Android USB Drivers For Windows And Mac In 2021- Best Official Download

Android USB Drivers For Windows And Mac

Android USB driver is an important part of connecting any android phone or tablet to a computer. This is a bit of code that permits you to attach your Android device to a computer to transfer photos, videos, music to and from the phone or tablet. regardless of what brand of Android device – Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, LG G4, Xperia Z, or the other manufacturer – you’ve got, a USB driver must already be installed on your Windows or Mac computer so as for the devices to speak.

When you want to use your device for development, Android SDK drivers are required even once you enable USB debugging. Even an Android USB driver must be installed for fixing the Fastboot and ADB properly. it’s always an honest idea to possess Android USB drivers for your device beforehand so you’ll easily install them on your Windows or Mac machine whenever needed.

While the drivers for all Android devices are available from their manufacturers, if you somehow cannot find a link, we’ve tried to list all possible links to download Android USB drivers, PC Suites, or device managers for nearly all Android smartphones or tablets call at the wild. you’ll download Android USB drivers for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Download Android USB Driver for Windows

Here are the links to download the Android USB driver for various Google Android manufacturers:

Download Link
Download Google Nexus USB drivers Android Drivers
Download Samsung USB drivers Android drivers | Kies (PC Suite)
Download HTC USB drivers HTC Sync manager
Download LG USB drivers Android drivers
Download Motorola USB drivers Motorola Device Manager
Download Sony USB drivers Sony PC Companion
Download Asus USB Drivers Android Drivers | Asus official
Download Huawei USB drivers HiSuite
Download ZTE USB drivers Android Driver
Download Acer USB drivers Android Drivers
Download Lenovo USB drivers Android Drivers
Download Dell USB drivers Android Drivers
Download Fujitsu USB drivers Android Drivers
Download Intel USB drivers Android Drivers
Download Alcatel One Touch USB drivers Android Drivers
If you didn’t find your driver in the list above, please scroll down to the bottom to find out all in one quick solution to get drivers for your device.

Download Android USB Driver for Mac

Installing Android USB drivers on a Mac and connecting your device is very easy. All you need to do is download and use the Android File Transfer app on your Mac and start transferring your data between your Android device and the computer.

Download Android File Transfer

More USB Driver Solutions

We know that the driver’s list isn’t complete. Since Android is an Open Source mobile OS, lots and many OEMs are making Android devices and it’s very hard to list drivers for all Android devices. However, we are getting to mention a couple of quick all-in-one solutions which will install Android USB drivers in no time:

Universal ADB Driver By Koush

Koush is a renowned Android developer who also developed a universal Android USB driver installer that supports a huge list of Android devices. If you could not find a driver for your device from the list above, you should try Koush’s ADB drivers.

Download Universal ADB Driver By Koush

ADB Driver Installer

another option to get a USB driver for your Android device is ADB Driver Installer. It supports almost all known manufacturers, runs on Windows, and provides a nice GUI.

Download ADB Driver Installer

Universal Naked Driver

For users who have a Nexus, Samsung, ASUS, or HTC smartphone, Universal Naked Driver is a good alternative to the above links to get the drivers installed quickly. It also sets up ADB and Fastboot drivers.

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