Addictive Online Games You Can Enjoy Alone Anytime- Best In 2022

8 Addictive Online Games You Can Enjoy

Most people suffer from not having enough social interactions. They don’t know how to feel less alone. But sometimes the situation is vice versa. Are you fed up with socializing all the time? Do you crave the feeling of loneliness and want to rest from people? Don’t worry, it’s totally fine. No one can be “on” day and night. It’s important to have time for yourself. We’ve prepared an awesome way out. You can enjoy browser adventures designed for one person.

However, there are too many games to play by yourself. It’s good because it ensures that everyone finds something to their liking. Some focus on incredible storylines, while others err on the side of gameplay and action. Different genres, graphics, mechanics… However, the searching part is the most difficult thing. With so many options at hand, players may become frustrated and even more stressed out.

Check out our list of popular titles that will be suitable for both kids and adults. They’re all browser-based and can be accessed from any device. Enjoy them at home, at school, or work and never feel sad again.

A Few Words About Our Picks

The following adventures are all single-player games or with such a mode. It means that you won’t need a password to a room. Additionally, you won’t have to wait for other participants. Just launch any title and enjoy addictive matches by yourself. Besides, they’re all easy to access. All you need is a device – PC or smartphone – to power up these free toys. Just make sure your Internet connection is stable and dive into them.

By the way, they are also great options if you’re just bored. For example, if you’re stuck in a meeting or have to wait in queues. You can secretly launch a title and let the time pass way faster.

Games To Play By Yourself

1. Happy Sharks

This is a nice top-down underwater journey. The arena is filled with sharp-toothed and dangerous monsters. Swimming around as one of them, you’ll collect colorful dots of different sizes. This will make you bigger but also slower. The gameplay may seem simple, but it’s harder to stay in the round than you think. There are 2 dangers than can kill you:

  • A barrier. It’s a brown-colored line around the swimming area. It seems harmless, and on the other side of it, there are blobs to eat. They invite you to cross the barrier and come to feast on them. But you should never do this! Even a mere touch bursts you into pieces. You’ll also lose all the points you’ve collected.
  • Other sharks. You won’t be alone in the arena. There are a lot of creatures controlled by bots or real players. Don’t make any illusions: they won’t be your friends. They’ll try to destroy you and grab your scores to boost their growth. Stay away from them if you’re small. Attack without hesitation if you’re bigger.

2. Angry Snakes

Are you looking for a low-commitment adventure? Try this one. It’s a great alternative to the legendary Having more in-built features and opportunities, this title is even better!

First of all, you’ll customize your character. Choose a color and snout expression on a special menu. You’ll see that the best skins cost some golden coins. Hurry to the match to earn some and improve your outlook!

Secondly, don’t go past the settings. Adjust the playground’s color, the position and size of the radar on the map, etc.

As for the gameplay, it’s classical. Control your snake and collect snacks such as cookies, pizza, cherries, etc. Depending on the mode, the ultimate goal may be different. In Without Restrictions, you keep growing for an unlimited amount of time. Sudden Death gives you only 7 minutes to become the best. In Looking for Treasures, there are lots of coins to collect.

Avoid colliding with other creatures, master all 3 modes, and have fun any time.

3. Shell Shockers

This is probably one of the most addictive online games out there. The idea is crazy. Check it out: the shooter features eggs! They fight each other in a variety of modes and maps. When someone is killed, the skin cracks letting the yolk out. Backed with realistic sound effects, it looks creepy and awesome at the same time.

To make it even more interesting, participants can pick a gun for any fighting style. For example, Free Ranger is a sniper rifle to blow up enemies from a distance. EggK-47 is a medium-range death tool. Try them all to find the one suitable for you. As for a secondary weapon, everyone gets a pistol and some grenades. If you learn to use them all at the right moment, you’ll become unstoppable!

You can join any match without having to wait: all servers are crowded with people. But if you don’t want to play with strangers, create your room. Invite friends and enjoy matches together.

