5 Best Apps To Hack In App Purchases On Android For Free

Best Apps To Hack In App Purchases On Android

Android is very popular for its huge library of games and apps in its Play store. Most of the apps and games are totally free and some of the applications and games are freemium which means they are initially free but to unlock some premium content, the user has to them through their app and that is called In-app purchases. These purchases are can be some extra features of any app or in the case of games, it could be gems, diamonds, coins, characters, and many more.  

Usually, people try to modify these apps so that they can use the premium content of any particular app and game for free. But the question is this, Is it possible to bypass the in-app purchase of any app? Actually yes it is possible to bypass the in-app purchase of any application or game. We have listed some of the apps by which you can hack in-app purchases. You just have to install these apps on your phone and they will crack In-App Purchase for you.  

Best Tools To Hack In App Purchases on Android

In terms of hacking apps, android apps are quite easy to hack there is some application that will help you to hack any android app or game. You can enjoy gems and coins and other items for free. But note one thing that these apps can crack only offline applications and games, hacking and cracking will not work on online apps and games.

Some of the advantages  you get with free In-App purchases hack are:

  • You can get unlimited Coins at any time.
  • Can get rid of annoying ads. 
  • Can crack and buy Gems any time you want for free.
  • You can unlock paid characters.
  • Get special items that require money by hacking them.
  • A lot of other stuff too for free.

So guys without any further ado let’s proceed with the list of in-app purchase apps. 

Download Apps to Hack In App Purchases On Android

1. Lucky Patcher (Recommended IAP cracker)

Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is one of the best app modifiers and it has the highest rating among others. It is the most used app for cracking android applications and cracked games. This app can easily patch (crack) license confirmation, in-app purchase. Earlier Lucky Patcher needed root access to bypass the in-app purchase system but the new version of Lucky Patcher doesn’t require any root access.  

This is the best app for cracking any android app or game. Apart from this Lucky Patcher can revoke google ads from any app, can tweak battery performance. You can download Lucky Patcher from the given link below. 

Download: Lucky Patcher

2. CreeHack

Cree Hack is another amazing in-app purchase tool for newcomers. If you don’t want to get indulge in rooting your phone at all then this tool will suit you the best. Cree Hack has a very easy-to-use interface and along with that, it is very light. 

You just have to install the Cree Hack application on your phone and enable it. After this, go to any offline game or app, open it then click on the premium item you want. Click on the get or buy option. Cree hack will automatically buy it for you without any cost.

Download: Cree Hack

3. Freedom

On the third position in our list, we have Freedom. It is also a smooth and to-the-point application. Freedom also works without root access. You just have to install the application manually to crack any application’s in-app purchase system. After installing, open the application and you’ll see the list of apps and games which have in-app purchase things. You just have to tap on the start button on the top corner menu and then select any app or game you want to crack. Now sit back and enjoy the application for free. 

Freedom can crack almost all offline applications but those which have high security might be a problem. Even then you can try once. 

Download: Freedom 

4. Leo Playcard

Leo Playcard

Leo Playcard is a mixture of Lucky Patcher, Cree Hack, and Freedom. You can say it is a fusion of all these three apps. This app also works without Root access so it will be a lot easier for the person who doesn’t want to root their phone or doesn’t know how to root their phone. Also, do remember one thing like others, you can’t crack online applications or games. We have given the link to download it so install it manually and know how it works.

Download: Leo Playcard

5. XModGames

Xmodgames APK

Xmod is basically a library for modded games and apps. Xmod has a huge library of modded apps that are already cracked like Pokemon Go. You don’t have to individually crack any app by yourself, you can just download and install the cracked app from their app. They update the platform with the latest applications to download. 

Unlink the previous ones XmodGames doesn’t work without root access. As we have provided you with many apps that work without root access, we thought to add one which works with root access. If you about the rooting process, it is not too hard. Earlier it was a bit hard to root any android device and today is very easy to root any android device. You can root any device by installing a single app. Like Kingoroot

Download: XmodGames

Wrapping up

This was the list of the apps that can bypass the in-app purchase and this is totally for informational and educational purposes. Cracking or Hacking any app is illegal and unethical. So if you are doing this, it is totally at your risk.

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