to contact another person within the company with ease. An article from the University of South California states that quality of internal communication is essential for business success it can either make it or break it.

However, communicating inside a company can get complex and difficult to plan with. With so many different voices speaking for the same team, it can be hard to get everyone on the same page. And if things are left up to just email, you’re left with a disorganized and inefficient way of coordinating the efforts of your staff. But with the best business applications, you can manage your business without any hassle. From the organization of tasks, coordination, and even communication. Here are 3 popular apps your business needs for internal communication.

Go all-in with Slack

Slack is the most well-known of the three apps. It provides instant messaging through text, files, and photo-sharing as well as polls and screen sharing. The app also makes it possible to add in third-party integrations including Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Not to mention, it has the ability to integrate with other apps which provide a stream of information for users. These notifications make it simple to see what is going on within a company, and the file sharing makes it simple for when someone wants a specific document.

When it comes to a business app, Slack is the most popular. There are over 4 million daily active users which makes it an app that is useable by nearly any company. The free version provides all of the features necessary to run an entire company, but if need be, Slack also offers a paid version.

Yammer for freemium features

Yammer is a freemium app used for private communications within the organization. It is one of the communication apps that have a much bigger feature set. The app can be used for many different reasons ranging from group chats to creating projects and branching out rooms for groups. It also has the ability to integrate with other apps like Microsoft office 365, which makes it possible for companies to get multiple methods of communication in one place. Though there have been debates on when you should use Teams vs Yammer in Microsoft Teams, the verdict is that both provide amazing tools to work with and the capabilities that each offers.

HipChat for total remote freedom

HipChat is another popular internal messaging tool that is easy to use and has a handful of features that are very helpful for remote employees such as scheduling, read-up actions, message archiving, browser notifications, and more. It also includes some social features for you to keep track of what everyone is up to. The app is available in a freemium version but there is also an inexpensive paid version that adds extra features. The app also integrates other popular software like dropbox and Google drive.

Though each one has its share of pros and cons, they are also some of the best internal communication apps you can use for your business. All it takes is a bit of trial and error to find the best that will suit the nature of your business.

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