4. Chess Arena

Fans of classical board games will like this chess-styled adventure. It features huge squared ground. However, you can’t see it all – only a small area near your characters. Starting with a King, you move around grabbing gold and looting treasure chests. Once you have enough cash, you can invite other pieces to join your team. The goal is to accumulate more points than your enemies. There are some features to know about the title:

  1. All characters move just like in chess. For example, the knight jumps in an L-shape. The queen slides horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
  2. You have to wait for a couple of seconds before making the next move. This cooldown is a dangerous moment. Your enemies can use it to bring you down. At the same time, it’s a chance for you to strike and earn coins.
  3. Buy extra items to change the map. For instance, place a stone to block a square. There are other things to use to your advantage.

5. Crazy Knife

It’s a simple meditating digital toy to challenge your attention and reaction speed. Just imagine a huge conveyor line filled with food. It slowly rolls in your direction. Armed with an impressive chef’s blade, your goal is to chop it all!

Click on the left mouse button or on the screen to activate the knife. Hold it to keep cutting steaks, mushrooms, etc. However, some things will destroy your cooking tool if you strike them. Such as carving boards and ice trays. This is why it’s vital to keep your eyes on the screen and react quickly.

How do you complete the round and jump to the next one? Just fulfill the task by chopping a particular number of products. Once indicators in the upper part are full, you’ll see a finish line. Your reward is cash – several golden coins to spend in the shop for better blades.

6. Shipment

It’s hard to find a title with an original idea. There are just too many clones and copies. But this adventure is exceptional because it’s unique. It’s based on a famous incident that took place in 2021 in the Suez Canal. A gigantic container ship called Ever Given got stuck. Its bow and stern grounded in the banks, blocking the waterway completely. 6 days later, tugs managed to pull it away, thus freeing the passage.

Just like in real life, you’ll do your best to solve the problem. If it’s a mode for one player, you’ll push the ship alone. Make it through the narrow channel faster than bots. There are natural obstacles such as sudden turns or small islands. The harder you pull, the faster the watercraft floats. However, it becomes even less maneuverable. So, it’s worth making it slow for better results.

A co-op mode will pair you with a stranger. If you cooperate, you’ll complete the task faster and more efficiently.

7. Jigsaw Puzzles

If you’re a fan of mental challenges, there is a whole website dedicated to it. Instead of looking for new puzzles every day, you can find thousands of new pictures here. They are all grouped for users’ convenience. You’ll enjoy architecture, pets, food, landscapes, and other topics.

Once you set your mind on a picture, you can adjust the round. Choose the number of pieces to divide it into (from 9 to 225). The adventure will be interesting for any age and skill level. The game itself is classical and doesn’t differ from other toys.

A chaos of pieces is presented to you on a white field. You can change its color before the match begins. When you tap to start, a timer launches simultaneously. Although the title is for 1 player, your result is compared with other users. If you don’t like it, turn this mode off and enjoy it without hurrying.

8. Mage Clash

This is a cruel top-down survival adventure filled with things that want to kill you. You’ll enter the round with bare hands. Speed up to the nearest crate to loot a weapon. Or destroy weak enemies with your fists. If you do, you get a reward. For example, some fire manna to generate fireballs. Sometimes, you grab HP to restore your health and other items.

There are 2 types of enemies around you:

  • Monsters. Water creatures shoot with lethal bubbles to hurt you. Some slugs push and bite. A gigantic beast is fast and dangerous. It’s even tagged for newcomers to avoid until they grow strong enough for it.
  • Other participants. Controlled by real people, they’re not to be trusted. As a rule, they enjoy killing weaker competitors. Sometimes, they just ignore you. It’s safer to stay away from them in any case.

Summing Up

Solo-based adventures are fun to enjoy both for the young and seniors. They’re a great way to unwind and let all the negative emotions go away. Get started with these games to play alone. If they won’t be enough, we’ll leave 3 more recommendations of big AAA challenges. They’re the coolest top options for anyone: Home Alone, Super Mario Odyssey, and Sims 4.

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