7 Best Android Apps To Make Videos With Pic­tures And Music In 2021

Best Android Apps To Make Videos

Thanks to social networks and chat apps, online photo sharing has seen incredible growth. And it’s not just photos, even videos are now shared commonly.

While we will easily capture a photograph from a video either by taking a screenshot or using an app, doing the reverse isn’t easy … or is it?

Well, creating videos from pictures is fun and not that difficult. you’ll even add music to them and make a photograph movie.

Videos leave a greater impact on our minds. And that’s why it is sensible to make videos from photos. during this post, we’ve handpicked 7 photo movie-maker Android apps that permit you to create slideshows from your photos and videos.

Let’s start.

1. VivaVideo


VivaVideo may be a powerful video editor that allows you to create slideshows from your photos. It makes it easy to make videos for both newbies and regular users.

When you select photos, you’ll find three basic options – Themes, Music, and Duration. For a newbie, these three options are going to be enough except for others who want to edit their videos further, you’ll find many editing options under the Edit button.

The app offers a web library, additionally to the power to feature your music. you’ll also apply filters to the whole video or simply individual photos. Further, you’ll also add text and stickers.

The app even allows you to adjust the duration of every photo, the feature I sort of a lot. you’ll also add multiple music files to your videos. And if you would like to feature transition effects, the app offers that too.

However, all this comes at a price. Sure, the app is free but you’ll get ads, a 5-minute video limit, and a watermark on your videos. to urge rid of these restrictions and to get other features, you’ll need to buy the premium version.

2. VideoShow


VideoShow is extremely almost like VivaVideo and comes with a bunch of editing features. to start with, you get many free themes for your videos that accompany the epilogue and prologue. you’ll add a background to your photos, just in case they don’t fit a particular size.

Further, the app allows you to add subtitles, effects, stickers, transitions, sound effects, and even a voiceover. you’ll also doodle on your photos.

Similar to VivaVideo, you’ll customize the duration of individual photos. you’ll zoom them, rotate them, and even make a replica copy.

Again, the app watermark will always be by your side if you select the free version. to get rid of the watermark and deadline, they need a premium version. Interestingly, you’ll prefer to pay just for the watermark removal, just in case you don’t want the opposite benefits.


Quip has got to be the good and therefore the easiest editor to form videos from photos. It comes with such amazing themes that nobody will believe you’ve got made the video on your phone.

Apart from themes, you’ll add text, change the duration of photos, and apply filters. you’ll also add music from the web collection or your collection.

Unfortunately, you cannot add stickers or doodles to your photos. But guess what? The app is free without any watermarks to bug you.

4. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is another all-in-one video editor. almost like the opposite apps, it’s also very easy to use. FilmoraGo supports themes and filters and allows you to add overlays like Bokeh effects to your photos. Further, the app comes with a separate title section for your videos.

Thankfully, the app allows you to crop your images and add subtitles too. And if you would like to feature a voiceover, you’ll roll in the hay with FilmoraGo. I just like the slider during this app that allows you to select the duration of photos.

5. Pixgram

Pixgram is meant for creating slideshows on Android. If you would like an easy app for creating slideshows immediately with no extra features, you’ll like this app. It allows you to add music, change speed, apply filters, and add a title to your photo.

While it does offer most of the slideshow features, individual photo features are missing during this app. I also felt that the interface is quite weird. you’ve got to travel back to form changes to individual photos.


Scoompa Video

An easy-to-use video editor, Scoompa allows you to make nice videos from your photos. it’s a well-known Android interface with a floating Add button at the bottom-right corner on the house screen. However, aside from that, the interface is different from the remainder of the apps. to use effects and filters, you’ll get around the menu bar.

Once you add the photos, you’ll either individually edit them or edit the whole clip. additionally, to providing free audio clips, you’ll even add your audio to photos. Interestingly, the app also comes with GIF stickers. These stickers make your still photos appear more lively and interactive.

7. Vimo

Although the Vimo app doesn’t provide as many features as present within the above-mentioned apps, it comes with an exclusive feature — you’ll add motion stickers to your images. Not only stickers, but you’ll also even add animated text to your photos. The Vimo app is all about animation.

In addition to stickers, you’ll add themes and music to your video. However, you can’t add an intro to your video directly from the app. The app also lacks individual photo-editing features.


Now that you simply know of seven apps to make videos from photos, it’s time to unleash your inner creative monster. Get those photos out of the closet and surprise your loved ones with personalized videos.

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